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The eclipse is impossible on a round earth.

prove me wrong niggers.
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the eclipse is only viewable by a small part of the planet
proven wrong
>that picture
furthermore, the burden of proof is on the person making the claim
if there are other continents outside of our Earth, then why has nobody discovered them yet?

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>girl has crush on me
>we date for 2 years
>I suddenly get a really bad acne breakout
>she leaves me when she goes to college because "she doesn't like the way I look"
>now I'm all alone in my room as a NEET 3 years later with cysts on my face and refuse to go outside because of how scarred and puffy my face is

We're not going to make it.
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hahahahahahahahhahaha another failed normie toppled by the acne jew
get rekt fag
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>having a gf
Not on my christian board!
go vegan, not trolling

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I hate him but it doesn't feel right without him.
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whats his name

I am a

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What is your phenotype /r9k/?
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OP here, I think I am a Subnordid
What country is your family from?

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And by that I mean people who aren't ugly/autistic enough to be robots since they have friends and social circles but due to a lack of interest in pursuing women, or lack of opportunity, or anything else, haven't gotten a gf yet?
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Hahaha you fags can't get girl friends hahaha
Yes. I consider myself to be a cyborg at least although by the definition you just gave I could be a full robot.
I have like 2 friends and i've been hanging around their group of friends, but one told me that he just hangs with them because they bear with him.

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> be 2nd year student in Russia
> reality check time
> instead of an introductory lecture on numerical linear algebra we get a speech about how much our lives are going to suck if we don't yet have clear plans for it and what we're in for after we graduate
> "Those of you unfortunate enough to have me as your instructor during practical classes, here's your first home assignment"
> a short 2 min. report "Why the fuck did I decide to study in the Department of Mathematics?"
Why do they always have to be like this? I'm not even on the 4th year yet, give me back my delusional dreams about a cool six-figure STEM job REEEEE
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>300,000 starting
>win multiple fields medals
>fully understand IUT
>most qualified major to work cash register at McDonald's
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There's a reason we have posters like this in the main hall of the uni.
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ok but do you go to a decent uni like phiztech, gmu, bauman, or some siberian shithole?

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How's life for you skelebros?

>Dropped out of college
>Started nurse studies

Still a virgin though. I'm gay-faced as shit.

How's your life being a skellington?
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rekt skellyfags
Am I the only skellybro here?
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im a neet on neetbux, have been for like 8 years
i do nothing

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>sis has her boyfriend over again and they're in her room with the door closed
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i banged my ex in highschool with her whole family home more times than i can count and her mom and dad walked in a few times and her brother once
ive been alone ever since
why don't you invite your girlfriend over then?
>having a girlfriend
maybe i should introduce them to my bodypillow

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What kind of man prefers small boobs over big ones?
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Men of superior taste
Men of valor
Men without mommy issues
A man with good taste.
A man that likes his women insecure and desperate

/britfeel/ LYNCHED edition
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first for nightcore
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lets get some twin peaks tunes in lads
>OP's pic
I'm glad August is out of the way. Sleep should become alot easier now

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>Dick is 4.5 inches erect
>Can't maintain my boner if I stub stimulating
>If I get a sudden bad thought or if I edge myself then stop, I lose all momentum and go flaccid within ten seconds

When did you first realize you'd probably be a lifelong virgin?
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stop wanking every day, you have only yourself to blame
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>dick is 5.5" erect but also nearly 6" thick
>years of only having 1 partner per year and then fapping hard the other 11 months of that year have left me desensitized and only way to make me cum is by receiving a 15-20 minute blowjob
I have the same problem. It just zapped all my confidence. Also I am overweight.
I feel no woman will ever like me I feel really pathetic for real

What would the average robot do if he were born 50 years ago when they were no home computers?

Would he just sit in his room all day reading or masturbating furiously to magazines?

Would he be going out instead, fuck stacy and cease to be a robot?

Pic very related.
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He would probably do exactly what the main character of that film does.
probably turn into a monk or something
I would be using a ham radio or something along those lines

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>labor day
>nobody works

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>it dont matter if ur black or white
>dyes his skin white

they get to keep their labor for themselves instead of giving most of it away to porky
For aesthetic purposes

Original commentary.

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Have any of you considered that maybe your problem with women is that you fail to be yourself? That's all women want, is for you to be yourself!
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>be myself
>doesn't work
>tell other people be yourself
>doesn't work
alright what do you want a fucking apology or something?
Both of these guys are themselves.

Guess which one gets pussy, which one doesn't.
Maybe you just aren't being yourself

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>"Anon help! Some skinheads just cuffed me and left me here! Please get these off me!"
What do you do?
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Fuck her till she's dead.
Eat that ass like a day old burger
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tough one hmmm.......

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