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Why do guys get shit for wearing pic related?
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I live in Chicago and in the winter pretty much anyone who wears a suit to work will have some kind of overcoat like this.

People get shit on for wearing this kind of coat as an accessory alongside their fedora, because they think it looks like a trench coat and makes them look like some kind of super secret anon detective.
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Because only chads can pull it off. Imagine a neck beard wearing this. Also please do not purchase it.
Cause they wear it fully buttoned like that. It just looks terrible.

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>Chad pushed in front of me at McDonald's queue

I'm so mad right now. What would you have done?
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Shot up the McDonalds's for being a multi-nationalist(Gay) corporation with subversive advertisements.
If i was still your age, id have given the manager a firm handshake and ask to be hired on the spot
If I was the manager I would have hired Chad for being more assertive than you.

There are 4 genders: penis, vagina, neither and both.
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I disagree, the development of testicles/ovaries must be accounted for. there are 8: penis+balls, penis + ovaries, vagina + balls, vagina + ovaries, absent organ + balls, absent organ + ovaries, dick + vagina + balls, and dick + vagina + ovaries. Of course this isn't taking functionality into account cause that's a scale instead of categorical.
Aren't genitalia essential to survival? Like the hormone production is necessary or something right?
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I am referring exclusively to the external reproductive organs which contain orifices to expel or accept semen.

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images (3).jpg
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ITT: you've just been kidnapped what do
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beg them to kill me and hide my body
Don't say anything and just start faping. Eventually they will let you go because they'll think you're retarded
Correction they'll know you're retarded.

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how do you achieve dissociation?
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Ketamine my dude
its not something that i choose to do, it just kinda happened.

get pushed to the brink of suicide a few times.. you start to disassociate.

and i have a .356 mag, i could if i wanted to.
Do it and livestream it. DO IT RIGHT NOW. Don't think. Incredible acts of will! INCREDIBLE ACTS OF WILL!

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I think it's time to report this thread for breaking the global rules
No gore was posted. Be gone, moralfig.

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Was it ever confirmed that the supreme gentleman was a robot?
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Good quedtion
this pic is too ridiculous to be true
apparently the court asked for his internet history and some of it got leaked and apparently he browsed wiz so there is a pretty good chance he browsed here

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>tfw my college is holding a lgbt awareness week next month and they want you to show your support by wearing some sort of rainbow
I'm going to be physically assaulted if I don't wear a rainbow, aren't I?
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No, literally no one will care.
Buy a pin or a bracelet or something.
Depends on how SJW your college is, but yes most likely.

Dont you retards have anything better to do than rant and rave about how you dont have a woman in your life? Try to be more sophisticated, for god's sake.
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>Dont you retards have anything better to do

I really really like this image. Top-tier crossover.
not sure why people struggle with finding women. they're easy. finding the right one is hard.

I hear this shit all the time and I want in on it. I want to get money by virtue of my gender without whoring or anything. I don't want to do some long term streaming shit or something I just want betas with too much disposable income to give me a little extra spending money in the short term. Does anyone have tips on how exactly I'm supposed to do this? Because I honestly have no idea. Am I just falling for a meme?
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shut the fuck up uggo ass roastie
It's easy, lead men on, but don't let them get any. Ask for favors. See what you can get away with. Eventually you will find a guy willing to give you anything.

Some inspiration.

anon pls remove yourself from this website

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What age range do you find the most physically attractive?
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15-19 second
9-10 third depending on the girl
20-29 fourth
30+ unattractive
0-7 unattractive
Probably 12-16 but it's a mixed bag.
This is my opinion too desu

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What does it feel like to have a boy cum inside you and take pics of your aheago face and send them to your gf and sister and mom?
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Phoneposter detected
Leave norman!!!!!
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no I am posting on my computer

sorry I spelled it wrong ahegao

but why would spelling something wrong make you think I am a phoneposter? Sure if I was on my phone it would have caught the error
>What does it feel like to have a boy cum inside you and take pics of your aheago face and send them to your gf and sister and mom?

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Where did the "I haz XXX" meme come from?
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>I haz XXX
can you be more specific?
When people say I HAZ CHEEZBURGER etc. Related to the "lol so randumb xD"
The earlier days of the internet, everything seemed funnier, I guess.
Especially with cats.
I miss those times.

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>tfw flying to Colorado tomorrow
>Going to be away from my cat for a week
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Saudi Aurora here-
Don't get on the plane!
Don't worry, half of my trip is in Wyoming.
my mum kicked me out a few months ago and I live with my dad in a holiday park where cats are banned, so i havent seen mine since i left

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Goodnight robots. Before you go to sleep tonight I want you to know at least one thing that is true and that is: I love you.

I love you so, so much. You're worthy of it and so much more and I'm sorry you were born into a world full of people who don't know why. But I know.

When you put your head down tonight on your cold pillow in an empty bed I want you remember that I'm thinking about you and hoping that your life gets better. I know it's been so hard for you. You're so lonely, scared and alone but you can be here with me and I can be with you and that means we're not alone tonight . I love you anon. Never forget that.
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anime/manga is fucking gay
Thank you, anon. Please keep making these threads. They're nice.
I'm thinking of you too, anon. Have the sweetest dreams and the most restful sleep! :)

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