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>my birthday today

Why am i so depressed
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Because birthdays mean fuck all after you turn 10
Its literally just another day, no one cares it your birthday besides you.
getting older sucks.
How oId are you today anon?

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'Aight /r9k/, phone background thread time, here's what I'm using atm.
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Banana Gun.png
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Alrighty then.
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the cheese stands alone
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Makes me feel calm

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>be above average looking girl
>go on youtube and start talking about "redpills" and other shit
>spam these said videos on /pol/ and /r9k/
>become the waifu of thousands of anons
>they throw money at you
>while you get dicked by chad
Why do people fall for this every year?
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She's not even above average.
It's just that pol is so bluepilled and autistic they will fall for any girl who is willing to pretend that "racism is cool lol, white power, i'm just like u guys, and i'm also a girl :p"
>she's not even above average
The standards of r9k
You must be an idiot if you think she's above average looking. This girl looks plain and average as fuck. If you leave your room every once in a while you will see

>dry me off, whiteboi
Your response?
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Great body, that's all I say
How about I suck it off?
Are you blind, ma'am? I'm not white at all.

xddddd no vegtal hahahahhajh lolololol
i dint oder this xddlololololololololo
damn this is so funnet
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I love ifunny it's my source of funnies
wowo anotherone
damn this is nice cool ans good
u no it brother
rage comics really took a turn huh O_O

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This is the kind of person that calls people who work "wage slaves".
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>mfw NEET robots are the same as single moms on benefits which the NEETbots despise
>This is totally not a false-flag account

Sure. I believe you.

Let's see what the robot who has an obsession with wagecucks has to say about this.

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481-Sick pepe V2.jpg
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Do some maths and calculate how long you've been NEET for
>Since 15
>Age 20
>25% of my life shieeeeet
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15 and am 19 now. I don't think my teenage years should count for being a NEET though

the message above was as low in content as my life
>neet since 16
>though tried uni for half a year, so go for 11.5 years
>too dumb to work out percentages

someone do it for me like the government does everything else for me thx

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>tfw you can never go back to 2005

this game was a blessing and a curse, but i miss it buds
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>13yo chad is fucking the stairs
>13yo anon is in darkshore killing moonkin
This is why nobody should mobilepost.

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>meet really cool girl on /r9k/
>redpilled and attentive
>good sense of humour
>talk for hours
I can't help but feel like it's too good to be true, as if some neckbeard is role-playing really well, or this entire board is pulling a practical joke on me...
I'm not just being paranoid, r-right?
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Wow so cool you meet and talk to girl

Im probably cumming in her arse anon. I'm sorry if the truth hurts you.
> redpilled
> r9k

Literally wut?

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kiara gomez.jpg
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How do I stop being so beta or cringy with women, especially hot or popular girls? I'd rather not have my shit get read on something like vid related. Inb4 just bee yourself.

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The simple answer to that is confidence. All you need is confidence to stop being beta or cringy around girls that is all you need to do.
Watch exclusively Sam Hyde videos
>le confidence meme

How can I be "confident" when I'm a manlet with no accomplishments?

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What year are you stuck on?
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it's very normie to get stuck on a year; i as an intelligent person am stuck in 2017
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I used to yearn for the past, when i looked at my uni grade history, it triggered these repressed memories that the only good thing about past times was that i was younger

That was the last year of my life that wasn't a a complete waste. The last year that seemed like I could've been on track for a normal life.

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Why are you still existing?
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Killing myself seems scary.
I'm optimistic for the future, because if I wasn't then I'd be shitting bricks all day every day.
We've made it this far. Why stop now? How much worse can it get?
These and there are still things that I enjoy.

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Well brobots. I finally did it. I finally did what I always said I would do.

>tfw rejected a girl in love with me because she wasn't a virgin

I don't know how it got to this point. The events leading up to this point in time. I don't know how I feel guys. She was madly in love with me. Maybe it was just peak infatuation and it would've died down but goddammit. My phone is blowing up with texts and calls but I can't. All I want to do is die. Was this a mistake? Tell me I made the right choice.. I could've made it out of here but I can't bear being with a normie girl. God forgive me.
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>girl is in love with you
bad news for you, buddy... you're probably a normie yourself
Ya did good, kid.

>Tell me I made the right choice..
Does she know you rejected her because she wasn't a virgin?

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I propose to re-define the word "robot", as currently this board is flooded with normies who think they are robots because they don't have a girlfriend.
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Tier 4 sounds a lot more difficult and scary than tier 5 to be honest.
>talking to pets
normie t.b.h.f.a.m.
also not all descriptions fill the examples. really it doesn't mean anything; like where do talkable autists belong? And 4chan belongs on tier 6/7. It doesn't make any sense; axiom disregarded
Apparently I'm a Chad lol. Fuck does that mean

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When did you realize Rimbaud was /our guy/?

"I am of the race that sang under torture; laws I have never understood; I have no moral sense, I am a brute: you are making a mistake.
"Yes my eyes are closed to your light. I am a beast, a nigger. But I can be saved. You are sham niggers, you, maniacs, fiends, misers. Merchant, you are a nigger; Judge, you are a nigger; General, you are a nigger; Emperor, old itch, you are a nigger: you have drunk of the untaxed liquor of Satan's still.--Fever and cancer inspire this people. Cripples and old men are so respectable they are fit to be boiled.--The smartest thing would be to leave this continent where madness stalks to provide hostages for these wretches. I enter the true kingdom of the children of Ham."

Has there ever been a more based writer in history?
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Fucking bump. How is this thread not blowing up? Jesus Christ. Has no one else read Rimbaud? He's an absolute madman robot.
>implying the average denizen of this board nowadays reads
and even if he reads
>implying he has even heard of rimbaud
it's all about pomo nowadays

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