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Is Barron Trump /ourguy/?

>social awkward autist
>likes to draw anime tiddies
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>dat bear

He obviously have a NTR fetish
>a little child can draw better than me
>he could also buy me
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>tfw this rich kid can be a future hentai artist

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My professor wants us to write a short story about a person we've fallen in love with before.

Should I write about my waifu?
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I'd write a short story about never being in love and I'd make it as insulting of the assignment itself as possible.
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Write about me
Write about your waifu but never allude to the fact that she's your waifu and pretend she's real.

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>24 years old
>want to finally start driving
>not sure whether to get my permit or my license
>not going to be able to drive anything anyway regardless
What do?
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I got my licence when I was 16
I don't think I belong on this site.
You have to get the permit to get the license OP. You don't choose one or the other.

How do you get your permit before your license? It's one after another.

I got my license shortly after turning 22. Just didn't give a fuck before then. I have a friend who is 24 and doesn't even want to learn to drive, kek.

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I did it Robots. I got a job.

Part time, Facility janitorial staff. I'm so fucking happy I hardly know how to make a joke about this. To imagine that only a few weeks prior I was just another NEET complaining about the state of the job market and how difficult it is to land a decent position.

I suppose what I'm trying to make it out is; if some faggot like me can pass an interview, I'm wondering why NEETS exist to begin with.
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>unironically happy about being a janitor
Doing literally nothing would be better
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>"Congratulations on the new job, champ. You won't believe how over the moon me and your mother are about this. As a matter of fact, I thought about treating us to a nice dinner at our usual spot tonight. Your mother and I are pretty proud about this occasion after all. I'm glad you finally found out the power of a firm handshake."
Congrats m8. Soon the other NEETs will be thanking you for contributing to their NEETbux.

Isn't mouthwash just boneless toothpaste?
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No,it's a fucking surgical antiseptic.
I wish I could bite that pizza and fly away
yeah, but it's like toothpaste, and it doesn't have any bones

>just be confident, robot
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>just be urself
>proceeds to talk about anime and the grand jewish conspiracy
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>jus bee yaself breh xD
mad money was always p cute to me. pls stop bullying him

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Tonight I'm out.

This life isn't worth living, it hasn't been for a while. No one is going to come, no one is listening, no one can save me but myself and I don't have the will nor the strenght.
Tonight I kill myself. I bought some pills and an oven bag, I'll take them in a few minutes and will be soon gone. My mother will regret me, maybe my childhood friend will too, I don't care, I'll be dead by then. They might find some embarassing shit while going through my belongings. I don't care, I'll be dead by then. They might think I'm week minded and had no real reason to kill myself, I don't care, I'll be dead by then.
If you too live in a constant state of suffering, do yourself a favor and don't wait as long as I did hoping for some miracle to happen and take action. Misaki-chan isn't real, she isn't comming for you to fix your life, nobody is comming, nobody even cares. Either take yourself off this world or do what's necessary to get better. I chose the first option because I was too pathetic to succeed in the second.
Tonight I'm out of this life, 4chan was my main source of social interraction for the last 7 years, I'm paying you a finale homage. No one cares I know, but I felt like writing something for old time's sake.

Taking pills now, I won't go back to this thread. Peace.
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>7 years

Fucking newfag, thank god you an heroed.
>only here for 7 years
finally the newfag takes someone's advice
Kill yourself only to find out reincarnation is real.God plays a prank on you and gives you similar circumstances so you end up a depressed faggot once again.

Learn to enjoy your suffering.I haven't been capable of great sadness after something bad happened to my brained and probably lowered my IQ substantially.

Just know that you will regret it 100%.

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"Eww that beta guy is so creepy. Hold me Tyrone." *Tyrone kills her a week later*

Welcome to the 2017 American dating scene
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>white males fearmongering nonwhite males because they feel sexually threatened

>women are literally dying for the BBC
Why do you care so much? Even if Tyrone didn't exist you wouldn't have a chance.

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>tfw you stick your finger up your buttcrack and then your finger smells like shit
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>tfw you stick your finger in jelly jar and it smells like jelly
>tfw you stick your finger in finger jar and it smells like finger
Yeah but jelly doesnt smell bad

The moment you barely insinuate that HP its not good literature/has some faults they get mad as hell. Try it bots. Its amazing.
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Well the author is a woman.
Harry Potter was great during your kid/teen years

if you didn't like it you probably don't have a soul
I thought it was fucking gay

why are so many anime posting gaybois on 4chan druggies?

I just want a qt but almost everyone have met have been hooked on prescription drugs or something
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>original murica
>why are mentally ill fags mentally ill
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But being lewd after taking something is godly

ITT: we pretend we're all girls
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But I'm not a girl this is the internet
Dae really like Darksouls? I wish it wasn't so dead on ps3
Wanna talk about makeup?
Let's talk about how many dicks we sucked.
And about how retarded partners will we choose and then fuck up our lives <3

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Why do normies like to watch the NFL ?
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Why does anon watch esports?
This but also in general it's a very common reason to drink and socialize with other normans

but I think e sports are boring tooo

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>trying to enjoy my life, what's left of it

Please, just shut the fuck up.
Fucking primitive insticts.
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My mind tries to tell me things through dreams and it's gotten to the point were it's not even using symbolism or being subtle.
>hur dur stop being a child and go talk to her
>you r weak bc u don't even have the balls to talk to her
>you'll regret not interacting with her, she was wife material.
Like I get it , you don't have to send me messages everytime I fall asleep
>thinks he can enjoy life without sex
wow we got an edgy one.
>tfw all my dreams are my brain reminding me what I'm missing
>loved ones
I mean it's not the night terrors but it still leaves me bed bound for the first hour or so after waking up

So why was it that you dont have a gf, yet?
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I literally can not talk to human beings.
I'm disgusting and women can't see me sexually
I broke up with my qt gf a month ago and I hate everything, I got lucky and will never find another girl

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