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ITT: Post your MBTI and a song you really like.

I'll start;

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>tell test you're X
>test tells you you're X


fuckin' morans.

pic related
INTP https://youtu.be/LVGCh6Ek0Ko

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hi,my name nick siggers i want to be friends with you guys,so....how are you guys doing ? :)
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Welcome, sick niggers
get a nose job, invest in a hair stylist
just got back from lunch with a friend so its been good so far

who else stopped watching tv programs, movies (at home or at the cinema), and playing video games after they lost all of their friends on account of autism
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imageboards for life, famicom. I don't have the attention span for anything else
OP that is a serious original doggo, do you have some more?
>who else stopped watching tv programs, movies

> and playing video games after they lost all of their friends on account of autism
Not me.


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>Have the hots for my buddy's girlfriend, let's call her Stacy
>We all work together at local gym/swim club
>Have absolutely massive piss fetish
>Not being pissed on, or peeing on others, just the sound of a girl peeing, that's my thing
>Me and girl have break together, I stake out in the women's bathroom knowing that eventually she'll come in
>She does, sits in the stall next to me, goes pee
>Dick is diamonds
>She looks down and I guess recognizes my shoes
>"A-anon? Why are you in here?!"
>Remember that she's a massive liberal, always talking about equal rights, bitches about trump daily
>Fake a little whimper and say "I'm so sorry Stacy I'm not a creep I promise I just...well I just don't feel like a guy and it makes me feel better to use this bathroom" etc etc
>Stacy buys it, apologizes for yelling at me, says she had no idea
>She gives me her number tells me to text her
>I do, she asks a shit ton of questions I really don't have the answer to , so I fake a lot
>Tell her I prefer the name Claire and she/her pronouns
>She calls me this stuff at WORK, a lot of people think I'm trans now, terrified that my parents will find out and either flip or go full-acceptance mode
>Can't tell them I just wanted to hear a girl pee

But on the positive side, she lets me watch her change in the locker room, and she touches and hugs me a lot cuz I'm just a "girl" to her
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Living the dream. Good job OP
It's pretty neat desu
you're living in an adult sitcom

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ITT good 4chan feels

>when someone quotes your post as '/thread' or 'FPBP'
>when a repeated ironic shitposting thread some autist keeps trying to force is deleted everytime you report it
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>When you make a long ass post explaining your views on the OP and the entire thread revolves around your discussion point with most people agreeing with you
>When people thank you for checking their numbers
>When you post an oldfag meme and people reply with something along the lines of "that takes me back"
No better feel
Good posting etiquette m'gentleman

>when someone posts an image you lost when your old HDD crashed
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laughing dog.png
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>When someone responds positively to your lewd post and it leads into fetishposting

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>tfw I unironically think this song is a brilliant piece of satire, but I can't show it to anybody without revealing my power level

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protip: it isn't satire

I made the British Moonman and I genuinely hate niggers
But I mean, the lyrics are genius. They're seriously fantastic, but because of what they're about, I can't show people how great it is.
Moonman defeats the purpose of racism. Hitler literally gassed anyone who made jazz music or anything else derived from nigger culture. Spreading racism through rap music is admitting defeat. Calling it satire is a cope

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Well? Share your thoughts
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My thoughts are this gif is revolting

Does that mean I'm gay? She's hideous
Is this Taeler Hendrix?

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Where are you cute Vietnamese boy? I wanted to talk to you again on Discord but I couldn't find you. I really like you so please respond m8
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I've never came to /r9k/ before, until the board mergers. I have a question. Why is this board so gay? It's gayer than fit.
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>Why is this board so gay? It's gayer than fit.
this is a gay board
I don't understand why people ask that question
It's because no gf the turns them prison gay when the should be turning to the rope.

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Do people ask directions from other people just to fuck with them? I left the house for the first time in a month today and some guy asked me for directions. I didn't know but I gave him a hunch (which was wrong) and the he corrected me. Then I realized I knew where he wanted to go and apologized profusely and gave him more correct directions. He walked away with a weird smug look on face.

Why am I such an obvious target for normalfag torment?
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normalfag: 1
robot: 0

you should be ashamed
Why not just say "I don't fucking know." and keep moving on?

Who is anyone to stop you to bother you?
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I'm a very submissive/beta personality and pretty much every social interaction I find myself in I'm immediately overcome with fear

Why are non mentally-ill heterosexuals the greatest?
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is that pastor steven anderson?
take the semen out of your eyes, or invest in LASIK
>take the semen out of your eyes, or invest in LASIK

was this supposed to be funny/clever?

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sup robots. I used to come here a lot as a teen. God that was like 10 years ago, fuck (I go on /ck/ now).

so i have this roommate. we moved in together a year ago. she's kinda awkward and weird but hey so am i, that's why we're friends. I want your opinions because I've lost all sense of reality regarding this situation

>move into apartment
>she starts following me around like a lil puppy
>room to room, sitting and watching TV, working at the kitchen table, making coffee, going out to the store, etc
>figure she's not sure what to do with herself when we're between jobs
>both girls btw
>she keeps doing it, copies everything i do
>paraphrases everything I say after I say it
>never ever disagrees with anything i say
>changes her opinions if mine are different
>talks about getting my haircut
>copies my god damn body language
>when i apply for a job she applies for it too
>we end up with the same job
>she wants to work with me all the time
>i'm more qualified so I get more shifts lol
>she gets upset and takes it personally

>after a while I notice and it creeps me the fuck out
>i can't not notice her copying everything and it drives me insane
>start hiding in my room, avoiding her
>she starts hiding in her room a lot too, of course
>but she doesn't know what I'm doing in my room so I guess she didn't do anything
>asks me if we can spend more time together bc she "needs attention"
>i feel responsible for her mental health
>not sure if I'm a terrible person for resenting her for being immature and needy
>I can't relax around her because I'm acutely aware of everything I do and everything she copies me doing
>She ends up really upset because things that work for me don't work for her when she does them
>complains to other friends about me
>seems like she's trying to make me jealous by going out with her friends without inviting me
>lol house to myself for an afternoon, noice

literally what is this behaviour???

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Tell her to kill herself since she can't develop her own personality.
>literally what is this behaviour???
Borderline Personality Disorder. If you see it, run.

Sounds like she might be an alien trying to adapt to human customs. I think it's best to subtly encourage her to be more independent, even if it's only going out with other friends passive-aggressively, so that she'll b able to experience and integrate a wider range of human behaviors. Try to avoid confronting her directly or pissing her off more than necessary, though, since she might have the power to have our entire species destroyed.

Also post a pic of her.

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>h-hi anon
>i've always liked you.. so, do you..
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no, the answer is no. original
not into horse faces honey.
you know , i wasnt going to ask at all but what the fuck is going on with your legs girl?

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youre going to tickle my feet with a feather o
L o l

What game op
Not OP but the game is conan exiles

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>Don't be shy, Anon! You can come closer if you'd like!
>We're both guys, it's okay to get like this in front of each other!

What do you do?
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>What do you do?

Eat my ass out
Is this a Skyrim mod?
s-sorry I won't fuck anyone who looks like that

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So how often does the average robot shower or bathe? I have to admit I sometimes skip days on the weekend.
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5-7 days a week

also does anyone else sit in the shower?
After i fap. So every day usually.
>tfw NBA-tier lanklet and can't sit anymore
Just fucking kill me.

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