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>Be me, 18
>Finally start dating despite being a total sperg
>She starts dropping a lot of hints
>Figure I should pick up condoms just in case something happens
>Goes down to store in a hoodie and jacket looking like a roadman
>Reaches section, picks up nearest box without even looking
>Tries to find something else to buy that will distract from it
>End up with 8 things of Arizona tea (It's 2 for 1 dollar there)
>About to buy it
>Suddenly start sweating all over and feeling incredibly nervous
>Going through a mini panic attack
>Gives up, throws everything onto a shelf and runs out of the building like a complete madman
Pic related
I just can't do it guys. How do I buy these without going insane?
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You'll look like a turbo normie

Just go there
Place a box of condoms on the desk and give the cashier a little smile so they know you're about to pound some pussy.

yeah, dont do that

just buy them like youd buy anything else.
Force a stone face. No emotion, no fear, no nothing.

Then you walk in and buy it.

Also applicable for anything else you can't do because youre a spergy fuck

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>shaming any virgin female ever
>a broken hymen
>casual sex
>losiing your virginity just to "get it over with" because you think your first time will be bad
>dressing like a whore (or refusing to wear something because it looks "too prudish")
>regretting a sexual encounter you've had
>lying about how many men you've been with
>cheating (ESPECIALLY if you think your cheating is justified in some way)
>juggling multiple potential boyfriends at once
>online dating
>going on a date with a guy you're not interested in because it's a free meal
>wanting to get married but only after your best years are behind you
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The slut checklist:
Male here, I've done all of those except
>a broken hymen
>dressing like a whore
>date with a girl I'm not interested with
If you replace the word "guy" with "girl"
And I don't have any tats or piercings
This all that was needed to be posted. Thread\

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>meet fembot on r9k
>she always goes on about how depressed and socially anxious she is
>yet she's always going out with friends and talking to guys

Every single 'fembot' i've met is like this.
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females cant be robots

they dont know what its like

fuck em
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This describes "fembots" perfectly. It also reminds me of this new trend of "female autism" which is like autism but milder. Of course, "males cannot have female autism" but females can have autism with or without the "female" part. THIS is a huge double standard.
Maybe because they are trying to not let the anxiety hold them back

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WHy do people do this?
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>>36913417why do I wannq put my peepee in that hole
How does he eat stuff??
>be in detroit
>be that guy
>nigger shoots at you
>bullet flies through hole

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Robots, what do you think about Indian girls?
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Most of them have princess syndrome, are fat, and stuck up. Have you ever had Indian confections? That shit is sickeningly sweet, and they eat it all the time. The Indian staple diet is potatoes, onions, garlic, and spices. It's okay to eat those things once in a while but after eating it day after day their sweat reeks.

Now I'm not saying that all Indian girls are bad, but the majority of them who eat Indian cuisine all the time end up wearing a ton of perfume and caking their faces in make up to cover a lot of things. Also they age like milk, prime in their late teens to early 20's, past that they start turning into goblins, arguably worse than certain Mexican types.

t. someone who lives in a majority Indian area
I think they are cute and sweet.

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My conversation with my dad minutes ago

>anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they want you to come to Guangzhou (a city in China) to live with them so they can make your normal again, what do you think?
>I'm not sure, I'll think about it
>well it doesn't seem like you're getting better, if you're going to be at home most of the time, you might as well try living in china. You can go with your grands to buy a computer once you're there.
>okay I'll think about it and let you know
>you can't keep being like this, just remember that.
Looks like my family's had enough
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Stop making this garbage mate.
Is this pasta like three years old now?
Isn't the whole point of /r9k/ to stop the garbage truck that is this copypasta?

Seriously it's not funny not the first time, or the this time.

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I don't blame people for not liking me.
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I do. Why don't they like you Champ?
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That shit struck my feels with the fury of a thousand suns
I don't blame them either.

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hey guys,

i wanna get high without breaking the law,

what are things at a pharmacy i can take to get fucked up? or anyone know of a vendor?

also i live in canada
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drink an entire bottle of nyquil and then try not to fall alseep
just fucking buy real drugs you statist bootlicker
Nutmeg is a shit tier drug but if you want to try it it's there I guess.

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What do you fags know about finding mushies? Uk here, my plan is to use them to stop my current addictions
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I think its the wrong season. You wanna look late summer and fall.
I heard all they need is sun and rain tho
I know in australia some pannies are still growing. Had a mini trip just the other day.

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Why do you all care so much about girls?
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i don't
but it's the only thing i haven't experienced in life yet (out of those I'd like to that is)
but after i hit 20s as hhkv i care way less
i have more serious problems to worry about
Because I don't care much about boys. It isn't rocket science.
they make my peepee go from :( to ;D

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I got my first vehicle. Had badly did I fuck up?
Am I finally normie? I got job too.
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You did good. It's a Honda, both Honda and Toyotas rarely spend any time at the mechanic. So if all you care about is good gas mileage and less maintenance and repairs, both brands are great. Also good resale values.
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I want one of those and >>36913392 is right but they're very expensive.
I wanted a good gas mileage car since I drive 80 miles a day for work now. Which I hope doesn't last more than a year. Might move closer to work.
Glad you think I did good.

>a guy just sent a girl i'm gonna go on a date with and probably bang a $100 gift card to send him a video of her feet

Why is it always the foot fetishists that are this fucking pathetic?
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Which one of you autistic robots was it?
This. I want to know exactly which people continue to send random girls money who don't give a single shit about you and laugh at you behind you back. It's fucking SAD.
Still it's pretty low to be accepting money for fetish videos from strange men online. That's about as respectable as asking for spare change.

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How do you think ugly women feel about being ugly? All women have is their looks and ugly women have nothing

Sure guys will want to fuck them but they don't get attention
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they probably focus on important stuff instead
many make a pretty useful subhumans
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Ugly women still get all sorts of attention for the sole virtue of being a woman. But yet, they still have standards and complain when things don't go 100% their way.
They probably feel as bad as they should, unattractive females have no reason to exist.

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>You learn you will never have sex again as long as you live.

It just won't happen to you again, or not at all.
Will you keep living? Or will you kill yourself?
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If you have had sex then you do not belong here. No, I don't want to hear your assfuck story. No, I don't want to know why you made the thread. You are not a robot and this is not open to debate.
The amount of people who aren't robots here is staggering, it's hardly even worth the effort to fight it.
>fight it

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My arts degree is belittled by those with STEM degrees. I'm told my English degree is worthless and useless. That's a hard thing to face. Look, OP did it to him- or herself, saying that his or her own arts degree is not making any money. We are told over and over again that our fields of study are outdated and a waste of time and money so much so that we have internalized the message.
So we get the degrees in the humanities because that's what calls to us, and then later we find there are no jobs or every job requires a different degree because our culture on the whole has devalued the arts. Even the government budget wants to defund the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities this year, even though those things take like 0.03% of the budget. I have personally met someone who feels like he shouldn't have to pay this pittance of a tax because he doesn't like art. Yeah, he's not getting a second date.
But what employers and STEM majors don't get is that we arts majors can be really useful and versatile. We may need a little boost in some maths like accounting and statistics if we go into business, but we will be the most well oiled cog in the machine because of our communication skills. Insurance representatives, social workers, school administrators, secretaries and assistants, human relations personnel, writers and editors and journalists and publishers, clerks and record keepers, librarians. Not to mention, we're behind a lot of the ideas in the entertainment industry. Video games are just interactive literature; we need software devs and writers and visual artists to make a good game come alive.
We need to stop telling the arts majors that they're worthless. And we need to start telling everyone else that the arts are priceless.
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>Tfw studying for a B.A in English

Thanks OP.
>comes on here with an arts major
>talks about how arts majors have better social skills
>social skills = normie
>Insurance representatives, social workers, school administrators, secretaries and assistants, human relations personnel, writers and editors and journalists and publishers, clerks and record keepers, librarians
You don't need an Arts degree for all that. Not like I would be a complete social retard if I didn't do an Arts degree.

>software devs
You're going to need a STEM degree for that.

Now stop deluding yourself and other naive teenagers into thinking an Arts degree is worth anything more than toilet paper.

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