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dick size is a meme, women won't give a shit as long as you have good looks.
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Hmm, so it's better to be a dicklet than a hairlet.
yeah just look like a model and dick size doesnt matter, that helps
Dick size doesn't matter you fucking loser

>List your fetishes
>Provide a photo (if legal!)
>traps / crossdressing
>exhibitionism (limited)
>scat / panty-pooping
>female weight gain

How far gone are you?
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I don't have any fetishes (originally)
What do you masturbate to primarily? Vanilla stuff?
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femdom (but not pegging)
soft femdom
jap girls

thats all, no pictures of my fetishes though

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Do any of you guys write poetry? Care to share? I will post mine in thread.
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I did not think it would end in this way
When I grabbed my ball and went out to play
I ran in the street for a pass that went far
Sadly for me, I did not see the car
So now I sit and lament and pray
Hoping my legs will soon work one day
>Dinner is Served

I cannot wait to eat
This delectable treat
My stomach is ready
For a plate of spaghetti
Topped with balls made from human meat
>Shit Water

Tim Horton's coffee
A double double I'm sold
Fuck! This shit is cold.

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Come share anything art or music related in the comfy arts and music thread or just share comfy pictures or feelings in general
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song I wrote a while ago

brony reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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reign in blood.jpg
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Whats /r9k/ listening to? Right now, I'm listening to all of the Slayer albums from oldest to newest. Currently at Reign in Blood.
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I'm listening to Frank Sinatra's greatest hits.
Truly the pinnacle of, dare I say it, all life in the universe.
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music is for normalfags normalfag
Good shit man, been listening to a ton of Slayer lately. Show no Mercy is quickly becoming my favorite of their albums, but Reign in Blood is some of the best metal out there.


I have teamed up with this pedo killing gook. He is already in Seoul, tracking down pedophiles as we speak, possible contacts with Mantras maybe taken hostage and/or interrogated before being handled by the proper authorities.
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Love his forehead.
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The hero we need finally

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so anons with sisters, how are they doing in life?
What do they think of you?
How is their emotional state?
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Both are mudsharks and both are doing better than me.
my sister is getting fatter and prospects more bleak
>so anons with sisters, how are they doing in life?
doing well in school, has a couple of friends but doesn't get out much
>What do they think of you?
i guess i'm sorta role model-ish for her. we're both interested in computers and shit like that but im a decade older than her so we don't have a really close relationship.
>How is their emotional state?
seems fine. she is listening to edgy shit and likes to drink though but i think that's just teenage angst.

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I have 2 gb of pictures, gifs and screenshots I autistically saved and its getting difficult to manage. How do you sort your meme folder robots?
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what's the, uh, story behind this photo?
If I recall, it was a highschool house party or something and the mom supported it, maybe even supported it (like bought alcohol). Anyway she hung out at the party and acted slutty (probably reliving youth) then got railed by a bunch of Chads and regretted it. Not sure if she claimed rape after.
not sure if this reply is bait but that picture is photoshopped you apes

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Why don't you look like this? This is literally three weeks of lifting and dieting.
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I really do not care about looking like that nor the diet nor the working out.
friendly reminder to anyone who wants to work out, you can never get that physique natty unless have jeff seid tier genetics and he probably does roids. set realistic goals or ull end up disappointing urself.
>three weeks
Try three years
Don't mistake me for a moron
I'm one year in

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How do I meet girls and start up conversations with them? I feel like unless I have some kind of 'in' with them already it's awkward as fuck to just approach them. Any tips? I don't feel like I'm completely terrible at conversations, and I see lots of really nice looking girls walking around my campus, I just have no idea how to approach them without feeling like a total creeper. Also I'm probably about a 5/10 if that's worth taking into account.
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get ripped and learn PUA tactics if you really want this

also, sauce on dat qt pls
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I'm in pretty much the same situation. I have no idea how to start a conversation or keep a relationship with someone. I don't think I've ever even approached someone like that, God knows what the hell to talk about.
I'm in the process of getting ripped. I'm already a friggin skeleton man so making gains is really what I wanna do. Also I don't wanna do that PUA shit.

Girl is here according to google https://twitter.com/augfrogg?lang=en

Pretty much. I have no idea how to start. I can keep relationships when I get them going, but up until this point in my life it's just been sheer chance that I even meet girls. I want to up my chances.

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Where's the best place to get some hot ass 2D pictures? I always see this stuff getting posted but I don't know where they find it. I don't mean doujin or hentai, just pics like these
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Gelbooru, also Mikoto best girl
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that's not how you spell misaki anon
Misaka for my heart, Kuroko for my dick

So why are slaves illegal again?
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Because people wrongly assumed the inferior races would be able to take care of themselves.
what's the snake going to do though
Because of evil whitey. When we wuz kangs we had tons of white slaves!

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How does one be a woman without incurring r9k's wrath?
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be empathetic and try to convince us you're a deviation from the norm by posting pics and opening a discussion, where we'll likely all decide you have many faults that you have that you aren't aware of/didn't realise you were doing. This will lead to two outcomes, you calling us all racists and nazis and sexists or you admit some faults and we'll admit ours, at the end of the day that path is a very uncertain one for any woman, and the likelihood of you being accepted here is really quite slim to non-existent.

However, if you were accepted as an equal and not a normie, and a decent person that isn't like 99% of women, you stand a small chance.
>post tits or gtfo
The only two choices.
r9k offers a morton's fork
try and help them and they'll hate you
don't be their emotional crutch and they'll hate you
just ignore it, they're suffering enough already

Don't make threads if you have a sub-70 IQ and use nighttime images when it's still broad daylight outside edition
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Bennis Mighty Bennis!
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>Told my parents I wanted to join the Army
who getting drunk here desusenpai?

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Do americans really not drink water because it 'tastes bad'?
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acually dere wuz a drowt soe deres nun lef

I know people who won't drink plain water because "it has no taste"
My mom drinks soda exclusively, but she wants to be thin and even had a liposuction 2 years ago. She gained all that weight back and is thinking about doing another surgery.

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