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>be opposition
>try to halt parliamentary progress by physically obstructing conservatives to get to their seats
>conspicuous female waiting to be elbowed so she can play the victim
>watch the ridiculous cuck comments unfold

>Mr Mulcair said: "What kind of man elbows a woman? It's pathetic! You're pathetic!"
>An emotional Ms Brosseau later said that she had been "elbowed in the chest by the prime minister".
>She admitted: "I had to leave Parliament. It was very overwhelming."
>MP Niki Ashton said she was deeply troubled by the actions of the usually "composed and charming" leader.
>"I want to say that for all of us who witnessed this, this was deeply traumatic.
>"It is very important that young women in this space feel safe to come here and work here."
>Another MP said that had "never been a parallel in contemporary Canadian history".
>the elbow incident represents the political leader's biggest gaffe to date.
>biggest gaffe

Just how cucked is this world? I can't believe it.
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You're late to the show anon.
If its not a "safe space" and you're the reason behind this you're gonna lose your job and reputation. Women need this kind of support or else they all suffer cause we can't have them deal with shit like human beings.
The cuckvolution eats its own children
>You're late to the show anon.

well I knew it was very bad already but when I have to read these melodramatic over the top comments along with the obviousness of the attempt at manipulation I'm still at a loss of existential support

I just went to a local supermarket and I saw a strange guy there, He looked like a total dork with average height, skinny body, normal face and he had long hair with a ponytail and Burzum T-shirt
And yet he still had a really cute normal looking girlfriend next to him

What does that mean? If a guy like him can get a gf than I can too, I look better than him but I never really tried, he really did not even look like a Chad
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Want to knows the secret anon? If a woman likes you she will stay with you even if she's better looking than you. Big shock I know was surprised when I learned that people who like you as a person tend to want to spend time with you. Keep this to yourself though don't want everyone to know.

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wut da fug.png
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>tfw the captcha is pictures taken in my town
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>They know
>Where you live

> tfw Grandad had the winning numbers in a lottery ticket but lost the thing
> tfw dad had 5/6 of the winning numbers but didn't know how the game was played so he threw that out
Maybe I have a chance for neetbux
Has anyone here ever won the lottery
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>playing the lottery
I see there's a dumb gen in your family.
Nobody here ever won the genetic lottery
It was the first and last time they ever did it

you know

given the sadism of the IRL world atm, we're just barely not in a universe where vore is real
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>searching for flights to the middle East
>Get a weird phone call an hour later
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>be white
>don't get hassled
Continue you faggot. Greentext it if you want to.
You better be going there to kill ISIS goatfuckers

>nobody to listen to jimi hendrix and rolling stones with while drinking cheap rum and vodka in the forest with me
Feels terrible. I miss having friends.
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>apply to sheridan
>receive marking sheet
>20 point above cutoff
>put on waiting list
>still on waiting list
how fucked am i
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The school in Ontario? Lol wat

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>No friends
>Virgin with wageslave job
>Makes tinder profile
>Uploads picture that hardly looks like myself so if people see they dont laugh at me for even trying
>One girl is interested
>w h a t
>Talks to me for about half a day
>She replies after about 15-30 minutes after reading a message
>Weird but when I ask she says she is busy and gets easily distracted
>Tells me she will go on a date with me
>Perhaps life could be good
>Goodnight Cyborg.jpg
>Wakes up

Anyone else almost get a taste of the good life to only have it ripped away seconds later?
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>his height doesn't exceed 6'1
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oo aaaah you got me, I feel so pathetic waaaaa. Not. Men aren't as shallow and obsessive with their looks as you women are. You guys obsess over looks because you were made to be a product, a helper for men. You think I'm lying? You are inferior to everything we do. We do not need a woman to survive. You need us though, you need our roads, our buildings, our hunting skills, our fishing skills, our inventions, etc.

Men aren't so insecure with themselves that they would care about so trivial things. If we do complain, we do so to hate on women to let out steam because you all are so insufferable and disrespectful to the ones who feed you, shelter you and who basically made the world around you with our hard work.
>she cannot hold at least a litre of water in her ass
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why are manlets so delusional? are you that deprived of vagina?

my dick is 6,3 inches and 5.3 girth, but i'm kinda fat if i go down some pounds, will my dick change ? it`ll look smaller or bigger ?
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your dick will look bigger if you lose weight and your erections will be harder if you get fitter but it won't actually get bigger
It will still piss either way.

I made this Kik group for any autistic anons that want to join
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How do I get a huge 6'3-6.5 bf?

t. 5'9 dwarf
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Stop being a faggot

More importantly how do I get a huge 6ft+ GF?

5'10 guy here
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How do I get a bara bf? Orogenel

>be male, incel, 35-y/o 5'2" facelet virgin
>you're going to have to kill yourself if you're alone another night
>decide to buy a whore
>screw up your courage and save a week's worth of your grocery cashier salary for said whore
>call up Kandy Roxx about her ad in the Daily Lecher
>she flicks a finger under your collar and leads you up into her apartment
>asks if you're here to fuck, you say yes
>it's a sting
>"Kandy", actually a dyke cop who beats the shit out of her BUG girlfriend and gets off to CBT/penectomy videos, hits the button
>SWAT team with HK417s and power armor C4s the door and pins you to the ground
>you're charged with Solicitation
>they threaten to show the jury your hentai if you go to trial
>you're imprisoned for 15 years, during which you're raped by niggers until you contract AIDS and lose the ability to control your bowels
>you're released as a 50-year-old fecally incontinent living corpse/sex offender with HIV
>all jobs are either taken by robots or done by gamified crowdsourcing via Marie Zuckerberg-Chang's FaceSpott app
>try to sleep in one of the eight thousand abandoned stores across town while you figure out how you're going to get the $8000 per dose for your AIDS meds that cost 59 cents to make
>shot to death by a sentry drone for trespassing on Goldman-Sachs-Bush-Ameribank property that they're eventually going to use to store fully automated server farms for their complete gated community facial recognition and precog package

amerika greatestt; country
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I'm not gonna lie, America is shit. And I'm apart of the American military. But Europe is also shit, your laws are too relaxed on refugees and immigrants. They make you guys cucks.
What a privileged bourgeois normalscum
yeah, p much choking on the misogyny of that fuckin post imo

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Serious question about NoFap: is it a meme? Does (at least partially) works? I've tried before, with the record of 24 days, and I really didn't see any major differences. I need stop being shy/spilling spaghetti, and I heard that NoFap day 30+ would help me with that.
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If you touch your dick even slightly it's ruined. Technically it's best to jerk off about once every two weeks but it's almost impossible in practice if you're not used to it.
It helps. I'd say you should fap at least once every two weeks. Extended abstinence doesn't help any more and may even be worse than moderate abstinence. Exercise and lifestyle are more important.
The fact that you aren't touching your cock doesn't help you be more confident or any less shy. You are stupid to think otherwise.

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