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>tfw my parents are fighting downstairs again arguing on why I'm such a failure in life and whether they should kick me out of the house or not
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tell them to grow up
Yell "stfu or i'll pull the trigger"
Vocaroo it for us, you could be the next neet louis

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>when you dream about that girl you haven't even spoken to in years
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Wew. Pathetic beyond degree.
that is actually good anon

When I am dreaming about the girl and I always get in a situation where she is digusted by me for some reason
It's worse for me because in my dreams we're always having a great time. It's a false hope!

I've been looking at gigantic silicone titty porn since I was 14 and it's has seriously messed up my attraction to the average woman and has warped my standards. When I do have sex with a woman (which is rare),I could never get a full hard on since most average to below average looking women have tiny breasts. I've tried to go cold turkey on porn for weeks, and I still didnt find breasts that are not surgically enhanced attractive enough to get a full hard on..

I'm not impressed by the average womans body either , although I'm average myself. And I'm not going to force women who I date to get breast implants. I think porn has permanently rewired by brain. I could never go back to being attracted to the average woman, after watching these genetic freaks and enhanced women for years. Maybe I'll have to wait for Cyborgs with unrealistic proportions to find sexual fulfillment outside of watching porn.
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>still watching 3DPD porn
dumb normie
Take Viagra pills
Your porn addicted screwed you over so bad that you can no longer enjoy your life properly. Won't be getting a normal waifu anytime soon, and the plastic one you might have a chance of getting will leave you. You probably won't have any children either. You single handedly destroyed your own legacy because of porn. amazing.

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Dumb/Embarrasing things you've done while drunk thread.

>Be bazhoozled
>Crash at bro's place on couch
>Wake up at 11 am, bro still sleeping
>Biggest piss of life on the way
>The 5 meters to the bathroom is just too much
>Get on my knees next to couch
>Form a ''cup'' in my pants on the floor
>Piss in pants
>Wake up next day mind blown
>Pretty awkward asking bro if I can borrow some pants
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The two most embarrassing things I've done while drunk are:
>Groped and tried to finger this girl that had passes out on my bed
She resisted so it was kind of rape, but she didn't really tell anyone
>Tried to choke this really pretty but annoying girl i had just met
She ended up liking it
Started ranting about how I don't believe in human rights and that women shouldn't have the right to vote

Guys didn't mind it actually, having them over again tonight
>it's an "OP steals a topic from Kiwi Farms" episode

Daily reminder to wait to activate your bananas until they have brown ripe spots.
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How do you activate something that can't germinate?
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Have you activated your turtles today /r9k/?
Why do people like ripe bananas? Are they insecure or something? Tiny taste buds? An expired old banana is just as good as a ripe one. Never judge a banana on how ripe it is.

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Does bullying stop when you're an adult?
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Bullying can continue well into adulthood, it's a universal act as is. Can happen whenever to whomever.
Nope, it just becomes more sophisticated.

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literally me.png
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>fed up of having no friends
>super autistically socially awkward
>offputting because of that

if anyone wants to be my friend please add me on discord; hazel#7989
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god damnit I thought you guys were done making these threads
wut? also almost nice digits
I would
If you were a guy

Well just turned 20. Oldfags, does it get any better?
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Only 10 more years until wizard powers, that is, if you're still a virgin.
Only if you decide to grab life by the balls and but forth an honest effort to imporove yourself. If you choose to just sit around and stagnate it will only get worse.
Yeah I'm still a khv

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If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you want to be?

>pic related

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I thought you fags only liked winter and hiding inside

I love outdoors and summer but I hate people more.
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On a boat in the middle of the ocean with no normalfags within a 100 mile radius

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>tfw internet friends from warcraft 3 kicked me out for stalking my oneitis

the hell, i thought they would understand, i thought they were not the normies

pic related a failed attempt at photographing her appartment from behind some bushes from half an hour ago

where my stalker robros at?
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fucking bump, are there seriously no good men left here? is it all normies now?
If you really cared about that person you wouldn't be posting pictures like that on the internet, nor would you be talking about what you do. Ideally you would want nobody to know what you are doing. If people know about it, they can come between you and the object of your love and prevent destiny from being fulfilled.
this picture is crap and even if it wasnt the chance of someone recognizing me and her is irrelevant

she rejected me years ago, last time we met face to face was almost four years ago, my destiny is to be alone, i am here looking for others that share the same fate

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Hello there *sip* wagie, I see *siiip* you have *siiiiiiiiip* caught me before my *siiiiiiip* *gulp* me more NEETbux!
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God bless you based coffee poster, you leave /r9k/'s resident wagies seething.
You sucking on a cup of dicks, you neety weety
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What's wrong wagie, did your boss make you work quadruple overtime w/out extra pay this weekend - again?

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>So be a total loser
>Don't finish Engineering degree
>Can't find a job
>Be a 29 year old virgin
>Locked in my room all year
>Become a mental wreck by the age of 20
>See how all the people i went to school with surpass me - some have become CEO's
>Mom comes knocking on my door with a broom crying her heart out
>Wanting me to leave
>I look back at her and feel so sorry she had to have given birth to someone like me
>Mom sacrificed so much for me to become so little....
>Life sucks....S/O to the ones that came out of the NEET life...I SALUTE YOU!
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>Rply please

Can't you just retake your degree?
This might be me in some years i'm 4 semesters into engineering and also a virgin with no confidence in my work. 20 btw.

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>Going on a trip
>Forgot to pack the toilet paper
>Now I have to spend my trip using the hotel's inferior toilet paper

Son of a fucking bitch. Anyone else had this happen?
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>using toilet paper at any time
Gross, and hahaha take that shitty paper up the ass op
>tfw my parents only use 1 ply toilet paper and won't allow any other toilet paper in the house

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>tfw phimosis stretching exercises aren't fuckign working
i dont want a circumcision bros
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Well anon, you now have a choice:
Do you support the circumcision Jews? Or do you use extra lube and support the lube Jews?
i can't even roll the foreskin back while flaccid, lube won't change anything
Just keep trying, it took me a year or maybe a bit more to mostly fix it. It was a crazy feeling seeing my actual dick flesh for the first time in my 20s. I still can't keep the skin back with a boner, but flaccid only takes a bit of force to get it all the way. Good luck anon.

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>don't enjoy 4chan
>don't enjoy vidya
>don't enjoy watching anime
>don't enjoy wagecucking
>don't enjoy staying home being a neet
>don't enjoy life
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What would make your life happy OP?
Me too, I'm desperate to find anything I enjoy doing...
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>don't enjoy 4chan
then leave

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