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I think colored hair is really sexy when done right. I don't care if she's from tumblur or redit my dick doesn't give a shit and neither should you.

>Inb4 muh charts
>Inb4 STDs
>Inb4 warning coloration
>Inb4 back to redit XDDD
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Who is this directed at, all those robots who had the chance of fucking a girl but rejected her because she had dyed hair?
I actually would, OP.
colored hair is nice, i actually don't know what you're talking about OP. i don't think anyone on this board is actually retarded enough to refuse sex with someone because of their hair color.

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Give me undeniable proof that the earth is flat. Tell me why no one has fallen off the edge of the earth yet.
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>Give me undeniable proof that the earth is flat. Tell me why no one has fallen off the edge of the earth yet.

You don't understand the theory.

You don't fall off the edge of the earth. once you travel to the "edge" you're transported to the other side of the map.

It's the geometry of the earth that's flat.
it's not a disk, it's a terrarium tbqh
It isn't just the earth that's flat. The whole universe is flat


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my stepfather just told me and my mother that he is scared of me trying to kill/ torture him or my mother and that he locks his door at night because of this, ama.
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Well at least you have shown dominance.
so why haven't you originally done it yet
Maybe you shouldn't threaten him or scream at him so often then.

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Any Bulgarians on this board?
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Da, come watch the satelite launch with me:
Oi. Zdrasti. What's going on lad
da ama ne mi se jivee osobeno

Hello robots,
at first i was going to write this elaborate text so you would take pity on me and help me out, but since that doesn't feel right to me, here's an honest plea; I'd be gratefull if anyone could use my refferal link for this Steam Wallet code contest. I promise this is not a virus, it's even sponsored by PC Gamer. So if anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it.

http://vy. tc/dO7X456
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done faggot
T-thanks, I'm touched
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do i need to sign up to help or is opening the link all i need to do?

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>out of nowhere aliens invade and colonize the shit out of europe and parts of asia/the middle east
>eventually leave after 2-300 years
>borders now look like thia
wat do?
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Why did they divide up a borderline uninhabitable land mass with 60,000 residents?
>implying aliens have borders n sheeit
>implying aliens wouldnt have figured out that divison equals weakness before mastering interstellar travel

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>early 30s
>own a house, two cars, steady job
>just average looking
>single for almost a decade

does it ever get better or should I just end it now?
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>anime girl

Yes, just end it.
Prob should I'm in the same boat as you but married with kids and retired
Why not go on Grindr and get some ass?

The best song in any video game ever.
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Umineko had the best ost
Flcl soundtrack needs to be posted


flcl wasn't a video game though... I actually rewatched that show for the first time in almost 15 years last week

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>the most chips one can place on the board without having bingo is 19
-wikipedia, bingo
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Wew, triple bingo, column 2, 3, and row 3.
I am become sloth, destroyer of myself.
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am i screwed
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25 years old

>kill me Plz

Oregon trail

>tfw adult but have a baby face
>too embarrassed to go to clubs
>too embarrassed to go to gym
>afraid of people treating me like a kid
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I know how it is anon. Enjoy it while it lasts. I had grown out my beard for the past few years and shaved it off recently. I keep getting told I look healthy and younger even though I'm just 25. Enjoy the youth it's nice
There there little rainmaker. It's all going to be better when you grow up a little.
>complains about baby face
>Anime trap as OP
Oh damn, another ugly guy who thinks he has a young attractive looking face when he's just a low T faggot.

>Late at night
>Walking down the street
>See this
Wat do?
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>implying I'd be outside late at night

I'd look, laugh, and keep walking.
It's clearly some kind of setup or trap.
Kick her in the nuts.
Laugh say what's that stupid thing?
Walk away

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Is gabapentin the best drug ever?
>sociability of weed
>euphoria and head rush/energy of a stimulant
>relaxation of a benzo or opiate
>some people report psychedelic effects
>near impossible to overdose
>withdrawl symptoms minimal to none
did i mention how fucking comfy this shit is. i have chronic major depression and anxiety yet i feel like a could talk to people non-stop and for hours on gabapentin also taking something high in caffine like an energy drink or tea or coffee really enhances these effects and food tastes great
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How long have you been taking it and where do you get that?
why not just use phenibut
How is this compared to phenimeme?

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Can you go through the whole video looking at her eyes?
I lasted a minute before looking at her lips.
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>practicing eye-contact with some video of a non-threatening person, at home

This won't do
Failed Normie here, I once had long eye contact with a really hot girl who smoked weed before and she said to me the longer she looks in my eyes the more sad she becomes.

"if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you"

I really like this quote
I'm so damn pathetic, i just masturbated

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Welp I'm officially a wagecuck now for the first time.
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This is your chance to move up in life OP. Do your best and show initiative and you stand a chance of rising through the ranks
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>tfw apply to jobs all the time
>rarely get interviews
>when I do get interviews I don't get called back
How did you do it op
what job OPEY?

I feel like a fucking degenerate for liking thicc girls this much.

I saw a girl on the street who had a similar figure to pic related and wore tight pants and I just clenched my fist and kept staring, a step away from being a catcalling nigger.

I can't take it, I need this kind of thiccness in my life.

The worst thing is I have a skinny gf.

Kill me.
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>he fell for the thicc meme
It aint a meme brah
It's only natural for a high-test man such as yourself
Get her to become T H I C C
If she won't do it then she wasn't good for you anyway and you should dump her and get a thicc /r9k/ girlfriend
t. someone with a thicc fembot gf

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