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>"Aw man I haven't had sex in nearly two whole weeks"
>"You think that's bad? I haven't had sex in an entire month!"

>"Hey anon, when was the last time you had sex?"
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November 30th, 2016.
Three days ago, lads

I've never had sex in my entire life

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>What is the gospel?
The gospel is the message that Jesus Christ, although existed in the very form of God, did not consider that equality something to be held onto and chose to leave that heavenly place, enter into his own creation and die for the sins of his people. But guess what he rose on the third day because death could not hold it's grip on the blessed son of God and when you are resurrected on the day of judgement the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead will also be the same spirit that raised you on the last day.

>How to enter heaven
One enters into heaven through faith alone, for Christ had already died for our sins and so what could we possibly add on to that? Are we to say that the blood of Christ is not sufficient and we are to add onto that? No, his blood cleansed us of sin and to be cleansed of your sins you first must believe and Christ will do the rest.

I invite Christians, agnostics, atheists and everything in between, that includes people of other faith, to discuss Christianity and learn more about the largest religion in the world. God bless! I the past I have tried to appeal to non-believers by kinda white washing but now, none of that but also be prepared because you might not get the answers you like although they might be true. I have also created a discord server which is mainly for Christians and non-believers looking for a discussion. It's not really meant for discussion, but if you do cause trouble, you will be removed from the server.

Thread: XXVIII

Cont of: >>37308194

Haven't done these in a long time!
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nobody cares faggot
Realy? Well, since you're here, are there any questions you wanna ask? If so feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my abilities.
This is an original shameless self bump.

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Can you imagine being born in 1900 and dying in 2000? It always gives me the creeps whenever I think about it and it deeply spooks me that I will most likely experience the same thing throughout my life. Has there been any writings throughout history about how much the world has changed through someone's life?
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Apart from TV, not that much changed unless if you lived in a major city or Europe

30 years can pass by in rural areas and not much will actually change.
The 19th has been pretty fast changing, too. Compare technology in the 1850 to technology on the 1900. Urbanism, for example, changed drastically, from normal human based towns to car-centered megalopolis.
If you felt like it's seems that you're a fag.

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If you were to change to the opposite gender for one day biologically, meaning, male to female, and female to male. What would be the first thing you did other than masturbate?
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I'd browse /r9k/ and respond to this thread.
Eat something I guess. I would literally masturbate all day man.
For one day is way too short, can't plan any changes to my life with that.
I guess I could try my girl cosplays and see if it looks better than usual.

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>this is the part, where you fall down and bleed to death!

wat do
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fall down and bleed to death
Realize I forgot to turn on my female guards with massive tits and 24-inch cocks mod and exit the game
Pull out Nerveshatter and laugh.

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a cyborg/robot decides to put killing himself on hold so he can help his oneitis out of her horrible situation (abusive parents) and get her the chad of her dreams

he kills himself after the girl has her happy ending
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Fuck no man!
About how long would it be? I don't have the brain power for full books anymore
I remember you, the answers still no.
You're competing for me with Heinlein dude come on.

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Who else has violent thoughts?
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I have obsessive thoughts. I often imagine myself chewing on rocks, my teeth splintering and cutting my gums apart.
I have fire in my blood senpai

I am not a nice person
I have autistic hero complex fantasies where I go Driver on some murderer/mugger/shooter whatever's ass.
Does that count?

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Why is everyone on this board a fucking faggot? I thought we have /lgbt/ for this.
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/lgbt/ sucks.
most guys here are not lgbt though.
>Why is everyone on this board a fucking faggot? I thought we have /lgbt/ for this.

Let's be honest here
There are 150 threads on the board

And I currently count 6 gay threads
That's 4% of the board

if you have a problem with gay threads then you have 96% of the board to post in. YOU choose to see only the 4% and whine and bitch about them when you could just post in non-gay threads and have no issue

Yes they are popular because people like them but if you don't you can easily hide them by shift clicking in the catalog or setting up filters

You know what, I'll help you:
trap bf
feminine bf

those are keywords for 4 of the gay threads, the kiss me one you can't really do anything about I guess
Vocal minority
Also you notice gay posters more probably because you yourself are gay

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It's that time again!
Post who you want to compete along with a victory theme!
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Spanish God
Sudoku man
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Homicidal female pepe

any fembots here?
how do you deal with life knowing you failed even having it as easy as possible to succeed?
I'm too socially inept to take basic social ques and reply to people, let alone get a bf or have a life/job.
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You can't fail easy mode. Fembots have simply opted for a harder difficulty; however, they have the ability to return to easy mode at any time.
Shut the fuck up. Women don't have it easier as a whole. Only the most attractive women have it easy, but so do attractive men. This is a world for the good looking.
They could not be Western European. The guys in the dating pool prefer those.

Loser virgins are not in that pool

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Daily reminder that if you've had a successful romantic or sexual encounter you do not belong on this board.
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>ywn buy a house with your wife in a nice suburban neighborhood for $6000 and live the American dream with your $1000 all American car and raise children in the glory that is post WWII America
so no one could at one point have a gf/fuck,
then later in life fall into depression or acquire a mental illness,
have declining socializing skills,
become a misanthrope,
and lose desire to meet anyone new?
Correct. Get out, failed normie. Take your fake problems somewhere else.

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I'm going to a restaurant
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What restaurant, Anon?
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The Cracker Barrel
I don't like it as much as buffet restaurants, but it's okay
It's for my mom's birthday since she turns 65 today
I wish I could take you on a nice date to a nice restaurant

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Pick 1 magical object.
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Taking sleeping pin. No others can choose it
Bag of pooping. It might be useful some day.
>get magic nail
>build FTL drive/AI/BFG out of plausible junk

Well, shit, that's close enough!
>tfw those goddamn bushwhackers are gonna regret shoveling you into that hole

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Holy shit anons I met a girl last night and she actually likes me (she asked for my number) we texted all night until she fell asleep. I haven't heard back from her today, although it's still pretty early here. How long should I wait until I message her back?
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Never. Leave this board you normal guy
this is my first time ever receiving female attention in my entire life (I'm 26) I don't think I'm a normie quite yet
It depends on who sent the last message before she fell asleep. If she did then wait at a few hours. Don't say you were busy and don't apologize for replying late. If you sent the last message, don't send anything else until she replies. She likes you anon, don't sperg out like a clingy weirdo

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Redpill me on 80/20 principle, /r9k/
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80% of the men
20% of the BITCHES
80% of the women
20% of the men
That's not what I'm asking, I wanna know if it's real or not, I know what it means

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