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Dear Anna,

Things simply aren't the same without you.

I miss you. I'm sure you don't miss me though.
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I know you're bummed about being sent to Guangzhou to live with your grandparents, but it's going to be nice; you'll meet a lot of interesting people and learn to live a little. Remember to shake your grandparents' hands and greet them by bowing in humble gratitude. It's all for your own good, Champ.


Grill yourself you cheating whore

I hate you

Die die die die die die


With love
why was he or she forced into this?

Its that time again to go and hug your family and post the results below.
have any family issues? talk about them below
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These threads make me uncomfortable
yeah, I feel sorry for the family for getting constant hugs
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>delicate, draws sustenance solely from onii-chan's attention and love
And his protein-rich spunk, most likely.

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Why aren't you importing a third world waifu and pumping her full of babies?
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Got anymore of her or other brown qts, OP??

Leave our women alone you Chads reeeeeeee
Indian/Arab should be a rank below third world if third world is considered developing.

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Post your class photo and find anon.
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I skipped them, sorry.
same. I don't want people to remember me, not that they would.
is this the special ed photo, all of them look er... special.

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Why is reddit so fucking easy to hate?
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that woman is stronger than me and that fag put together
it seems like reddit is way more positive and happy but in the wierd and sickening way because if that post was made here most of the posters would probably call him a beta for needing help from a woman witch makes since because that is really pathetic that your so stupid you dont even look up on how to tie a tie before an interview
why do so many americans not know how to tie a tie? is it because they don't have school uniforms?

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Mark your property
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is that a hicky?
No anon there called breasts
But you've probably never seen them before

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Welp it's my birthday and I'm now a 24 year old khv shut in with no friends.
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Happy birthday anon, from me to you
Happy birthday anon. I hope everything is going alright.

Hope this isn't too cheesy!

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>therapist asks how often I jack off
>daily, multiple times
>tells me to try going 5 days without jacking off and to start having sex with my girlfriend more

I have the most fucking normie therapist alive, holy shit
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If you have a girlfriend then you are a normie, unless you're implying that the therapist is assuming you have a gf.
what are you going to the therapist for?
oh i was repeatedly raped by my mother's black boyfriend as a kid, and now i'm kind of afraid of black people

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Groups define society.

What defines many of us is that we are not in a group. If we get together in real life, make a psuedo-fraternity, encourage ourselves, improve ourselves we could transform into a group to be reckoned with
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We do, it's called /o/ meets.
but thats auto, I dont know anything about cars besides driving manual
They do all the time, it's called D&D.

What are my chances of reincarnating as a cute japanese girl if I an hero myself?
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Zero. Reincarnation and the afterlife as a whole is a meme. You're stuck in that body.
not very good, everyone wants to be reborn japanese and the japanese aren't making very many babies.
So wrong I don't know where to begin. All I'll say is, I was definitely incarnated into the wrong body, and am looking to get out.

twitch tv yourspecialfriend2 This fucking rat faced downie will sing any song you want it doesn't matter any topic
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I want him to be my b
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fugg he's actually bretty gud famalams
I know daddy-o

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Who /pieceofshitalcoholic/ here?

>fucked my friends mom over the weekend
>kissed another friends girlfriend while everyone was in another room
>made another friends girlfriend suck my unwashed dick while he was passed out on the couch
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really living the high life there aren't ya
get the fuck out i wont repeat myself
Wow, Michael J Fox sure has let himself go.

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>be me
>senior year of HS
>second to last last week of HS (thank God)
>at the time I was obsessed with romantic genre media
>decided it was the best time to ask oneitis out
>after class I wanted to show her something (we were friends at the time)
>once we were there she was confused
>"What was it that you wanted me to see, Anon?"
>place my finger on her lips
>"Shhh, please don't speak. It'll be harder for me to confess."
>as she looks at me with disgust, I grabbed her chin so I can make my move
>she slapped my hand away from her and ran away from me as fast as she could
>felt so devastated to the point where I skipped my final week of school

I fucking hate myself.
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Text. I hated myself for the rest of the school year, skipped pictures and graduation.
I mean, you did a shitty job of confessing your love. You didn't need to touch either, my guy.
By the lockers

Said yes

Plans fell out, she rejected me next time
Lets go college!

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why do i have to work, i hate working its ruining my life. im so tired and unhappy all the time.
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Are you getting plenty of sleep?
i barely sleep at all, its horrible
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What do you do for a living anon?


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