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I might be a woman but at least I dont want to fuck children
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please shower me with your hot piss
But do you want to have children though? If not you're just as bad as the people who want to fuck them.
How. Please explain the mental gymnastics.

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Anyone else lying outside looking at the night sky thinking about killing themself? Weekends are so fun
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> looking at the night sky
nice trees
sitting inside thinking about blowing all my savings so that when rent day comes around on thursday Im not able to pay it and seeing as how I have no job I just have to kill myself.

Only doing the latter.

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Get together to circlejerk about having right opinions I guess
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I'm like a mirror of you OP
AnCom I'm assuming?
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Fuck me... I'm as vanilla as it gets

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>been masturbating 5+ times a day for the last week
>wake up today
>can't even get hard
Did I break my dick?
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Ya you did. Gj m8
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I wish my dick would break

Lets me absolutely give up on ever being happy instead of this annoying hope
It'll be fine in 1-2 days or earlier.

I have heard that it's unhealthy to fap that much, so I would be careful if I were you.

>be half black, half white
>love black women, but they never loved me, always said I was too weird, a "lame", and that I wasn't thug enough for them, and that I "need Jesus"
>into weird shit like the occult, sci fi, fantasy, industrial music, anime, horror movies, etc
>end up playing games with some girl I came across on steam, she seemed real cool
>find out we like the same stuff, get along very well, didn't exchange photos yet
>ask if she's a black alternative type
>says she is
>"omg this is it..."
>arrange a meetup to see each other for the first time
>I show up, I see no black girls anywhere though
>some white girl out of nowhere says hi and starts squealing, runs up to me hugging me, says I'm better looking than she expected
>I find out she's from Russia, and that when I asked if she was black she thought I was asking if she was dark/morbid

Wtf do I do now? I didn't want a damn white girl. I wanted a Black queen. This goes against all that I stand for.

pic related, her face looks similar to this and she's some goth alternative type
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lol try to accept your new fate bruh
how? I feel like this is so damn unfair, I'd treat a black woman like gold, but they want thugs, and instead the only girl who really likes me a lot is white, I mean yeah she's Russian but they can't be that different from white girls here right?
I'd take it, she sounds cool and I have yet to find a cool "black queen" but white chicks much more diverse and fun. Good luck anon.

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I ignore and reject girls and it always feels really good in the moment when I do. I honestly hate this about myself and I want to change, can someone tell me why I do this? Please I don't want to be alone forever
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Don't trust them OP. I'm the same as you and I've met the one girl I've made an exception to. Idk how it happened but it did. Don't trust them hoes
don't let these hoes get in your head
Keep rejecting them, women deserve to be heartbroken.

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People are of course, frustrated, as they always are.

This has been your political news update for today. You can print it out and read it every day for the next 8 years and always be up to date on current events, no internet connection required!
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that pussy would look 100x better with some hair
I don't know how to deal with my attraction to the opposite sex anymore. It just brings me pain.

her lower body is perfect, I want to lick everything.

fuck you it's perfect

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I don't have any friends, because they all leave due to my mental illness. Does anyone want to be my friend? I can be useful sometimes.
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I don't want to be friends with someone who has a mental illness.
I'm in the same boat, anon. The world isn't built for people like us, but maybe we could stick up for each other.
What is your illness?
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Why not? Give me a chance, and you might end up liking me.

A mix of things, if you'd like to talk further you could email me!

[email protected]

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Remember, you're anonymous.

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We don't hate women we are jealous of them and want them to check their privilege.

Also, because you made me waste my time clicking that, I won't take it.
>because you made me waste my time clicking that, I won't take it
Who's "we"? Fuck you. Nice Reddit spacing. Fag.

Why haven't you tried bettering yourself, /r9k/? Don't you know that all that negativity and self pity is what's destroying you?

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>get into working out
>stop eating junk-food and drinking pop
>work outside a lot more
>get my learners permit
>start hating myself even more instead of feeling self-pity

great advice.
>god bless you
dropped immediately
>start hating myself
Over what?

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Procreating, and proving enough resources to raise your off spring thr next generation to be productive members of society that carry on your principles therefore implementing your ideals into the culture to create the society you want as a whole and their kids doing the same. To have this and your genetic lineage be fruitful and a lasting remaining evidence you existed and exist through them still on this planet. To reach the stars and beyond and colonize other planets and spread all over all whilst bettering the civilization and humanity in one way or another.
That is the true meaning of life.

Not cuckolding and being a genetic dead end.
Not going mgtow and being a genetic dead end.
Not being a a sissy trap.

If you have to beat your woman into submission so be it, But prosper.
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You sound like a fucking moron. "Reach the stars" I bet you don't know the first fucking thing about space travel, sustainability, cryonics, astrophysics, not jack shit. You just think with your prick.
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>That is the true meaning of life.

No, it's not. None of that is meaningful is any degree. Why give a shit about space, colonization or having kids? Sounds like another distraction on the way to the grave
I don't have to know shit about it to know terraforming and colonizing mars is possible. Your autism is showing.

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You guys ever fap to furry porn?
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That's all I fap to anymore
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>have fapped solely to furry porn for years
>tfw still not a furry
Once. Couldn't really get off to it.

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>femanons complain about being alone
>try to find out what their problem is
>turns out they're just really picky
Why do robots like flirting with these emotional leeches?
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False hope, for the most part.
Hiding power levels in public too.
>Why do robots like flirting with these emotional leeches?

to try and ruin their self esteem

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ITT you name my custom plate
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Vidya is for childs


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This natural speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular constantly making the same way the brain cells, consumption of beer eliminates the slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, we all know, kills off brain cells, consumption of beer eliminates the herd as a whole, because the slowest brain cells, consumption is good for the back that are kills off brain a fast as the weakest ones at the human brain can only as faster and when the slowest and more efficient machine.
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stop shitposting pointless thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Umm, I don't do that? Sorry?
then what's the point of this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tell me. u cant cuz there is none...

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