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Cyborg here from /tv/.

I'm really fascinated with footfags and the foot fetish in general. I want to find out more about what constitutes good/bad feet. I'll occasionally see a foot thread and have no idea what constitutes a sexy foot, can somebody give me a quick rundown of being a true footfag.

Asking for a friend.
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honestly i dont know i just can tell by looking.
>weird nails
>Plump AKA Fat
>not appealing to me
are all reasons for shit feet theres probably more reasons i just cant think right now

Get you stinky whore. I know you just want to get sexy feet for more attention

This is what I sort of expected from r9k....

Get it together, bros......

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Are your parents rich?

Are you a trustfund kid?
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>Are your parents rich?
>Are you a trustfund kid?

My parents know a lot of rich people though
Anything you'd like to share?
They're rich and pay for my tuition but not much else.

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I thought about this and I decided to take 4chan more seriously from now on.

Starting from today, I'm going to invest at least 40 hours a week on 4chan.

Considering all the things I will learn on this website I believe this is a good return on investment.

What do you think? Also what did you in you decide to invest your time in to better yourself?
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>Starting from today, I'm going to invest at least 40 hours a week on 4chan.

I'm glad for you anon. I'm sure that only within a few months you'll be able to see improvements both spiritually and in your daily life.
Every now and then I just read stupid shit that makes me laugh out loud in real life , like srsly what a stupid post lmao it's just ducking retarded and the replies, fuckkkkkk I can't leave

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>wash my uncut dick clean
>wipe it after each piss
>don't fap
>smells disgusting the next day
what the fuck reeeeeeee
how do i keep it clean?
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why bother, you're not getting laid anyway
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>what the fuck reeeeeeee

I wonder? I really do.
Some people just smell worse than others. I can go more than a week without bathing or brushing my teeth, no deodorant or mouthwash, and still appear clean and presentable. Never am I told that I smell bad or have bad breath, I've had people comment positively about my hygiene. As long as I don't do lots of hard labor I smell fine for a long time.

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>How could you not like living in California? It's literally paradise!
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California is paradise.
Native Californiafag here, love living here
California is paradise though (not including 99% of Socal). The hate they get is based off envy. I'd kill someone to live in the bay area.

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howw do l into boipucci
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>howw do l into boipucci
into me
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Post ass anon, I'm just a fat, hairy /bear/ mode NEET looking for a twink to breed

Pick only one

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>/pol/ wants me to choose a white girl over this


Yeah bro. I'm going to not have hot and exciting skin contrast during steamy sex along with not having beautiful and unique looking kids

Go instead get with an entitled and boring plain Jane white girl rofl
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/pol/ doesn't give a shit about you.
it's a board for happening threads and getting the news
This isn't /pol/

Head on back!

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Why is monogamy so hard to grasp? There you are, talking to many diff girls on a slew of degenerate online dating sites.

You will get what you deserve.
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This actually only happens because women all want to date the same guy.
Why do men get hurt when girls cheat or divorce when they're the ones who will have bitches on the side, look for hookups while in a relationship, talk to other girls while in a loving relationship, and have no morals and no concept of commitment/loyalty?
A lot of men go after the same girl, but she's capable of monogamy.


I forgot shitty men are terrible people.

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>2001 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4
Similar to pic related, minus the chrome fuel door.

(Can you be a robot if you own a car?)
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I have THE robot car.
>white extended cab 3.0 Ford Ranger
Quite possibly the worst car I've ever encountered but I love it and appreciate all that it continues to do for me. I love you ranger.
I was actually considering a Ranger, but then I came across my truck.

First car was a 1986 Jaguar XJ-S, current car is a 1994 Jaguar XJ12.

How's that Dodge been running for you?

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how relatable is this?
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ayyy lmao
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more work.gif
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it ask myself
nani wo motomeru no?
answer is not found
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hito suji mo hikai mo naku naru

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How do I get a boyfriend like pic related but is educated and nice?
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You dont
Original alfredo
Pick one
why are u assuming he ain't nice tho

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>Well look who decided to crawl out of their cave.
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>h-heil, you t-too
I've got bad news friends, I don't think we're going to win this one.
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>s-sorry i was up late practicing

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Even if you shot yourself in the celebral cortex, which is a dumb target, how long would it take to die?
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no bumperino in my threaderino
>how long would it take to die?

The rest of your life; same as any other method.
Ur cerebral cortex is a dumb target sure
lmao rekt

is black pill red pill?

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Black pill is red pill + depression.
Anon i need real black pill explanation.

What is black pill really?
It's a fuzzy term but most "black pill" stuff I see is along the lines of "everything is hopeless, kill yourself". For more information please see: LURK MOAR. Or Google it maybe there's something there.

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>grew up with a sister 6 years older than me
>learned all my speech patterns and body language from her
>the behavior I learned from her alienates me from other guys sometimes

How can I stop involuntarily behaving like a girl?
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This is like me but with Hitler rather than an older sister.
just have female friends then, it will also increase ur chances of getting laid
Fucking this.
>grew up with 6 sisters
>youngest child
>sisters cussed and fought whenever 2+ existed within a room
>grew up to cuss with the frequency of a sailor but the vocabulary of a whore
>instead of calling people bastards it was "you betch!" Or "you whore!"
>everyone just assume you're gay but don't dress like it
>only very very recently managed to switch the entirety of my cussing to "cunt" and "fucker"

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