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Good afternoon, gentlemen.
May I inquire how I can acquire (I do enjoy rhymes) a girlfriend?

My hobbies include; playing on my 3DS, browsing the internet on my Lenovo ThinkPad, and discussing the metagame of my favorite games.

Thank you in advance for your advice. -Anonymous
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3ds? what games?
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Thank you for taking time out of your day to reply to my humble thread, Anonymous.

My favorite Nintendo 3DS games are Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Kid Icarus Uprising, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Generations, Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS,

I enjoyed other games as well, but these have tons of replay value.
am glad you like those games and i would like to talk to you more about them.
have a discord?

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>notice that the girl in the video looks similar to my qt crush from middle school
>stop fapping and break ito tears
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how much of a bitch are you holy shit dude
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>jacking off
>remember that really dumb thing I did 8 years ago
>lose my erection and dwell on past failures
Super weenie hut jr.'s is that way --->

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Gucci Mane has an IQ way above the level of genius.

For entertainment, he watches the films of Fassbinder, Herzog, Truffaut, Godard, Bertolucci, Mallick amongst other even more obscure artists. Long known as an avid reader of philosophy he has mentioned Baudrillard, Dubord, Hegel and Sartre among his inspirations.

He understands the hypocrisy of contemporary morality and street culture and has exploited it to become a millionaire.
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>exploited it to become a millionaire.

He is also being exploited to make other millions. The second his fame drops they will drop him and hire a new person. So I guess he isn't that smart.
yo bro how u could be this stupid like lol who is they he got his own label like lol come on bro gucci been on the scene since 00 get ur shit straight lol
Nigga his fame isn't gonna drop until several decades after he dies

I'm not even into rap and I know this

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Any other robots skate here
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i jump on my skateboard and go down the bottom steps on our case of stairs sometimes theres only 4 stairs

i tell me mum im doing tricks she tells me off every time because every time i do it i chip the wood

Sometimes when shes in work i take a chisel to the wood and make it worse and I just say I was doing my tricks hehe pure mischief
yessir newfag skater here

I can't land anything though. Still fun

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I turn 20 in a few weeks and look like I'm 14. Nobody takes me seriously, girls ignore me, and guys make fun of me. All my "friends" are mentally ill (they're the only kinds of people willing to associate with someone as rock-bottom as myself) and even they fuck with me and don't respect me. I hardly ever get included in anything social and rarely have an excuse to leave the house. I'm in college studying accounting and have decent grades but I feel tremendously unfulfilled and let down by the world -- what's the fucking point of getting any kind of professional degree when I just know nobody wants to hire someone that looks like an immature child. Life is suffering and it's been that way ever since I was 11 and started falling behind on the development spectrum (had to take T shots to onset puberty when I was 16). I want to kill myself just about everyday but the thought of living and dying for nothing makes me sick. I'm not an idiot but I have no faith in myself to do better because nobody - not ONE person - ever has shown that they believe in me. My parents are old fucks getting ready to retire to California and just assume I'm fine because I never express my true feelings and have always tried to remain positive but god damn I'm nearing my rope's end.

Someone, anyone help me contain these feels ;_;
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I think people who are 20 are still kids desu.
i think people who are over 30 have brain scleration that prevents them from making good art
i turn 20 in july

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Hey /r9k/ I need your help
my family is getting new doorknobs and we're looking at all the different kinds. We're now thinking about the faceplates for the doorknobs. Which one does /r9k/ think we should get?
Pic is of the first option. Second option will be below.
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or that.jpg
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second option.
The first option is called "camelot"
the second option is called "round rose"

this one for sure
Looks don't matter unless you're paying over 1500 per door
Just get basic brassnobs for a wood door and a contrasting color for painted doors

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Has anyone else actually given up on women and realized that they are pretty much all just whores after your money and social status if you have one. There used to be times for me too when I complained all the time "tfw no gf" and thinking getting one would fix everything. I have no idea when it happened but for quite a long time now I couldn't give a shit about women, I actually despise them and I don't even want to be involved with them, other than sex maybe if I truly could without having to deal with any other bullshit. I do get sexual urges but fap or two in a week keeps them in control, couldn't care less about women for a while after that. I don't want to be in any relationships or other shit, and marriage seems to be always a lose situation for a man. Am I being bitter for never getting any attention or anything positive from them, only shit from them, or what happened to me, I just despise them now and couldn't give a shit what they think about me and I don't want to be involved with them. My mother is literally the only real woman I care about
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fuck, you are just like me
nice comfy pic
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yes at some point, I had accepted and was content with being alone forever and figured all women are useless whores. it's easy to do when all the girls you've ever interacted with were either trash or completely disregarded you or made fun of you.

then for the first time ever I met one by pure luck who was amazing and made me slowly fall in love. then I let her get away because I took for granted how rare it was to find a girl like her. so I'm back to being alone except now I can't accept it because I had a chance to not be and I ruined it.
I don't mean to be rude. But it's a very complex concept. I don't think anyone really gets it. That's just me though. It's a mythology I invented.

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I longed for a loner comfy gf for so long without realizing that they are social, hypergamous, and look for an independent partner and would be as miserable as I am with them if they had to cope with the real me.
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yea your screwed unless you have friends
I dont, I'll be 23 soon and only misery awaits me
If you have such specific requirements for your girlfriend you don't really want one. You lack confidence and character, you really should work on yourself first.

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based shaman.jpg
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/r9k/ what is your opinion on BasedShaman?
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I dunno.. What do you wanna listen to Anon? What do you like?
ugly mullato
I enjoy him, it's nice to see a normie who is as obsessed with Elliot as we are

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Wageslavebots, please explain to me how you got your jobs. I'm going to start applying to places, but I'm 21 and I literally don't have any prior experience or references - I don't even have friends or family members to pretend to be. What the fuck do I do? I'm already resigned to a low-paying, laborious job, but how the fuck do I get it? The whole application process seems to discriminate against the socially skilless. How do robots ever get past it?
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>how the fuck do I get it?

You don't. NEET time is more toxic than prison time on applications/resumes.

You'll literally have to start with telemarketing or AM package handling at UPS. Those jobs will hire anyone with a pulse.
go to myperfectresume.com and use their autoformat stuff. make up 3 jobs with 4 bullet points of bullshit. Shoot for low paying shit at large retail stores and grocery stores. Stocking, cashier, overnight, they will take anyone for these positions. when i was an overnight stocker at target i worked with felonious niggers who didn't have home addresses (probably wont be your experience unless you live in niggerville). Keep the job for 8mo-1 year and then apply for something alittle higher up the chain.

>overnight stocker at target for 8 months
>apply to be merchandiser
>16/hr FT + OT
>hoping for an even better position
here's the important part OP
>prior work history was fabricated, lengths of tenure embellished, and i REHEARSED my bullshit answers by googling 100 most frequently asked interview questions. make a google doc and keep repeating you answers until they come off naturally and you can somewhat improvise the answer. believe your own lies.
don't do package handling. its literally slave labor. i did it for a week and quit. its absolute dogshit and your pay is crap

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Why don't you get yourself a nice black GF?
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i find them vile .
I have only encountered one (1) "nice black" girl in my entire life.

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Need some advice, lads.

>Go to McDonald's daily for lunch and/or dinner.
>Cutie 3.14 cashier has begun to notice me
>every time I come in she smiles, says hi, and asks how my day is going
>I think she likes me
>She always has a mickey mouse pin on her uniform

I have enough money saved up. Should i book a trip to Disney world for us and surprise her? I think it's a good way to show her how nice I am and it's a good way to start a relationship. What do you guys think?
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can't see anything going wrong here go for it OP
Do it and report back on how it went.
Horrible idea.

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Anyone committing suicide/ doing anything special to celebrate?
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owo wahts this
I mean... No matter what I do I can't get a girlfriend, and I'm already way past my last straw.

I can't even get the unwanted ones, guys. Said she's too busy for a relationship and it seems like that's true with her ill mom and all that... I know it would've ended differently had I been Chaddier.

I feel faceplanted into the dirt but guys, just do not even try this shit unless you're Chad. Too low odds on the dice rolls, too much heartbreak.

Sorry, this is /r9k/, I don't have a silly response this time. Just how much of a man do you have to be for girls to accept you these days, JFC.
It seems like you are trying to date only one or two girls. Why not forget about them and try to date another person.

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Normies don't seem to get it, but the more time passes the happier I am that one day all these worries, my heaviness of my consciousness will be taken from me. To redraw back into anonymity, to merge anew with the universe. It's not even suicidality, and this angers the norman.

Here's what I want to be played at my funeral


One day, anon, we'll all be free.
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Who's gonna play that at ur funeral, anon? But yeah I get it. Im slowly freeing myself from all of this. It's so beautiful it legit makes me want to cry
I don't know my man. I feel like it will always be hell, be it wageslave or afterlife as I'm rotten and selfish. I sure hope there is no god so the misery ends after 50 years from now on
>Normies don't seem to get it

Normies don't think about you at all.

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Does black women like white men?
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Average african american is 25% white (paternal y dna).
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It hurts to live
I walked up to a random black girl in a bar the other night. Spoke like 2 sentences, told her I'm leaving to the bar now and she should give me a kiss on the cheek, she did, I said my turn, gave her a kiss and then I said now it's time for a proper kiss and yeah it happened. So I'm thinking yes they do...

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