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>25 yo girlfriend is infertile - born without a womb
>been dating for 3 years
>gets depressed about it from time to time
>tfw have to pretend to empathise with her
>mfw not having to worry about getting her pregnant
>mfw if this relationship goes further she'll never have her body ruined by pregnancy
>mfw she doesn't ever have a period and is regularly down to fuck

am i a badman
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More like lucky.
Just be prepared to give her some extra headpats, even when she denies it she'll feel down about it somewhat fierce at times.
sounds lucky to me
I wish I was you. Breeding is immoral (for me) but I still want love

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Fembots, what is your hair/eye color and what kind of panties do you like to wear?
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You tyrna make a pillow or something?
Any brown/brown/boyshorts god-tiers here? Hit me up fampai.
I'm blond. My eyes are blue and hazel, I have heterochromia.

I wear regular old panties, I like ones with cute designs. I don't own any thongs or lacy sexy underwear or anything different. I'm very vanilla when it comes to panties.

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Does /r9k/ have a big sister?
Do you like her? Does she like you? How does she treat you?
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she doesn't talk to me
Why not? Try talking to her.
>Does /r9k/ have a big sister?
I don't

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I love you, Chester Bennington.

Good bye.
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I hope people will now realize that he was easily the greatest rock vocalist of the 21st century.
The sun goes down
I feel the light betray me

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pre-2000s: married man who's wife is having sex with another man,
2010: man married or unmarried who willingly allows men to have sex with his female partner but can still refer to men who are being decieved
2014: man who is seen as spineless or otherwise easily pushed around by a woman
2015: see above, no extends to stepfathers for raising another man's child
2016: see above, now extends to men who have sex with non-virgins
2017: any man who is getting pussy with regularity because most of the women Chad lures tend to be sluts

When did "cuck" mutate into an excuse for being a filthy virgin?
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Around the time /r9k/ started using it
Men who get regular pussy are alpha. The weak beta needed some way to argue all the pussy the smash "doesn't count"
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Because the sex I'll be having with my wife once I find the right woman will eclipse the worn out holes of a few horny THOTs

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film night version 2 edition
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What is happening fellows?

- Gary
what movie are we watching, boys?

Film decider.

I'm voting for the cornetto trilogy tbqh lads.

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Post yfw you see someone making ramen the wrong way.
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muh chink noodles
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>he keeps a bowl on top of the radiator to heat it up
My mom taught me to put the cup ramen in the microwave. Didn't realize that you're not supposed to many years later

Can there be any doubt that there is an active psyops campaign taking place on 4chan to undermine the various redpill movements (anti-race mixing, pro-white, anti-feminist, etc.) that have found a home here? Until 2013 you never saw any of this. Since 2016, it has been out of control. Every day at the same times, you will notice the same threads (with minimal changes) are made, promoting cuckold fetishes, black on white sex, etc. I am close to leaving this place because I fear it is beginning to brain wash me.
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>sees trolls and shitposters posting the same things because its good at getting (You)s and making anons mad
>concludes it must be a conspiracy
I agree but what are you going to do? Disconnect from everything? Everywhere you turn it's in your face. I take it as a double edge
Ever since I've seen this shot I've steered clear of black guys. Every other boring white hussy is doing it so why should I?

If I got into the market, I'd full on press Asian Men/White Women instead because Asian Men are way more attractive then black guys.

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I feel like a starving lion without claws.
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fap to sexy hentai
stick larger and larger objects into your anus. Helps me!
It doesn't work anymore, i need the real thing

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*squeezes plunger*
>"mhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh.....well wagie, you see my time is truly my own, I can chose to purse the highest known pleasures known to mankind with no legal or economical ramifications from an overlord "boss" who can dictate what substances or mind altering experiences I chose to pursue...ahhhhhhhhh"
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all week you had to think about this and this is the best you can do
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This is /r9k/ and [s4s]' favorite face.

was learning webdev for awhile, didn't enjoy it, didn't want to learn new stuff, annoying, would rather do anything else. I might get back into it because I'm not far off from getting a junior position, I just don't think I want to do it long term.

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>stole my little niece's dirty panties to sniff and masturbate to
Am I a bad man?
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No. Compared to a lot of shit I hear about, that's pretty tame.
I stole my sister's clean panties and wore them.

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Does anyone else /liveatwork/?

>work for a startup with less than 10 people and too much funding
>work is at a coworking place called wework where they set up a building with office spaces
>kitchen has free coffee/beer/milk/etc
>each company gets their own private room, but hallways, kitchen, bathrooms are shared

>live 55 minutes away work, door to door
>morning commute is always terrible on the ny subway
>constant delays due to TRAIN TRAFFIC
>completely packed, have to stand up for almost entire time
>incredibly hot/humid summer weather
>no AC on platforms, barely any AC in the train
>show up at work looking like i've run a marathon

>shitty $450/month apartment's AC is broken
>infested rats and giant insects, landlord doesn't do anything
>in the middle of a bronx ghetto so there's nothing to do ever

>so I decide to sleep at work every other day
>perfect AC
>sleep in a single-person conference room, a bit small but /comfy/
>tinted glass so janitors can't see
>as much beer as I want on tap in the kitchen, even past midnight
>extra 50 minutes of sleep since commute is 30 seconds
>close to both brooklyn and midtown on the subway, so getting back after going out is easy

>only problem is no shower, which is why I go back every other day
>would get a gym membership here to use their showers if I was staying longer

so, anyone else /liveatwork/?
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I work from home so basically my office is my bedroom.
Imagine getting JEWED so much, you start living at your workplace
Jewgle figured this out quick. literally take care of all their employees needs so they dont ever have to leave

>t. ex-jewgler

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does jelquing works?

i wanna increase my girth
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Same here anon. Started doing jelqing excercises 2 days ago. While its probably just the initial swelling, Im up .2 inches in girth. Not bad.
>does jelquing works?

No you fucking dumbass
No, jelqing will just break your dick.

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*Judges you and makes a snide comment*
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*autistically looks down, walks away, and thinks about the encounter for hours afterwards*
*rubs her feet on your crotch*
*go home and ejaculate on a printed out picture of her*

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Stumbled across this the other day, thought you lads would enjoy.


They've discovered that women are drastically more sexually attracted to confrontational, aggressive, muscular, arrogant, socially respected, and traditionally masculine looking men when they're ovulating and at peak fertility. They're also more likely to cheat when ovulating.

It was also discovered that women actively PREFER men who are, or at least seem to be unfaithful during ovulation. For the rest of the time, they settle for beta males when their pussy & eggs are no good.

When will gender realism reach the mainstream? It's obvious women are dangerous and in need of control
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Stop. Men and women are equal and need not the other to control them.
That's the scariest part about liberals dude. Dissent is VERBOTEN.
Men and women are not equal, they complement each other.

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