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Jerk off with lemon juice to dissolve the toothpaste mint.
hahahaha you fucked up

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Why are you not in the military?

it WILL fix all your issues.
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And replace them with different ones.
Gee, thanks
Yeah, we'll be dead


Military recruiters please go.

Can we talk in this thread like we are normal?
I mean a normal people conversation.
Like we were friends.

Hi, anon! You are late... Anything happen?
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Hahaha no I was just held up by traffic. How are you? Can I grab a beer?
Sorry bro, I just want to fucking kill myself again

Do qt Lesbian couples have it best?

>Don't have to deal with penises
>Both members of the relationship are pretty girls
>Since they're both women, they'll understand each other better
>Their sexual moods will match up much better than a Male/Female couple

I wish I was female so fuckin badly
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lesbians beat the shit out of each other

I seent it
and they can still suck a chad's dick together every now and then
>generalizations are always true!

>pubes are getting to the point of taking 30 minutes to shave
>dont want to do it because it will take too long
>tfw no smooth bepis
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Sounds like someone's hitting puberty, you underage faggot
is it gay if i want to lick that photo
>tfw hydrocele testis
>tfw shaving only makes it more obvious
>tfw stuck with a gross bush my whole life

Robots, I need your help.
I'll start off with the most important info. I am 17. Go ahead and call mods on me but first please hear me out. Obviously if I'm here I'm depressed out of my fucking mind and I've tried killing myself several times but I just pussied out. The only lowkey good thing in my life is my computer, but my parents recently limited me to 9 hours per WEEK. (Keep in mind they know about my depression, and that the only thing that makes me happy is my computer, but they don't know about my suicide attempts. Total faggots.) I know some of you have been in my shoes. I seriously only need some tips of how can I get them to leave me the fuck alone on my pc. I can't even slide it as an abuse because they never hit me either. Yes, I know I should be happy I get shelter and food for free. I even tried paying him incase it was electricity bills problems, but he refused my money and forced me to work if I wanted to keep on using my computer. Please help me the fuck out, I don't know what to do anymore... I know some of you must've went through this, Please.
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Terrible feel, my mommy did the same thing when I was underage. 2 things worked.

Telling her like it is, she pitied me and let me stay online. Just tell them straight out, I've got nothing else that I enjoy doing, I feel miserable enough as it is, basically begging.

If that didn't work I'd throw massive autistic fits. Fucking screaming all over the place, stomping. Clinging onto the couch trying to reach the router, mommy pulling me by my legs. It's about survival.
Honestly knowing them, if I threw a tantrum they'd just sell it, and if I outright told them they'd just send me to rehab or some shit and then I'd lose my head completely, thanks for your answer though, anon.
>I even tried paying him incase it was electricity bills problems, but he refused my money and forced me to work if I wanted to keep on using my computer.

Use money, buy laptop, tell nobody. Problem solved.

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Can we get a good old fashioned robot hate thread going? How is it even possible to be as pathetic as the retards that post here? How are any of you even alive?
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Robots are full of hatred and resentment the world would be better without them
There's like 4 real robots left on this board.
Well those four need to leave. The rest of us need to maintain a healthy resentment for them and their shitty mentality.

I'm with my feminazi sister right now. She's saying men are more likely to murder, be more extreme in domestic abuse cases, etc. Hmu with some statistics so I can fight back.
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why not just beat her until she says she's wrong?
that's what i do and it's never failed me
You're a fucking retard, if you don't know any stats to back up your anti feminist ideas and your sister is beating you in an argument about feminism you should lose it and do some actual research rather then relying on r9k for your thoughts.
Beat her up and say "Shit, you were right!"

I found a lemon in the river today

Today was a good day
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put it back tyrone
I don't know why I kek'd but I did
That's a very nice and clean lemon Anon, you should make a good lemon drink or something like that.
Keep up having a great day my internet friend and stay healthy \0/

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I put my 2 weeks in at my wagecuck job today, I have an okay car, $16k in the bank and a desire to see the world and get the fuck out of my small shit town

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How long did it take u to build that 16k anon
i want to do the same thing but im scared
i have like 20k ive saved. but where will you go? just drive to some new place, not knowing anyone, not knowing where to go, having no where to sleep? it seems so stressful. and what happens when the money runs out?
Godspeed anon. also:
you gonna live in tent + stove? damn that's my dream. then travel someplace else and repeat

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Seriously dating a single mom is ONLY acceptable if her previous man died in an accident or succumbed to a disease.

Prove me wrong
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Personally I would never do it.

Used goods
Or if that pussy game b too good bruh js
I've been married to a single mom whose partner left her for another woman for five years now and we're doing fine.

Consider yourself proven wrong.

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Fembots, honest question and I'm really not trolling.

Why don't you all just become sluts?

If sex is so good for women, if your orgasms are so much better than ours, if you like all the crazy fantasies you talk about on here like rape and feeling used and stuff. Then why aren't you into being a slut?
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Too ugly and mentally ill to become a slut.
>Being a robot

Pick one. Fembots don't exist. All women are sluts period. Women can get sex and companionship literally at a drop of a hat. They only don't want to because the man isn't Chad.

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How do you feel about girls with flat or inverted nipples, /r9k/?
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goddess tier
giant pink cow teats

high tier
inverted nipples with large areolae
big dark nipples

whatever tier
normal nipples with large bumpy areolae

absolute plebian tier
tiny pink nipples (basic as FUCK)
This don't matter. None of this matters.
i do not care
put them all on my face

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happy .png
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>A white woman just got her head stomped in by a nigger somewhere
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You just made my day anon
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That'll show her!

MAYBE next time she'll do research on a guy before letting him violently jam his shitdick up inside her?
Why do niggers always gang up on one person?

>it's a get horny and want to be insulted episode
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you fucking people make me sick
its a hate (OP) but still bump his thread episode
That's very odd.

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