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What factors do you think contributed to you becoming so messed up socially?

>moved 4 times before I turned 18
>went to 5 different schools
>my father is/was an alchaholic, lives in Ireland
>mom divorced twice
>my mothers parents died when she was young, she never got proper guidance
>my father grew up raised by a single mother and has mental issues from drinking
>bullied in high school, one time someone publicly spat on me in front of all the others in the cafeteria, called a girl a bitch and she punched me in class

>am now 21
>Have extreme issues socializing in public, social anxiety and fear
> Have pent up anger and frustration
>On Monday I'm taking a bus to the west coast to become homeless in the woods
>It's better for me to be dead or homeless than be a burden on others, at least that way I won't be a net negative to society
> I just want my mother to have her life back, to not have to worry about dealing with me
> I plan to isolate myself and only go into town once a week for oatmeal and butter, being around others triggers my anger, OCD and paranoia.

I think that I would have been different if I had a stable school, home, and people who I would socialize with until I was an adult, yes it is my life but we are only the sum total of our experiences, and I find it increasingly hard to enjoy things. I've never drank or done drugs because I've heard so many bad things but my anger and panic attacks have gotten worse and I need an escape.

My survival chances are quite low, all these old people have social safety nets, circles of friends, and children to look after them, I don't think that I will make it and have been marked to be culled.
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I also never look into people's eyes out of fear, I just look forward and pretend I do t see people looking at me to pretend I'm normal and just doing my own thing.

i believe that I am genetically unfit to continue my lineage and I believe that women can sense that, hence why I am creepy and wierd to them, my father is an actual NEET who still lives with his mother in Ireland at 46, I have no entrepreneurial genes and will never make it, and I am physically weak too
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The OP photo was a year ago before I developed my mental illness and this is me today, I shaved my hair because I was so frustrated from trying to look attractive so I said fuck it.

I don't want to be rich or successful I just want peace
I'm sorry anon, that sounds messed up. I was a pretty normie teenager but then I changed school when I was 15. I was bullied severely and that changed my mind completely.
I'm now a 20 year old pale, gaunt, awkward young adolescent unable to perform even the easiest daily life tasks on my own

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One more fucking month and you can all go home and play vidya and watch anime, finish as strong as you can because I believe in you unifaggots

>how many finals are left?
>how many weeks are left?
>you passing your classes?
>if not, what's your plan to get back on track?

There's so little left to finish by now, let's do it!!
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I have an oral japanese exam and im freaking out. I have been studying but i keep thinking i will choke.
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I'm ready to fucking die
You mean your classes don't end in April? Is May classes a britfag thing

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Post any songs that give you feels
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K-System: Guardian Angel

It brings me back to 2007. My mother finally got arrested and my years of abuse finally ended. I thought the worst was behind and I didn't have a care in the world. But adulthood, so far, is not at all how I imagined. Fuck my life eternally.
Might be a cliche game music but this always gets me


>Can sing well
>Also handsome
Some people are too blessed in life
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He aged well if you look at his younger years he looked like shit
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>"Can" sing well

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He's not coming back is he?

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I'm a gross fembot and I want a gross fembot I can talk to about the gross female stuff I can't talk to my orbiters about.
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Just talk to gross female stuff to orbiters. Atleast talk to it with me and I can fap to it.
Here I am, ready to discuss gross things with you.
Second this, tissues are at the ready

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Hello fembots who want to become hot. I want to create a new general for us to share tips and motivate one another to become hot, mentally healthy and happy with hobbies aside from 4chan, video games and mindless masturbating. Is anyone interested?
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Why this board of all fucking places
>tfw skinny skeleton without tits who cant gain weight no matter what
its not that much better than being fat
How the fuck do you do the makeup? Everyone else seems so good at it, and all I can manage is eyeliner and mascara.

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>Hi brother this is my new boyfriend

>He likes video games just like you!
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I don't have a sister and if you're using 'brother' as a term of endearment then you should stop because in my culture complete strangers don't have that privilege
If your country isn't America or in western Europe no one cares about it.

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What you think about relationship with a big age difference?

What is your opinion about this film (pic related)?
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I was engaged to a 19 year old when I was 28. It's fine.
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Up until a month ago I was engaged to a 19 year old. I'm 30. We started dating three years ago....

Currently fucking a 45 year old.

Who gives a shit, just enjoy life.
I'm 38. Current gf is 23. I've never dated someone close to my age, always younger. The smallest age gap has been 8 years.

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gas air con.png
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>i was a fuckboy
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does fuckboy mean you were gay?
I was of the emo archetype.
What's middle school desu? Give me an age range.

Only 4 hours left of wage-slavery edition
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absolutely suffering with this cold lads, I can't stand being ill and I rarely get Ill
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Level 150.png
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I've finally done it, lads.

I'm retarded.
Normies Are Inferior - A message from our NEET Overlord, Alexander Gordon Jahans


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>Just want to make 15$ an hour so I can have an easy job and an easy life
>Don't intend to ever reproduce, so will likely buy a fleshlight in lieu of a girlfriend

It seems extreme to write this out. I'm 20 years old, but I've seen so much of this world.

I can't justify having children as an atheist.

I wonder if I'll off myself when I'm 40, but I doubt it. I'll likely ride the rail until it ends.
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All I want to do is sell my music on YouTube. Why the fuck can't I get gud? I did it every day for 2 years and studied every video on YouTube I could possibly find.

Literally staying up until 5 am every day studying for hours sometimes on Ritalin. Like wtf. And beats sell for like 100-200 or can pull in 300+ dollars
You can thank baby boomers and conservatives for cucking you out of that life
Maybe you're relying too much on theory.

A fundamental part of art is that if it feels (looks good, sounds good, etc) good it is good.

You can test out extremes to see what works and what doesn't

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Is jerking off to videos of yourself gay?
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I get horny looking at my ass too, anon. Also, post the videos please
It's only mildly gay
It's not gay if you sexually identify yourself as both male and female :^)
No it's just masturbating and masturbating isn't gay hahaha I do it sometimes haha and I'm not gay

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Have you ever walked in on your parents having sex?
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Thank fuck this never happened. I know someone who this happened to. His father came out of the closet when he reached the age of 12 and he walked into his father either being butt-fucked or butt-fucking a stranger when he was 14. He was traumatized to the point where he needed a psychiatrist until he was 15 or 16 years old.
no, they make so much noise it's impossible
no but walked on my nude mom
i was shitfaced drunk and came home at around 6am when she was getting dressed and ready for work
i barely remember that as i was on a verge of passing out drunk
turned around and went to sleep
we never spoke of this
felt weird for few days

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>make a very anti /r9k/ post that's still true
>for example "my ex bf etc etc"
>get tonnes of hate, told i'm worthless other than hole, to get cancer, raped, really trying to hit at the insecurities
>react with mild concern and shock because I'm used to it but still, there's someone out there saying that stuff directly to me
>insults get more personal the more info I give
>resonates with me a little as some DO hit on my insecurities
>at some point within the next several hours completely forget it all happened

Who /immune/ here?
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shitt thread sage
You poor, soulless husk, you.
Who makes the effort of posting in a shit thread with 0 replies?

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This used to have a penis.
Now there's one more girl in the world to fuck.
Tell me again why transitioning is wrong.
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I shall wait for your virgin excuses patiently.
Because they derive no real pleasure from that pussy, and it doesn't even feel like an actual pussy. Even fucking them in the ass isn't the same anymore because the prostate is basically gone now.

Though massive props on such a transition.
She'd be hotter if she kept it desu.

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