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Stop dating women.

Just pump and dump.
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No, that's gross. I don't even see the point.
Can't stop something I never started
We are not attractive for that

Anyone who is, needs to leave this board

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>tfw internet friend died yesterday
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Most of us won't get these threads when we're gone.
I'll make one for you anon
How'd you find out oregin?

vaping is healthier than smoking, right? what vape should i buy?
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God I hope vaping turns out to be way worse than smoking. Vapers are the fucking worst.
It is not. There's also a lot of safety issues with the flavored ones too because the shit is hardly regulated.

Vape = healthier is a meme
By vaping do you mean nicotine or weed

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Would you consider dating a qt like pick related if you know she does meth on occasion?
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no ive seen it happen many many times person gets hooked on pills meth alchohol anything abuseable really and they just keep going down and down and down and never come back up
if I like her, sure. maybe we could do meth together.
>dating meme

Just pump and dump

Is there anything worse than an entitled single mother? The degeneracy is insane.
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Hehehe let her beeee
What a disaster.

How is "sapiophilia" a thing? They're trying to tell us that people find a lack of intelligence attractive, so they create a neologism which basically says "I like intelligence"? Give me a break. Next thing that comes around there will be a label saying that they like people who are bipedal.
Is it really hard to say "I like to read?"

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Literally no one on this website replies to my posts any more
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here's your (You) anon

god bless
try to make less sense, in general, while posting with a basic emotion in mind (but ratcheted to the max)
a good incomprehensible rant really greases the feels
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Heres a reply for you buddy pal

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Why are porn stars no longer hot? Jenna Jameson in her prime was very hot (she looks like dog shit now of course), but now pretty much all porn whores look like this greasy old cow.
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Time is a bitch and it stops for no one.thats why.
because the only people that do it are dogshit worthless scum
also majority 90% of humans look like deformations
pornstars aren't hot it's the lighting and makeup shit they are bottom of the bottle women

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do you wait, wanting for people to give you happiness?
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>do you wait, wanting for people to give you happiness?
I would rather nobody give me anything.
I wait to take it away. Only did it once but making her cheat on him was just as great as punching someone in the face.
Says the faggot trying to gain happiness from bringing pain upon others.

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>all the social games you have to play in the workplace just to avoid getting ostracized/fired

No form of suffering is more potent than this
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Still thinking about doing the cocaine plan, lads
jesus christ not you again

kindly fuck off
>kindly fuck off

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Thread for stupid people. Post things being stupid does to you.
Ill start:
>I cant read books, it just takes too long to even get through a few pages
>cant do complex math in my head and can barely do +/- in my head
>it takes a solid 15 seconds to read analog clocks

Who else here /stupid/?
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stupidity has caused me so much pain in my life. sometimes i think maybe its a personality thing. but then i forget cuz im stupid.
>tfw pretty intelligent (top of my class for 2 years now)
>Cannot retain anything I read
>During exams I need to read the question 5 times before I actually can answer it.
>I cant read books, it just takes too long to even get through a few pages
Remove distractions. Use a pencil (or any pointy object) as a guide along the text - keep up with the object with your eyes. Reading is a skill

>>cant do complex math in my head and can barely do +/- in my head
Being able to do math in your head has nothing to do with how good you are at math. Many people can only work with math if they write things down for visualization. Basic arithmetic is something that merely requires practice

>>it takes a solid 15 seconds to read analog clocks
15 seconds is probably an exaggeration. If not, maybe you are retarded

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Admit it, how many of you are watching anime ironically?
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only normies do anything ironically
>dude look at how fucking much of a dumb bitch I am laugh with me
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>haha I'm just being IRONIC haha nobody judge me too harshly, if I'm doing something I could be judged by someone for in any way it's just IRONY not actually me
>I'm not a FUCKING WEEB haha who really watches anime, I'm watching it ironically who else /IRONIC/ here
>tfw would genuinely like to get into watching anime again because tfw no gf
>don't know where to start but I think I don't like moeshit
When I was a kid I watched the basic entry level shit like Ruroni Kenshin, FLCL, NGE, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, FMA, Dragonball + DBZ, GITS, and recently I watched and liked One Punch Man and Golgo 13

can anyone give a pleb some recommendations

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anyone else /hairtie/?
>don't need to get a haircut literally ever in your life
you don't need to talk to barbers or even leave the house for it,the heat from your hair will keep you warm during winter and chicks dig manbuns and you'll look sick as fuck if you're slim. Also don't need to waste any money on haircuts which adds up over time vs maybe a handful of hair ties that will last your whole life
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Better to learn to cut your own hair instead of going to a barber.
fair, but its even cheaper to just buy a few hair ties and saves a lot more time in the long run.
How do I do a nice one. My hair is really curly and frizzy and my hair ties or "buns" look awful.

To all you normies, what's it like living with your gf? Is it as annoying as it seems? The lack of freedom, etc.?
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I live with my sister and its awful
women are kinda retarded
no it's cool

>cleans up after me/tidies up apt
>watches movies & cuddles with me
>sucks my penis
>gives me affection
>has a job

>sometimes she's sad
Are you the kind of person that needs space from others? Maybe, it's just a me problem, then.

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Don't Trust Women.jpg
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Roastie Edition
As it is a part of /r9k/ tradition, let us all gaze at women's shameful behavior.
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To all fellow robots, misogynists, and failed normies remember......
"FEMBOT" is the improper term.
Let us refer to any female who posts here as "Roastie Poster"
Remember guys, if a "fembot" says she's foreveralone or a virgin it's completely by choice and it is her own high standards and insecurity.
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Why do so many women like criminals?

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>"So anon, how was your first kiss?"
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with some tall ugly titcow
"Awkward ha... ha... we were 14"

(I'm a khhv ;_;)
tasted like dogfood
but i'll never forget that long tongue tickling my tonsils

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