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Well... Doctor Who was dying in the last couple of seasons but this was the killing blow. Good job, BBC, you've ruined a successful franchise.
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There is literally nothing wrong with that though,
Fuck off, feminist piece of shit. I bet you almost orgasmed as well when you made the ghostbusters female. What's next? Jane Bond? Herlock Homes?
There are no females here and even when a female watches that show it's still an ew so fuck off OP and stop literally advertising a show that no one would want advertised here. The show is for normie females, and you've the audacity to post it here just because the doctor became female?

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>tfw no alcohol consumed for 8 days now

Feels good man
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how did you do it? whats the secret to abstinence
>tfw no alcohol consumed in the last 29 years
Solidarity is the only drug i need.

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>be bored as fuck
>no hobby
>try to find something interesting
>accidentally stumble upon scale modeling
>looks cool
>start reading about basics
>find out what exactly you need
>find online store
>add stuff to cart
>almost ready to purchase
>try to calculate hours of entertainment you will get for that money
>you will finish the model in 2-3 days even as a beginner while most of this time you will have to wait for paint to dry
>model is completed, there is nothing else you can do with it
>give up on that hobby
What do you do to keep yourself busy? I know that video gaems are time consuming but years ago something snapped and i've totally lost interest in them.
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no time to be bored got work tmr
I watch YouTube vids or twitch streams. I've wasted a significant amount of my life doing this. I've also tried starting other hobbies, but give up pretty quickly
I don't know what your interests are
Learning to cook is something you can work hard on and spend time on and doesn't cost much more than eating some other way, sometimes even less
But if that kind of thing is boring for you then obviously it wouldn't make any fucking difference

My normie brother is trying to get me to switch to Reddit so I can leave this degenerate place and 'fit in' with regular people.

How the fuck does Reddit make you fit in with normies and on top of that, how the fuck can anyone use Reddit, I don't understand how the fuck that place works
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>switch to reddit
>strictly browse r/incels
>tfw brother btfo'd
He just wants to indoctrinate you, that place is filled with a bunch of retarded leftists.
if youve even thought about it, time to go to reedit

>"yo Anon take your shit off! we're going in the water!"

Would you do it?
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I would do it yeah. She looks like fun. Wear a condom though, she is likely carrying a disease or two.
Her body looks really awkward

Maybe it's just the pose, but something feels very off
Yes, she'll obviously not consider me a creep if she asks me to do it and besides it's her problem if she stares at my dick

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Hello friends.

I have to go to the store to refill my neet supplies (I am completely out of tendies).

I haven't been outside for over a week so I'm mentally preparing for this expedition.

I've got to have an idea of what to get before i go there otherwise my autism flares up.

What are some robot essentials I should get?
Food, snacks, drinks etc.
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mountain dew, neetdies, doritos with dip, mac n cheese, noodles, bread, spread, bacon, chocolate

or just yell at mummy to get the usual
Thank u for the advice friend.

Sometimes i get worried when buying too much unhealthy stuff because i think the chad/stacey cashier is judging me.

I'm currently living in my own neet den apartment so i can't ask mummy to get it for me
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I recommend raw foods, especially if u live alone. Rice, potatoes, low grade beef, not ground or anything. Vegetables are important too!

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I'm genuinely interested in the cultural make up of /r9k/. I'm a South African and believe that I might be the only robot in this shithole of a country.
>what's your nationality anon?
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>I believe I might be the only robot is this shithole of a country
Where is the guy with the zeemaps thread when you need him

>My nationality

Are you at least white?
>My nationality
England is my city

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Was this autist our guy?
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ayyy GoT on R9k. REEEEEEEEE! fuck out of her normie!
>watches h3h3
>calls people normies
Hilla is a stupid kike cunt and deserves death.

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What is the fascination /r9k/ has with anime girls? They aren't any different than the "normie" girls out there apart from the hair colors, so I don't get it...
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>They aren't any different than the "normie" girls out there
You have such poor understanding
We love anime girls because they are everything normies are not, they are kind and loyal and share our hobbies

A real woman will cheat on you on a whim but an anime girl is designed to be perfect, she would never do such a thing
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Some of them behave extremely different compared to 3d girls.
They're not real so they can't hurt us

I'm worried about this anon. Can we keep this thread up in case he comes back and sees it?
I just want to make sure he made it home.
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Boohoo his house is over an hour walk. That's not even that far.
Nigga just walk home like lmao put one foot in front of the other and repeat like its not that hard dude xDDDD

If it's actually 1 or more hours drive away, he could be looking at an whole hiking trek of just walking.

Exhaustion/getting lost aside, that'd be dangerous at night in certain areas, even hitchiking.

Hope he had some money for a taxi or something, and that his phone still has a charge and isn't in the possession of some 50 year old sexkiller.

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I've got a girl coming to my house today. How do I have sex with her?
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start touching her and see how she reacts
pretty big difference between arm round shoulder and cock in puss
How do I make the transition
You gotta put your penis in the vagina. I think that's how it works.

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This guy is a father, yet you have never held a girl's hand.
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thats bs. he could easily get a job at mcdonalds or some other fast food place
What the fuck did he expect.

He could literally get any construction job that involves wearing a mask or something.
Honestly I doubt it. He should grow a beard or something

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>my sister asks me if she can bring my old laptop with her at a friend's house to play some games on it
>she's 13
>I say ok, I don't care
>she leaves home with my old laptop
>mfw I realize it's still filled with folders full of hentai from /d/ and fetish stuff
>they're well hidden though
>I already told her to not look in my folders
>she'll probably do it
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What kind of retard doesn't have multiple user accounts
this why wouldn't you make an account for her so she can't see your shit
>don't look in my folders
>officer please don't search my trunk

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why pol sucks.png
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hiro doesn't care about the quality of this site
it's only a business for him
/pol/ gives him the most adviews probably right behind /b/ so he'll never remove it
people say "but we need the containment board"
it's so big it's no longer containing, it's attracting.
if you delete /pol/ it'll be bad for a while but then they'll scatter back to where they came from reddit
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I'd rather have the site naturally degenerate than have some mod intervention. Imageboards aren't in short supply, it's no big deal.
we really do need to remove all this politics bullshit from 4chan
yeah the site would be better if it was just insecure virgins whining about having no friends and getting no pussy

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How do I just pack up and move somewhere the weather is warm I don't want to live in winter snow bull shit again trapped in my parents decaying house
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fuck you

it's impossible to be comfy in temps these high
Yeah only in the summer which is like 4 months this place is unbearable almost all year it snows until June here

>64 degrees Fahrenheit


. . . I don't know how to react. . .

>Snows until June

Where the fuck do you live? Fucking Antarctica?

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