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I'm looking for shit like Run The Gauntlet or Rotten.com, just weird stuff you can find on the internet, maybe bizarre porn
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Any necro stuff?
Source on what's going on on that screenshot?
>put a knife under one of the styrofoam cups
>mix cups up
>take a leap of faith and slam your hand as hard as you can onto a cup

post itt please
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i hope you have the worst birthday possible.
>its his birthday
>doesn't post his age

Happy b-day anyway. Hope thats a prty hat and not a wizard's cap
Happy birthday, anon! I hope you have many more and I hope your situation in life does not make me sadistic for wishing so. Good luck!

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What would the world be like if Hitler won?
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much better
and we wouldn't be muted on r9k for not being original
Please, this isn't a political board. Stop making these kinda threads.
pic related oregano dumfuck robot

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Do you ever wish you were a pretty girl (male) Anon?
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No but I wish I had a pretty gf (male)
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I always wished I looked like pic related but with a foot long cock and balls big enough to match.
decent looking trap
would be conflicted about actualy fucking them
voice would probably make or break kek

>Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum, decides it's time to find a girlfriend, a journey that sets Sam's mom on her own life-changing path as her son seeks more independence.

Will it be /r9kino/?
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My name is Sam oh fuck people are going to tell me about this
You just know the show will iron out the less socially acceptable quirks real autists have and leave in le quirky n3rddd traits
>Chris Chan is getting his own Netflix series

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15-year-old Lewis Cousins stands alone as the only African American student in a newly desegregated high school in Norfolk, VA (1959)

Here's the reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/OldSchoolCool/comments/6qhd5v/15yearold_lewis_cousins_stands_alone_as_the_only/
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And this one is another pic:
File: pic3.jpg (552KB, 1024x671px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here would be a third. Tell us how you feel.
File: pic4.jpg (192KB, 594x381px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And a fourth one is you are still on the edge:

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being drunk is the greatest
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I envy you anon. I wanted to drink today but couldn't. I hope you enjoy yourself. What are you drinking?
I just feel even more lonely if I drink.
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Some quality whiskey with ice, it's so good!
Me too, but it doesn't matter anon, I have all these 2D girls

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Any robots here make music?

I've been playing guitar for 16 years (total of 18 years of musical experience) I want to try making some new stuff electronically.

Genres/Sounds I'm looking to make in particular...

Hardstyle (Always liked it since 2007)



Other chill music

H-How do I start?
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>How do I start making electronic music?

1. FL Studio
1a. Nexus VST to start with. Try whatever else you want.
2. Youtube tutorials on how to use the software
3. Make music
4. ???
5. Profit.
>Your music interests

What do you think of the Russian hardbass genre? Here's some examples to clarify:




Listening to hardbass puts me in the zone to quietly and effectively excel in competitive FPS games, particularly in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Where are my fellow Fuze, Cav, and Doc mains?

Ye, I love Hardbass.
[Squatting intensifies]

Should I just buy FL Studio + Nexus VST or could I probably find a working torrent for them?

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>this 9/10 comes to your gf in the club and slaps her ass

What do?
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>puts hand on katana
'you dare lay your hand on milady?'
>slightly pull on the handle revealing the blade partially so it glints in the clubs mood lighting
'you're finished'
>move so quickly everything is a blur and I teleport behind him
>his eyes widen and suddenly he starts gargling blood
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>implying i have a gf
Well meme'd me friend.

Leave newfag. Why would you post your face on here

Life sucks because I'm lonely.
I'm lonely because my life sucks.
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Well right now for one minute im thinking of you, so you're not always lonely. Remember this
I eat because I am depressed.
I'm depressed because I eat.
Well I'm here for you bub

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I'm trying to find books on overcoming social anxiety and developing my communication skills. Any good ones any of you can recommend?
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books are gay eat some ass instead
wrong board you stupid motherfucker
Don't read books that won't help. There is no secret knowledge of how to get over social anxiety, you won't find anything in a book you don't already know.

>Kind, gentle
>Acts like a caring mother
>Low self-steem
>Always eager to help
>Secretly kinky

>Ice queen, but loves you
>Snarky and smart
>Rich, high class
>a total dom

>Arrogant, a loudmoth
>An idiot, but has quite the ego
>Very fun to be around
>Takes your love for granted, thinks you are extremely cool no matter what you do

>A tomboy
>Pretty average
>Brown hair, brown eyes
>Hiperactive and childish
>Might be crazy, has style

>Quiet, shy
>Needs protection
>Sleeps a lot
>Would die for you
>Loves cuddlin
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How does the plant girl smell?
Like eucalyptus
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Wojak Brain Civ.png
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I'm not even into femdom shit, but certainly the cat girl.
Sounds nice.

>tfw not King with my Ice queen catfu

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What are some things /r9k/ looks forward to?
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My eventual death
A brighter tommorow
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the tea and fag i have after a wank

Holy shit what is with all the normans on r9k
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This site is facebook 2 now. It will never recover from gaymercancer and the trump campaign.
Fucking /pol/ got this on us with their trump and plebittors.
/pol/ should have been deleted.
Make /pol/ it's own site and ban them from posting here and the entire sites quality will increase by at least 50%
God I wouldn't fucking mind if they just kept to their board but they leak out fucking everywhere with their shit.

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Does anyone want to be my boyfriend
I'm 19 and just want a boy more feminine than I am.
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>Does anyone want to be my boyfriend
>just want a boy more feminine than I am
wut, you got a benis?
Yes I have a dick I am a guy sorry
Hmmm... wasn't expecting that... not
Next you'll call me a degenerate on /r9k/ right

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