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>tfw when I'm 5'4
Why am I so fucking small? I'm a fucking dwarf, my dad is 6'0 why am I so fucking small?
The only people who are smaller than me are 12 year olds
I keep seeing you guys complaining about being 5'6, I'M FUCKING 5'4!
I'm a fucking joke to everyone, I'm the little guy. Some people even rest their arms ion me because I'm so fucking small I'm just tall enough to be an arm rester.

Could you look at someone who is fucking 5'4 and think something other than "look at this little dwarf,"? NO! I WANT TO GET TALLER SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET TALLER!
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Have you tried being a girl, good height for that.
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Atleast you're not Danny Devito, and I'm a sweatfag so i'll trade u anytime m8
Get some high heels, little man

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How do I become a drug dealer, /r9k/?
20 year old broke kissless virgin. I need money I won't get any neetbux soon.
CYOA for you
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Step 1. Buy drugs
Step 2. Sell drugs

I am thinking if you cant figure that simple math out maybe being a drug dealer is not your calling.
1)where do I buy them
1.5) how to not get caught
2) how do I sell them
You need to find the underground drugroad.

Around your city, are symbols that will lead you to it. Only the most honorable will become part of the drug trade.

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u sweatfag aswell :(?
>two days of high 80s where I live
>next week looks to be in the mid to low 70s

Just hold out for 2 more days, anon. Hopefully my weather is similar to yours. If not, then stock up on non-perishables so you don't have to go outside
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Doxxed at the junction edition
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>when you remember jacking off while sniffing a bag of salt & vinegar crisps while pretending a girls feet are in your face

how the mighty have fallen
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Bloody Romulans showed up lads
couldn't hold on any longer lads

had to make myself a cuppa and a slice of peanut butter on toast

just about to add it to my calorie calculator so hopefully I'm still under 1500 calories today

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>dad is a high school teacher
>he's dating one of his students
>she's 14
>he's 51
>wants me to keep it a secret
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Your dad is a despicable paedophile who is abusing his position as an adult entrusted with the education of children for his own sexual gratification. You should have him arrested for the greater good, men like him shouldn't be allowed walk this Earth.
> hey dad I need a new PC
> no?
> Ah, it's okay. No i'm not doing much, just watching this documentary about prison life. There's this pedophile guy there..suck to be him, y'know?

Didn't see a /uni/ thread, so I made one. How did those finals go? Get your grades yet? Does any of this matter when you won't be able to get a job anyway? Bitch about your problems here.
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I mean everyone wants a 4.0 but I got a 3.2... not bad but fuck this shit I thought I worked hard
I got good grades and am not totally jewed over with the job market in my field and student loans so I'm decently happy. Still thinking about jumping off a bridge for other reasons though.
>two exams at the same hour, one in group
>study for the group one
>group decides not to do it 3 days before the exam date
>3 days to study for the other exam, i do my best
>get insomnia and fall asleep one hour before it
>mfw im getting left behind by everybody

You've never gone to a concert.
You've never gone to college.
You've never gone on a trip.
You've never gone to a five star restaurant.
You've never gone to parties.
You've never watched many movies.
You've never read many books.
You've never weared a smoker.
You've never bought a watch.
You've never driven a car.
You've never got your own state.
You've never fulfilled your consumer's dream.
You've never fired a weapon.
You've never tried anything new.
You've never been good at any sport.
You've never won any competition.
You've never been able to cook.
You've never had a loving family.
You've never had friends.
You've never had a job.
You've never had health.
You've never had luck.
You've never had sex.
You've never even kissed.
For the absolute majority of men, all of this is absolutely unthinkable. And yet, without even trying, you managed to be such a pathetic failure, running away from reality, completely wasting your time. You could have lived as much as you want, you could have been great and beloved, but instead you chose to be depressive, and now this is what you are. There's only one life and you missed your chance of enjoying it. You're the worst kind of human being. You'll never, ever be happy. Your suffering will extend beyond when you die.
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i just heard 500,000 gunshots in perfect harmony.
>You've never weared a smoker.
>You've never got your own state.

Huh? What are these even supposed to mean?

That aside,
>You've never been good at any sport.
>You've never won any competition.
>You've never had a loving family.
Are the only ones true of me, and I'm still a miserable NEET disaster.
I assume you're talking about yourself?

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>tfw 5'7"
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tfw when Im 5"9", and expected to grow more for the next 3 years.
If you're a guy, hopefully you're good-looking. Then you'll slay pussy.

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Last thread hit bump limit.

Describe yourselves so we can rate you and fantasize. Try to be as descriptive as possible.

>Eye Color
>Hair Color
>Facial Aesthetics (Give a number or say something like "average")
>Waist (Skinny, Slender, Chubby, Fat)
>Voice (Deep? Attractive? Feel free to post vocaroo)
>Attractive personality qualities
>Your kinks/fetishes
>What you'd do for your man if you'd want to spoil him

cont of >>37092360
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If you are below average and socially retarted and live in America then please message Haix#2681
At least ask them what kind of men (or women) they like, you fucking beta. Who the fuck cares about voice?
Wow you just went straight for it.
In that case

Any desperate socially retarded fembots in europe want a desperate gamer robot bf please message at wickys#4478

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>how many matches
>how many respond
>how many girls you fucked

about half
only two

Anyone had more success?
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I reactivated and I get like 5 matches a day

I matched with a really hot girl yesterday who asked to smoke and chill and then backed out

Fuck this stupid app
what is that, 2 auschwitz survivors making out?

fucking gross
>Probably somewhere near the thousands
>More than 3/4
>Somewhere between 100-200

I stopped counting a while ago

>ITT: Post your most unpopular opinion
I think the legal voting age should be raised to 30
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>I think the legal voting age should be raised to 30
I'd be fine with it being 21, but you'd have to get a licence to vote, to get the licence you'd have to score over 110 at an IQ test, and a second test about basic political knowledge and history
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unpopular on this webzone at least,

>alt-rights are SJWs that are just as bad as the people they constantly complain about

>there is literally nothing wrong with feminism

>/r9k/ should be made into SFW and all frogs should be banned and restricted to /b/

>eating meat is wrong (but I totally still do it anyways)

>the internet is bad for you

>smart phones and social media didn't ruin society.

The last two I can at least speak on from personal experience since I'm old enough to have been aware of the time when those didn't exist.
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Prophets, including Jesus and Mohammed, of all religions suffered from some form of schizophrenia. That's why they could hear gods voice, or claimed to be God themselves like Jesus.
By stating the obvious connection between schizo and religion, I don't want to discredit religion though, to the contrary, I think it makes religion very real, and all I'm saying is that one should pay more attention to what people who experience religious psychosis, are saying, they aren't as crazy as society makes them out to be.

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Another free edition. Anything goes.
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Hey Nick. How are you doing today?

Tired. It's raining.

Why is cuckold porn so popular now?

>go on xhamster
>half the top videos are interracial cuckold

>female choice tab
>interracial cuckold

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/r9gay/ thread.
How you faggots doing?
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>still nobody to fap with
pretty good
pissed off though
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How do I find fellow gay robots in my area? Don't care about looks anymore, just someone to be with.

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anything about a psych ward you'd like to share, doesn't have to be funny. Feel free to stick around to answer questions.
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I was about to make a reply, saying I was glad that this thread was freed from the attentionwhoring roastie slut of the last thread, but then I realized that the same attention whore was the op of this thread, jumping ship from their dying thread to a new thread.

If I see you post one more fucking time, I'm calling the Jimmy Hale mission and telling them a description of you so that they can have you committed.

Also, sage.
it would have been cool to have this thread WITHOUT attentionwhores.
that thread was great until you shit it up
>If I see you post one more fucking time, I'm calling the Jimmy Hale mission and telling them a description of you so that they can have you committed.

Please don't do this, nice trips

Fembots what's your opinion on horsecocks? Would u succ?
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not the ideal way to die
my dad showed me pics of whores getting fucked by horses when i was young. uncomfy stuff.
Too small on average
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oh i forgot to answer the last question
would not suck no penis, thats disgusting

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