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So the messy ponytail is obvious the S tier female hairstyle. Lets work our way down, whats A tier?

Note: nothing is higher than S
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Mmmm messy bun is tied with messy ponytail for me
I love it when girls do cute things with their hair
>tfw no fashionable gf
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>you will never grab a girl by the hair and have her lean to you for a kiss.

Is Dr.Breen a Jew
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Never understood the mindset of this character? What did he really gain by selling out the entire human species? Yeah he was made Administrator of the Earth and he worked in a comfy skyscraper but everyone hated him and he didn't seem to have any friends.
maybe everyone hated him and he didn't have any friends anyway m8
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Dr. Breen solely negotiated with the Universal Union, not out of a lust for power, but simply because he wanted to preserve Humanity one way or another. If it was possible for him to show the Universal Union that Humans weren't just savage animals, they'd enlighten us and begin an "evolutionary leap" where we ascend and leave our petty disagreements behind.

However, Gordon Freeman posed a threat to this, and the spike in Resistance rendered Breen's attempts futile.

He truly dindu nuffin. The Lambda Resistance will never able to create a proper Civilization, as there's nothing stopping the true might of the Combine to come through, therefore Gordon and his buddies just doomed Humanity as we know it.

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Manlet feels

>Be 5'9 king of the manlet
>At take out joint to pick up some food
>Two cute blonds walk in behind me
>Shorter one whispers "He's pretty cute"
>Other one says "Nah only guys that are at least 6 feet"
>They giggle to each other and I just pay my bill and leave

This literally just happened an hour ago. I should have turned around and shoved my boot in her cunt. Fuck this gay earth. I honestly thought this shit was a meme but nope. Way to ruin my day you cackling bitches.
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Forget those roasties, anon
How tall were the girls tho

Yeah I'm going to


About 5'7 and 5'4

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Not kidding. Really happened.


>The man accused of launching a knife attack has been identified as a former student at Transylvania University. Online writings posted to the suspect's social media indicate he was strongly opposed to what he believed was the school's liberal position.

>Police tell LEX 18 that Mitchell Adkins entered Jazzman's Cafe on campus armed with a machete and a bag full of knives shortly before 9 a.m. Friday.

>Witnesses said he yelled, "The day of reckoning is here!"

tl;dr he asked random girls if they were republicans. if they said yes, they were safe; if they didn't, he stabbed them.

total score: 0
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Look at this dumbass. What did he think he was going to accomplish? Who goes this far for a stupid meme for anonymous posters?
>tl;dr he asked random girls if they were republicans. if they said yes, they were safe; if they didn't, he stabbed them.

That strategy doesn't seem like it would work for very long. I mean after they catch on to the fact that he's only stabbing people who say they're liberals they would just like and say they were republicans. /pol/tards are the least intelligent people on the planet so I guess it's to be expected.
OMG could you imagine this guy in a right wing death squad, im literally shaking.

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How do you feel about not being born Chad?
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how do you feel about being born?
I don't care. What bothers me much more is not being born able to socialize normally. I just want a friend and a life.
Miserable. I wish it had never happened so I wouldn't have to suffer through this life. It feels like I'm here to sit on the outside looking.in

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>select "I'm not a robot"

>am, in fact, a robot

feels bad, man
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nice one friendo, I've never seen this joke been made here before!
thanks, friend! you're welcome to use it if you want. go ahead and save it, it's all yours!
Wow! This really made me xD!

Im gonna post this on /r/4chan!

>who let the white boy in?
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oh hey jamal did
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no thanks. I saw a gym girl with hot spandex today. Glanced at her arm tattoo and boner went away. It was like she disappeared.
Why do so many girls have to have them now?
They just ruin it for me.

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>anon are you eating your donute with a FORK?!?!??
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Do you have bulimia m'lady?
Where does Gettyimages find all these qts?

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What's up /r9k/

I just recorded a song dedicated to a femanon(male) I fell in love with...
You know who you are

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god bless your autism anon
bumping for quality OC
You can say Nigger on 4chan, anon.

Who the fuck is Mackenzie Becket?

I concluded she is a fucking turbo roastie, but why is she posting eggman on her Instagram? And why is she posting pretentious "wee wee i'm so lonely" videos on her YouTube channel where she also posts videos where she is getting gangbanged by niggers? Also why is she posting comments on lesser known YouTubers' videos like Andreas Peahc?



Maybe I'm just out of the loop here, but what's going on?
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>Maybe I'm just out of the loop here, but what's going on?

re-read what you posted above the instagram link.

Mack is saint. You're just a butt hurt sperg that got roasted in the youtube comment section.
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>falling for the Mankenzie meme

Just another tranny attention whore using based eggman for "her" own gain. Disregard and call him mentally ill when possible.

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>get match on tinder
>it's a retarded girl
>she's down to fuck

S-s-should I do it? I'm 21 KV with mental illness.
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9 more years and you'll be free
Wouldn't that technically be rape?
Do it you queero crypto fago lord bucket.

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>cartoon villain begins to sing about his evil plans
>accompanied by jewish music
Why is this?
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So what's jewish music?
Jewish themed/Jewish sounding music
OK like fiddler on the roof? Barbara Streisand in Hello Dolly?

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Anyone else just feel an intense hatred towards other people in social situations? It's like I get really scared and then I blame it on all the people in the room and I hate them. I get really violent thoughts like, "fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you". It also leads me to be really judgmental to people. Probably why I have no friends or gee eff.
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if you violently hate the people around you, then you're a normie but on the goth spectrum.

Fear is legitimate robot behavior though.
Bump because I'm the same and I don't like it. Also having the same feelings as a tripfaggot makes me even angrier
Noz v grba

>my friend is being mean to me again
It hurts so much.
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he's not your friend

orignial commentaof

Sorry anon. What's on your mind?
Its because your a bad friend

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>Ate bacon toast for breakfast (fry toast with bacon, add brown sugar and vanilla)
>Ate a large double quarter pounder meal for lunch (2640 calories on the menu)
>Soda, beer and 24 boneless wings for dinner (12 Asian Zing, 12 Wild. From Bdubs)

Should I kill myself?
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Yes. You ginormous hippo.
No it's ok. Even if you were skinny you still wouldn't get friends or a gf. Don't fall for the self improvement meme like I did. Eat what you want and don't think about it
>2 eggs fried in old fat
>a donut
>a cheesy potato burrito from taco bell
>a nacho cheese chalupa with sour cream from taco bell
>a large fountain pepsi
>a bowl of imitation crab meat with hot pepper and molases for dinner

Today was full day of garbage for me too. I hate myself.

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