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Haha hey channers! Look at this hip new meem I made! I've been shown some so I thought I'd take a whack at it! :) if you can, show this to Sasha and Damien to let them know that ol' uncle Greg has still got it haha! Have a great day and thanks :)
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Haha wow that is awesome dude. Your really hip
Hah thanks buddy you're cool too! :)
Anyone else feel free to share their meems :)

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Let's share a bit so we can figure out how bad we're failing. Age, NEET status, highest accomplishment, ruined ambition, brain problems, KHV, etc.

23 HV here, been a NEET for 4 years, dropped out of college due to various mental problems, which eventually landed me in a psych ward. Before all that I wanted to be a chemical engineer and go into research after making some money. Now I've lowered my standards; all I want is a bachelor's degree, but the outlook for even that gets grimmer every day.

Anyone else?
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>NEET status
about 4 years now
>highest accomplishment
graduating highschool lol
>ruined ambition
Every ambition i've ever had. if I achieve it momentarily, it comes crashing down and I end up even more miserable than before
>brain problems
Never been diagnosed, but I suspect I have aspergers or autism to a certain degree.
not kissless and handholdless, but still a virgin

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whats the spookiest thing you've ever seen lads
pic related
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>virgin, fucking, sluts, having "good times", being a loser or a winner, chads, cucked, beta stacies and parties.
>using that kind of vocabulary
>implying that this is really what you want, being a chad that fuck girls at parties.
>being slave to chad's worldview

How pathetic and cucked robots have to be to use that chad-vocabulary and worldview. Face it, the only reason you're still a virgin is that you didn't care about losing it at all while you were a teenager contrary to chads. While the normies at highschool were obsessed about having sex with anyone, you hoped you will find one day the true love of your life. This is how you viewed the world as a teenager and this is how you still view it, wether you accept it or not. The thing is, with times, you saw that it don't work that way and you adapted to the chad's worldview in which you are just a beta that didn't manage to have sex. You began to think that the way Chad see the world is more close to reality so you adapted to it like a good cuck, you started to regret that you gave a shit about girls and their feelings, that you were so introvert, so romantic, so "beta". So you wanted to act like a Chad, to see girls the way they see them, to have the same worldview based on sex, reputation, and parties, betraying your own inspirations and teenage dreams, focusing your whole life on things like " I wasn't invited at parties " or " I'm a virgin so I'm a loser" .

The truth is, you are a fucking cleric. You are the spiritual son of the monks. You aren't mean to experience love, you're too idealist for it and put divine aspiration in common things. You are mean to dream love and write it, in order the normies are a little more idealist in their lives. You just happen to live in a society that doesn't put robots in monasteries anymore, and where they have to see the horrible mediocrity of this world instead of living far from it. You are meant to dream about ideals and inspire normies to live according to it.
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Didn't read any text, but your picture seems to over-respresent robots.
>where they have to see the horrible mediocrity of this world instead of living far from it.
Well most of us spend all their time in their rooms

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>tfw gloria is silent
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>met a guy who was also a robot in college who I became friends with
>became roommates after college
>recently started going out and bringing girls over
>got a girlfriend recently
>keeps bringing her over
>tfw one of the biggest reasons I agreed to be roommates with him was because I thought I would avoid this shit
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You're the guy that complains that he's in the kitchen sometimes aren't you
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You've got to DESTROY HER anon... SEXUALLY! OH my goddddddd anon holy shit haha stick it in there and UNF UNF UNF DE LA UNF UNF!!!
Wow you're a cuck. Can't be happy your friend got a GF?

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>tfw caught on /his/

I just want to pretend I'm not a robot.
Are there people that actively root out /r9k/-tier posts?
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I notice /r9k/ and /pol/ posters on other boards all the time but don't call them out on it. It's kind of fucking annoying to be honest, if you want to talk about roasties or da joos or daddy drumpf then keep it in the appropriate board.
>inb4 assblasted /pol/tards call me shariablue or whatever is their new bogeyman meme of the month
I'm a regular poster elsewhere and only found out about this place because some of you faggots spam our board
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>make a post on another board about a life experience
>flood of replies saying "are you fucking autistic?
I think we just stand out that much to normal people.

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Normies ask me if I have snapchat. I'm trying to get more integrated with them so should I get one? Problem is I don't want to keep up with it.
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It's useless if you're going to use it with normies.
I use it to send pictures of my poop to my only friends

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Hey femanon, have seen my dog?
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cute puppy
-talks to puppy- what happened to your owner's face?
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>tfw at least a dog will love you unconditionally no matter what you look like
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>TFW my llasa apso preferred my Stacey sister over me

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How do deal with social anxiety talking on mic while playing games online?
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So when you're asking how to deal with social anxiety, you first need to ask yourself what is it you're so afraid of, or what is troubling you which causes that anxiety. Let's first get started with getting over it, one of the easiest ways to get over it is just to try and talk to people IRL (JK nobody here has friends) but just in general try to good mates and just have fun with talking to each other. Most cases of social anxiety in younger ages are due to the cause of being shy or not being wanted to be in the spotlight (basically trying to be like a ghost which nobody can make fun of). If it's something along the lines of "I think my voice isn't mature enough" or "I have an autistic voice", so what? it's still your voice. The easiest way is just to be confident, talk to people, and have fun.
(at least from my experiences this worked for me) and sorry for being edgelord9000
Thank you anon for taking the time to reply
>The easiest way is just to be confident, talk to people, and have fun.

I wish it was that easy

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post similar music, skip to 4:25:

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Just type in dubstep and you should be good
>post similar music, skip to 4:25:
gotchu senpai

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Why can't I get a job at fucking McDonald's? I got no call back TWICE from two different establishments after an interview. The strangest shit is that the interviews went great. They both indicated that I would be working there, but weeks later, no call back.
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They probably just fucked up the documentation

I work a pizza place and a guy who was supposed to get rehired took 2 weeks to get back in because they forgot about it
just go to burger king
don't work fast food

take it from someone who has

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Can someone please tell me who this girl is, I've never wanted to suck on someone's toes and lick their pussy so badly, please help me
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Luckily I remember her thread on /s/.

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She is basically like a walking Fleshlight, that pussy is unreal
GOd bless you anon


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>get normiebook
>lets see how people I didn't like from HS are doing
>school of life
>single mother
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