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Leaders of the aliens in Invader Zim are just called "The Tallest"

But just bee urself right height doesn't matter
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I don't get these complaints
Everybody knows being attractive and tall is important if you want to get laid
No one ever denies it

I think that /co is a better place to talk about IZ
do you often get confused as a child since you both look like one and have the interests of one?

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I need the money anons, shit just hitted the fan and if I don't get a job quick I'll be on the street, on a 3rd world street.

Over the last 7 days I have sent 17 Curriculum Vitae, Subway, McDonald's, Cooffe Shops, Bars, Restaurants, and no one is calling.
I'm not obese or extremely weird looking, I put in the CV that I don't mind do low skill jobs like cleaning or load and unload shit fro trucks.

Were did you find a easy job anon? Any tips?
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I think that does not exist here in my city

Pretty sure it does. I literally drove through small towns throughout the US and met Merchandisers from those companies plus liquor companies
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I wish I could lose weight
I wish I could resist that donut
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I lost 100lbs, if I can do it so can you.
Try cheat decade it works
Starve yourself for a week. You'll get used to hunger and you won't want to eat very much

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why are my eyebrows bushy
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Genetics, my friend.
I have been blessed with naturally nice-ish eyebrows.
Why wouldn't you want bushy eyebrows? Or are you some kind of twink faggot that only wants pencil thin eyebrows so you can look more feminine
I'm not a twink but I do fap to traps so I'm kind of a faggot

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Do you like alt girls?
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if by alt girls you mean feminine young boys then hell yeah i do

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What does lauren mean by this fellow normiebots?
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I'm used goods, someone be my cuck provider
Why are women so entitled? As if anybody wants anything to do with that disgusting thing but fuck and dump
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>please don't waste my time
what do roasties mean by this
it feels as if it's meant to encourage something but I can bet 90% of guys after reading that go
>OK, won't waste your time then
and move on

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Ive finally broke r9k

>Get made fun of at new job every day for a few months
>cant sleep one night, thinking about my life
>come to the conclusion that giving a fuck about what other people think of me is fucking retarded
>start doing everything i want to do.
>being the personality I want to be
>Dressing like an autist for no other reason than to prove I can do whatever the fuck I want
>Just ignore everyone, even insult some of the kids that make fun of me
>gain a massive amount hatred for everyone around me and a massive amount of respect for myself

Am i mentally ill or red pilled?
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both, but you were already like this, you just stop being a coward that was afraid of peer pressure and social standards
hey dude normie here you're autistic as fuck and you're just being angry out of spite but meme images like yours are the only reason I still browse this board. thanks for the pic
>le "I don't care what other people think about me" maymay
classic sign of autism

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>work slavejob 8 hours a day
>finally come back home
>just stare at desktop for a few hours before going to sleep
Why am I like this
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Dancing Jew.gif
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Because goyim translates to cattle.
Because your job is so draining that all you can do is muster up the energy to shitpost on 4chan or maybe play a video game for 15 minutes before getting bored
I hope to never end up as pathetic as you OP. Thanks for giving me inspiration to do better in college.

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So im applying for amazon warehouse, anything i should prepare to keep my autism from spilling?
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Make it very clear that you're not going to steal products from them.
This. Make it extremely clear.
I've heard pretty bad things about those jobs. You are basically going to have to run from shelf to shelf at lighting speed to pick up all the goodies within a nearly impossible time. Good luck Anon

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>get into internet argument
>try to use sound logic and indisputable evidence to support my views
>other person just insults you and calls you names
>mfw he ends up winning and you're the fool
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it's worse if it's in a group chat like discord. you can strategize on 4chan.
>arguing with idiots online
Don't, they won't change their minds.

I know what you mean though. People don't care about facts and logic, they only care about charisma and posturing.

>get into internet argument

That was your first mistake.

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>reading great humiliation doujin
>suddenly BRRRRAAAAP

Fucking disgusting, boner ruined.
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>wants to be humiliated
>can't stand a little brappping
i feel humiliated reading any doujin
the girl pissing herself in the second one was alright, but farts ruin my mood. Same with shit.

Whoever I ask, everyone will say that death is good, a part of life and searching for a solution to it is wrong. Is everyone insane for wanting death? Or am I insane for still having my life preservation instinct?
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just be yourself paI.

Bumping in hope for an answer.
Most people think when they die they'll go to eternal paradise and live in a perfect world forever which helps. For others even total nothingness is more appealing than their current lives. It's normal to want a better existence.

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What first world problems are you experiencing /r9k/? I'll start.
>Going through my pants and I know I don't fit in size 32 and only fit in size 33
>Tossing 32s into a pile without a second thought and putting the 33s back in the laundry pile
>Find 32s that look suspiciously large and fit very well
>See that they are 32x32s
>mfw I have to go through all the 32s again to see of some are 32x32.
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>everyone here is too stupid for radical class politics and too content to burn DC and Wall Street
when revolution comes I will gladly help destroy the First World
I'm a giant lanklet and none of my pants fit right. Pants will have too big of a waist so I need a belt which folds the waistband and makes irritating pressure points, but the legs have plenty of room. Or the waist fits right but they're borderline skinny jeans.
I'm running a 10k on Sunday and have to wake up at 5am, but I'm having problems adjusting my sleep schedule and I keep waking up at 11.

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How's your day going anons?
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I joined a class to start writing the script to my videogame but instead I've been procrastinating all month long. How do I start anon I keep browsing for (you)s
I haven't gotten out of bed yet, but other than that not bad.
What kind of game anon? I've been trying to learn unity but I'm terrible at it.

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something is wrong with my dick.
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nah man just be confident and you'll be good
sure, cutting off the head of my dick might make me lose some sensitivity but i last alot longer! and it looks better!
What body part am I even fucking looking at?

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