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Who /gotochurchwiththeirparents/ here
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>tfw too scared to go to the youth service/small groups ever since middle school as I was completely outcasted
>since then been going to main service with my parents

I'm almost 21 now and nothing's changed. :(
I'm about to go to church with my mom, OP. Catholic here.

>tfw you don't join the youth group to try and find a qt wife because it's dominated by Chads

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Press F to to pay respects.

They close down tonight.
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Had a good round of trolling on that app.
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and nothing of value was lost

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Does having a sister teach you how to successfully interact with females?

Did us robots without sisters get screwed by the pooch?
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I have a big sister who loves me and vice-versa but I can tell that she probably thinks I'm a little weird sometimes. Can't say that she actually helped me to successfully interact with females either.

I kinda feel like you either have robot traits or you don't.
no. i have 5 sisters and im still autistic when it comes to women
>3 brothers and 3 male cousins
>no sisters or female cousins

I'm fucked but my brothers and other cousins are all normalfags so I wouldn't say so.

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only the real questions
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because they are the remains of a great race that missed a train to Auschwitz
I love Jewish men. I think they look cute and yet still approachable.
why are the mods funneling /pol/posts to /r9k/? this isn't what this board is supposed to be

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Give them your info, and you could make that happen in no more than an hour.
No I want a fembot that has a small chance of being better than the ones on soc
What about a guy with a squeaky voice?

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chodzcie tu robociki, co robicie sami w domu w dlugi wykend
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I can't kyczkczzz understand dzikend your kaczydeki accent
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byl jeden z was kiedys w Klominie?
Smolensk Kurwa

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Good thread lad, better than that other shambles.
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It's amazing to be considered for the second round of voting so I extend a massive thank you to everyone who voted.

While it was a shame to see such established figures such as Shipman have to bow out, having his support means the world to me. I also extend a large thank you to the support of Milk Cat as I feel this new coalition is stronger than a single Sexy Kev and will be better equipped to support and strengthen future /britfeel/

If I win, I promise to continue my current role of blessings in regards to repeating numerical digitals and trying my best to ensure a comfy and welcoming environment to everyone no matter how happy or down they are.

With Milk Cat behind me, we can also ensure a stronger understanding of the benefits of calcium to everyone on /britfeel/ and as such, stronger bones for everyone.
With Shipman, we have a well respected and proven medical practitioner to take on the healthcare role.
This will ensure a happier /britfeel/ and allow those who prefer the embrace of the 2D to reach it faster. While they wait for their appointments, we will seek a trade deal with Japan to allow these people cheaper imports of the 2D variety.

We hope to continue keeping /britfeel/ comfy for future thread and as welcoming to everyone regardless of virgindom and if they want to change that or not. No longer shall people feel unwelcome for the status of their penis as we are all fellow lads coming here to be comfy and have a great time.

In a Sexy Party /britfeel/ everyone is welcome.

Except for poleaboo

Thank you all again. You are all top lads.
- Kev xxx
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Kev let Xi down!!!

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Got 66 %, wbu?
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>submitting to facial recognition jew
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If I scored a 98%, why does no one talk to me
Must be false

Is there anything you are currently doing/going to do, which makes you feel positive about your life?
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Go fuck yourself anon.
if there are positives in your life you need to go back to facebook
I'm playing in the final piece for a friend's recital. It's a good chart and we play well together, I'm looking forward to it

I am better than everyone.
except for (you)
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Who, me?
Original classic
Whats your favorite color, slick?
Haha that's right anon

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Who else is officially baked on weed in here. This drug is amazing. Everyone should be forced to smoke it.
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Can you imagine a world where every single person was baked out of their mind 24/7 on weed?
Instant world peace dude, oh my god this is amazing. Oh my god I am absolutely baking right now.
hey I do love weed but calm down dude this is embarassing
Holy shit I just feel like I could fly if I jumped off the roof right now
Oh my god is this the best feeling ever? This weed is so amazing.

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how are all my bretheren doing this fine sunday? don't forget to laugh at the wagecucks who have to work tomorrow
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I wish I could work tomorrow, but I'm a filthy neet
Trying to figure out how I'm going to live the next week with no money left. you guys said I would have plenty of money with neetbux, but that's only if you live off instant noodles and don't spend money on anything but utilities
TruNEETs are only allowed to post in this thread

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>side of neck muscle starts burning
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>move backwards
>sounds like tiny pebbles are moving in my head
>always hear a beeping sound, comparable to a silent dog whistle
>thought others would hear it, too, but they don't
>I don't even mind
Sometimes my jaw paralise when i yawn or something like that

Should I be worried robots?

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The only difference between you and chad is that he has friends. I am sure you guys would be just as bad as them. Like how fat girls aren't sluts. The only reason they aren't is because they are fat. The moment they become skinny they becomes sluts like every other girl.
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>had friends in HS
>still preferred to be alone
>began watching anime even with a friend group of 7+
>only hung/hang out with current friend

Having friends doesn't make you not hate normies and normie culture
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>All You need to be Chad is friends!
>Don't have friends.
>Can't make friends because I'm not Chad.

I'm sure I'm speaking for a minority on this board, but I don't think that chads are bad because they have gfs.

I think all normies are bad because they refuse to sympathise with unattractive people and fill media and our daily life with blatant reminders that we don't have something very important. If it's as common as you claim it is, then no need to shove it in our sad lonely faces, you heartless cunts.

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This vote is unjust.
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reliant 1.jpg
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You haven't heard the last of this

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Yes... Well done Sophie poster, well done


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