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>it's another "anon wakes up at 11am but doesn't have the strength to get up so he browses /r9k/ for an hour" episode
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>11 am
try 4 pm
>it's another "anon goes to sleep between 6am-10am and wakes up in the evening depressed as fuck" episode
I dont even have the energy to go to a psychiatrist
I don't understand what you're saying, you sleep between 6am and 10am and wake up in the evening? What do you mean? You're saying you go to sleep in the morning and sleep for the entire day or what?

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My futa girlfriend fucked me in the ass after our first date. I can't believe she did this, I thought I could trust her. I thought she was different.
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There is no futa, only trannies.
>My futa girlfriend fucked me in the ass after our first date
Sounds like the title of a hentai manga. Also it's clearly your fault for being such a slut and wanting it.
I said didn't want to, but she still forced in me regardless. She said lots of mean and degraging things to me and I started crying halfway through. She eventually stopped and cuddled with me until I calmed down.

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>tfw female
>go grocery shopping 1 hour before the store closes
>black guy in his mid 20s comes to me and starts flirting
>try to ignore him
>asks me if i want "some chocolate"
>"no thanks"
>he asks me if i'm racist
>totally drop my spaghetti and don't know what to say

because of that now he has my number and he made me promise him that we'd go on a date on saturday

what do?
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when he tries to contact you, pretend he has the wrong number. he'll assume it isn't you and that you gave him the wrong one.
Kill yourself you nigger loving whore
I'll go out with you on Saturday
Do you live in the US?

tfw no chess gf
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tfw no one even likes chess
You could take one of those two beautiful female chess pieces for a waifu. I've read sadder things on 4chan.
but they don't have a penis

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>Go to:


>and bring something back
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"Forever and always daddy's violet-blue eyes"

Isabel, 18
>daddy's violet-blue eyes
she was probably raped
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remembering ....png
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Why do all the cute guys have to kill themselves.

>tfw starting to wonder if 'I even like girls
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i want to like them
That is a man u queero
Same here fampai
The feminine penis meme starts getting me, I know one irl and want to fuck her(male) much more than regular girls

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I'm tempted to date a girl I'm not really that attracted to, robots. How bad of an idea would that be?

>Uni starts
>some girl sits next to me
>homely looking, very plain face, entirely unremarkable
>Start speculating as to what she's like
>Go home and find her Facebook
>She has a follow button but rarely seems to use Facebook at all
>has some low quality profile pictures that are posted once every year and a half or so.

The only reason I'm considering pursuing this at all is because I feel like she might be a virgin, and I'm salty as fuck that I never "had one." But, as stated before, I don't find her to be attractive. I don't find her "ugly," she's just on the lower end of average.

Do I turn this girl into a semester-long project so that I have a shot at taking some girl's virginity?
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>get rejected by girl you weren't even attracted to
>self esteem drops to unforeseen levels of low
That could happen, and it would be extraordinarily shitty. She hasn't shown much interest (granted, it's only the second day), so it's entirely possible.

I guess I can take consolation in the fact that no matter what happens, some obvious skank in Math can't stop turning around and smiling at me.
No, don't do it.
They way you talk about her makes it clear that things certainly won't work out

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What's the last memorable encounter you had with a female?
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Yesterday, goodbye hug
Turned a girl down who asked for my number because I'm into dudes.
Kissed my wife goodbye when I left for work this morning.

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> Talk with an extroverted girl sometimes in uni
> she's extremely self-centered, extroverted
> her autism virgin detector is probably broke so not afraid to talk to me
> tells me about her normie life
> goes dancing, volunteers in child camps, has a job in bank
> broke up with her ex of 8 years but there's like 100s of partners to choose from she remarks
> thinks about having a baby
> loves to buy new earings

I literally suck up all the stories she tells me and then daydream of me being in them or experiencing them. It's like drugs - a glimpse into a completely different world where all the normies live...

> tfw I realize how fucked up I am...
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This is probably a good thing.

Gets you practice talking to girls and you learn about how they think.
I wonder if she knows that she's the only girl I've talked to in what's possibly a decade... Seems to me that her mind just doesn't operate at all on this level luckily.

I lie to her about my life though... making up jobs, gfs... I feel like an asshole for it.
There is absolutely no way this girl can empathize with your situation.

My view is that lying is only bad if it has negative consequences for the person who gets lied to, so I don't see a problem here.

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What is the biggest freakout you have ever had/witness anons?
Whether it be related to anger or just general autism splerg
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I got beaten by my dad when I drove the quadbike through the fence and he decided to take out his divorce anger on me. Does that count?
When a guy I used to be with started freaking out and smashing a door during a party
it ws me

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i saw a boobies
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very naughty
yes we can all access pornhub
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i touch a boobies once

am i chad yet?

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>no chart thread

Let's get it going
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Here's the template if you haven't done one yet
>Likes Hungary
I'm disappointed.
I knew that this opinion map would turn the thread into some /pol/ tier crap but this is how I found the template.

Hungary is a great country though, I like its culture and I usually appreciate all the empires that have actually done something throughout history. I am not assblasted and xenophobic over some unrest from centuries ago.

Why are Asian dudes so up in arms about us white boys fucking their women but this shit doesn't even bother them?
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Blacks aren't racing to Asia like whites are and blacks aren't actually well liked there this is just a common porn whore doing her job
because since (beta) white males have claimed asian girls, it is an attack on us by our most feared enemy, the BBC negro, and thus asian males are getting payback in a way.
That's an Asian woman fucking 2 black dudes

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no /comf/?
/comf/ thread.
Post, save comfy pics
Winter edition
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>textless posts are fake and gay
File: 1477780509352.jpg (969KB, 2592x1620px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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shit in my earlobes
File: 1477817962053.jpg (393KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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cum in my kidney

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>try to fix computer problem
>gets worse, broken now
>undo, keep it as it was
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what was the problem famalam?
Just in general. Last one was anime streaming sites buffering every couple of minutes. Could fix that, if my computer(s) weren't/wasn't broken in other ways that I've been too afraid to fix.

One of the main reasons I never watch anime anymore is that the websites are trash now. Yet the other video streaming websites are okay. Only anime streaming ones give me extreme issue.

At this point if I want to watch anything I'd download it from the streaming site, ironically, so it'd play without lagging and buffering. As it is I'm short on space and nothing is worth watching that bad, not anime anyway.
>At this point if I want to watch anything I'd download it from the streaming site
Just use torrents you absolute mongoloid.

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