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>Thursday Night /drinking/

Hallo lados how's it going tonighto?
Hope your all having a damn fine night.
What y'all drinking this evening?

>just another thread for alcoholics.
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Its 8am and Im finishing my beer. Really want to smoke a cig but not sure if I should do it
I've got some old Crown Royal Apple. Only a 35%, but itll be enough to help me sleep.
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The cheapest vodka my roomate could buy (20yo myself) mixed with san pellegrino. Its actually a real nice drink.

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To any robots that drive:
>Do you ever just feel the urge to just swerve the wheel as you are driving and purposefully crash and die?
>Almost every day I get that thought in my head sometimes for a second and sometimes its kinda hard to resist
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i ask myself every day on my drive would happen if i didn't turn the wheel in a particular sharp turn in the road and just floored it straight ahead at 90 instead
get the same thing when riding my motorbike. sometimes get the urge to just lean back and fall off. really fucking weird and i dont know why I get it
Sometimes I do shit like trying to do the quadratic formula in my head while driving, because I don't care either way what happens

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How do you make a move on a girl in the first few days of class? I always just go and sit with my friends instead because going and sitting next to a girl randomly is kind of weird.
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Be a Chad?
Wrong board to be asking this on bud.

Chad can use any approach and it will work for him because girls are naturally attracted to him.
If you're ugly its the exact opposite. Its just different ways she'll find you a creep.
>going out of your way to disturb a student from paying attention to the lecture


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Anyone else have a bad day again?
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Yeah, but it's entirely my fault.
If I watch a movie that has a cute female lead or lots of feelings of nostalgia I instantly get depressed.
Yes, I decided to see what my classmates were up to (recently graduated) so I went on twitter and what I found disgusted me. Normies, normies everywhere. This black guy who told me I would shoot up the school had a hot white girl friend. So it was TERRIBLE.
Everyday is a bad day

Oldfags of /r9k/ with a busy schedule and real problems:

How many hours do you sleep now that you're an adult? Is sleeping too much a waste of time?
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>How many hours do you sleep now that you're an adult?
6-8 hours usually. More if I stay up late and get woken up by noise in the morning, later if I got to bed eariler, no alarm and no noises.

>Is sleeping too much a waste of time?
No, sleep is good, get as much as you can. What does feel like a waste of time is laying around in bed after you woken up and aren't falling back asleep. I learned to just get out of bed, do some stretching and deep breathing and get on with the day.

Also related: Coffee is good. Regular coffee once or twice a day is fine, as long as its before 6pm. Coffee is actually healthy for you in moderation. Too much though, especially espresso, and you end up with diarrhea.
>Too much though, especially espresso, and you end up with diarrhea
t. anti espresso advocate
usually sleep between 5.5 to 7
that reminds me i gott wake up to do my wagie routine in the morning. goodnight internet.

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I'm so fucking weird and ugly.
What do I do?
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Well clearly not another person
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How can OP ever recover?
>I'm so fucking weird and ugly.
>What do I do?
Dumb sissy ugly boi.

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Why do guys do this stuff?
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Pretty sure they don't
i think he means why would anyone do this and honestly i have no idea they can't be enjoying it. it looks like only agony
He has a smile on his face

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What does it mean to be in love
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I thought it was man hovering his asshole above his child
Even though this is at least the second time I saw this picture, I cant get over the fact that his head looks like a hairy butt
To not be ugly, and have your partner not be ugly.

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Y'all ever ding dong dick someone?
>find house with mail slot
>stick erect penor through slot
>ring doorbell
>person gets to door and sees dick
>run away giggling like lunatic
>pray they never have pets
>pray they never grab dick
>pray they never are holding knives prior
>conceal identity with mask or bandana
>expert insane mode is cumming through it before they get to door
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>>pray they never have pets
>>pray they never grab dick
>>pray they never are holding knives prior
God hates doorfuckers
Are mail slots a white thing? I've never seen a house with one.
They're an archaic old-house thing

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What is the psychology behind women finding men who can sing attractive?
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It's because music is fundamentally a male hobby and like every male group women infiltrate it for resources and attention. Singers are the most recognisable people in music and have some of the highest social status in their groups
also to add to this singing is basically a mating call among humans

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>you will never be this operator
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FTFY schloobie
looks like some AR carbine
looks like a fucking pussy

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Who here /a creep/?

How do you live with yourself? I too am a creep, big time. I've done a lot of messed up things that I'm not proud of. Wondering how my fellow self aware creeps live with themselves.
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>I've done a lot of messed up things
What are you waiting for?
I used to let that stuff haunt me (I used to masturbate in class while in highschool while staring at my crash, for example). Got caught, and they forced me to homeschool.

15 years later, realizing that women are just giant whores who only get creeped out because I was not hot, I just stopped giving a fuck. To this day, I sometimes lick my lips in front of qt girls while they pass buy.

I aint gonna get laid anyway, might as well make the most of it.
I take creepshots occasionally, but they're not great. Also jack off on Omegle, I guess that's creepy

Any other robots find this scene really hot? When that alien farts a Jar Jar, it looks so feminine and sexy. Like, the way it farts and turns to him to flaunt it. Like it's inviting him to get closer for the next one.
When I first watched this movie I was very young but I have masturbated to this scene so many times.
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u have icky grossness in your brain op. never post this again
don't kink shame me just because you are not on my level
I know what you mean. I had my first fap to the hippo ballerinas in Fantasia when I was a kid. Couldn't even cum but it felt good so I did it. That scene still gets me hard

Floyd Mayweather: the small dicked black boi. Boxes to compensate for his small penis
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Black sissy.jpg
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BBC is just a meme in reality the only things black have is a TBC
tiny black cock
Hahaha that guy is like 75% white, hence the mental illness.
And small penis.

The weekend starts here edition
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Finally, a thread to myself
How do you choose a team to support for yank sports?
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Waiting for dad to leave for work so I can finish waning to trans girls on chaturbate and eat some toast

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