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Post your ideal lifestyle. Make it realistic.

>own a transforming, offroad-capable camper home
>fit it with solar panels, antennas for wifi and HAM radio, wood-burning generator, water recycler (piss)
>make money pre-apocalypse by doing freelance web dev and programming work using free wifi
>use extra money to stock up on guns, ammo, and rations so I am ready to survive when SHTF and civilization collapses
>make caches around country with supplies, resources (generators, windmill components, seeds) and survival textbooks for restarting civilization

I'd have my basic needs taken care of and would be able to shitpost and travel freely, and I'd have the peace of mind knowing I could get by no matter how much everything else fucked up.
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>water recycler (piss)
You'll be just like Kevin Costner.
Living in the woods, log cabin. Food gets delivered once every two weeks. Miles from every other human. Have Xbox 360 and internet.

Live with the bears, make friends with the bears. Bears are fucking awesome. I love bears.
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Kill yourself you bear loving faggot
That is exactly what pic related did

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Is it possible to be trapsexual? I'm honestly only into traps.
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>Is it possible to be trapsexual? I'm honestly only into traps.

ty for making a thread, we need to trigger the ANTIFA-ggots as much as possible
>we need to trigger the ANTIFA-ggots as much as possible
My thoughts exactly
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>Is it possible to be a fag?

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It's currently July, 2017. Every American has access to the internet. Most can access it from their pocket. Everyone uses it. Your 8 year old plays Minecraft, your teenager uses snapchat and social media, you use 4chan, your mom uses Pinterest, your grandma tries to use Facebook. Hell, it would be weird if you didn't use the internet, and depending on your age, it's weird if you don't have an Instagram or snapchat account. Basically everyone uses the internet regularly, you're in the minority if you dont.
Now, let's go back a bit. It's July of 2000.
Unless for some reason you had to use a computer for work or school you probably didn't know too much about computers or use the internet often. If you used the internet often, you were "that guy". Maybe you played counter strike or doom. If you weren't into gaming you were probably a weeb, furry, emo, or computer geek, posting on forms with rejects like you.
My question is what changed? Why is the internet all of a sudden a big thing, why does everyone use it now?
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smartphones happened, anon.
Rather than use it for the betterment of mankind it is being used in to replace regular social interaction. No longer do you have to make much effort to see what all your friends are doing. To meet women. To look for a job. When bored you may simply give in to the quick rush of watching vids, playing games, or whatever else it is you can do on your phone. The results of this will potentially change human society into an unrecognizable form.
The colors on the screen produce a dopamine response in the brain, for one

Alright /r9k/, I just took four stamps of acid. Please post trippy things, let's have a comfy thread.
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I don't really have any psychedelic art on my PC unfortunately.
Not sure what to post, just thought I'd chime in here to wish you good vibes and good luck.
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Have some cool gifs OP

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>"Look babe! The maternity store had a lingerie sale today. I feel so sexy in this~ don't I look good Anon?"
What do you say?
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The implication here is that I will have sex at some point

Who the fuck are you? Get the fuck out of my house bitch.

Characters who are literally you.

I am 100% Caliban
>love of literature
>hideous creature
>corrupted soul due to society's rejection
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>this man is considered a "hideous creature"
I've always empathized with Squall Leonheart from Final Fantasy 8.
surely you can't be worse

>tfw you know deep down even if you had a gf, some celebrity rapper could make her cheat on you
>tfw he could literally fuck her within a hour of meeting her in some random alley

It's this reality that prevents me from wanting a girlfriend. Knowing that even if I did get one, she won't truly love me, she will easily cuck me if it meant she has a chance of getting something better.
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just like you would to her with stacey
completely untrue. I would not date someone who's into rap.
you are fucking stupid if you think it has to do with rap. They date UP for the highest quality genes it's in their biology retard. They will go for a guy with higher status/money over your beta ass any day.

They don't give a shit if you rap about raping women, doesn't matter what their interests are. All they can sense is where you're at in the hierarchy of status

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That does not answer the question, tbqh.
/lgbt/ board might help you better, that is to say, GET THE FUCK OUT!

The thing is, I'm not. Why do they think it. RRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
You must have a gay voice/body language.

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What is the weirdest situation you've ever gotten yourself into?
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I ended up fucking your mom last night, don't know how it happened or where I was.
I haven't really been in that many unusual situations unfortunately. Probably the weirdest was being in a convenience store parking lot at 3 AM while extremely high on mushrooms listening to the woes of a gentleman calling himself "Jesse Chronic." He went to a party and the people there disrespected him and stole his lid, which he was understandably upset about.

That's not really that weird though, it was only weird and hard to deal with at the time.
>in love with my class' top girl
>freckless, sweet curves, whore
>makes me do her homework, treats me bad, goes with Chad
>FF we are 14
>I want a gamecube anon but i have no money
>i have the money but i can't go buy it
>gimme the money, ill buy it
>give her 120 dlls i saved for a whole year
>ff 5 hours later
>her mom rings my bell
>where are your parents you psycho?
>(fortunately no one at home)
>you think my daughter is a whore? Have your money and never talk to her.
>sad, lonely, girl treats me bad rest of her life

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Is starvation mode a meme? I've been trying to lose weight for a while. I've lost 15 pounds so far, but still have a ways to go. I have been eating 500 calories a day.
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What do you mean is it a meme? You're eating less and losing weight. What more do you want?
its mostly a myth but you can still cause serious problems from malnutrition. Just google the symptoms of malnutrition and watch out for them. Be careful not to eat too much after fasting for a long period of time. Your digestive system will shut down and you can die if you don't start it back up slowly by drinking liquids like juice.
Starvation mode is disgustingly real, dieting is the real meme, all that leads to is more weight when you start eating again. It would be better to eat what you always eat and
And at 500 calories a day, you're going to fucking balloon. You think 15 pounds loss is shit? Try gaining back 50+

How do i get 6/10 girls?
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that's not a 6/10 anon
be interested in what they do, you autistic retard.

Why is this dating thing like rocket science to people? You are literally picking up a sub intelligent person to hang out with. How can that be hard?
perhaps your standards are so fucking high, you think she is a 6/10?

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We must stop the alt-right at all costs to society.
Nazis must die.
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>OP at this very moment while in a oil bath on Tatooine
Anime is gay lol
Why are there so many threads about the alt right and /pol/ today? Is /leftypol/ or reddit raiding the board?

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what's the spookiest things you've ever experienced? got a pretty wierd one that's been happening to me

>sleeping as a baby
>suddenly wake up
>feel something heavy at the end of my bed
>weighs like a person from what i can feel
>intense paranoia and fear ensues
>literaly shocked by fucking nothing
>said "thing" stays still the entire.fucking.night.
>staring at me
>everytime i look around in a rush of bravery the feeling instantly vanishes
>the moment i close my eyes it's there again
repeat for 2 weeks
>it gets closer to me by each night
>last monday night i could feel it breathing on my ear
>GTFO of bedroom
>wake up family
>parents don't believe me
>still let me stay in their room
>next night i'm back at this hellhole again
>it doesn't happen
>"well fuck, i guess it was nothing then"
>wake up
>COVERED in scratches
>most of them are bleeding
>i don't have the nails to do that nor can i reach the places some were
>extra-christian family hears me and calls local priest
>motherfucker arrives not 2 hours after being called
>exorcism ensues
>he comes out and doesn't even say a word to us

>last night
>hear deep-ish laugh
>"you can't get rid of me"
>literaly blast out of the fucking bedroom and into mommy's room, crying my eyes out
>still didn't go back in there

what the fuck do i do lads
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I was haunted for a house spirit for awhile. Suffered some harm, but not nearly like what you're describing OP. Also I eventually was able to deal with it.
Hi jonathan

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I've been an extra in every friend group I've ever been in
Just a third or even a fourth wheel
It's humiliating
How can I get better at friendships and how do I become a necessary part of a friend group
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It never got better so after a year and a half I broke off all contact and became a shut in.
Life's good now anon. You're way more productive without friends.
Realized that my best friend wasn't really my friend, and that I was in fact just the back up plan incase all his other friends fell through.
Broke off contact with him and he never even bothered to respond or get in touch. Feels bad because we were friends for 10 years and talked every day, I thought he was my first true friend.
It doesn't really get better.
Most relationships are formed during the early years of you're life, everything after HS is just acquaintanceship and unless you achieve bromance with some guy due to him being a mirror of you but shit like that happens only in movies

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Whelp, just found out my final friend from growing up as been avoiding me. Thats it boys, I have exactly 0 irl friends now. Back to college in a few weeks where I'll be completely as well. I predict suicide by Christmas.

All I have left is my gaming pc, the meme war, and looking forward to whatever major happenings are on the horizon.
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I got exactly 1 irl friend - my tulpa.

Call me crazy all you want, but it's a hell lot better than having 0 friends, or shitty friends you befriend just so you're not alone.
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>no friends
just how weak are you? No wonder nobody likes you if you're that dependent and insufferable.
I have had no friends for 1 and a half years now and I'm perfectly fine

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