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>tfw play games at 24
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It's ok to do that if you've built something, but if you're 24 years old and fucking off while you've got real goals in your brain, you're in trouble and need to sort out your life.
I think the problem here is that your playing Maplestory out of all things.
pic isn't me, but i used to

In what ways has life fucked you over, Anon?
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I was born lazy
Basically actually simply hoping to be original this post here.
Take adderall. Works wonders.

Nofap works. Do nofap. Nofap works. Do nofap. No fap works. Do nofap. Nofap works. Do nofap.
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>long scholong
So close
I was going to stop masturbating, but then OP posted a big nice yummy white dick
what exactly is nofap the silver bullet for?

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Should I send my boyfriend nudes? I am leaning towards no because he will be my ex one day and who knows how vindictive he can be. At the same time, I want to send him sexy snaps because we don't live that close to each other :(
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Toss a coin and call heads
idk it depends
i never shown any of my exes naked pics to anyone else
but i have some friends who showed me some pics of there exes
send him sexy snaps but not naked stuff
Pls no u shouldn't it's degrading :(

8% of white males are colorblind, and 40% of them don't know it.

With 8% colorblind, many of you are. Share how this makes you feel.

Color blindness test. If you see the number "21," you're colorblind.
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It's actually "If you don't see the number "21", you're colorblind."
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This is what colorblind people see.

This is a troll.
I should say red/green colorblind

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Was wondering what you guys think of hiring a hooker to get rid of the virgin stigma and possibly to get into a better place in life through some unforeseen changes afterwards. Technically it's cheating but considering the cards we're dealt I feel like things can only go up once you got your foot in the door.
>inb4 psychosis due to intimate contact
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sex will not fix a damn thing
a relationship built with another human being (preferably of the opposite sex) that takes time, trust and experiences together is what you want
I could imagine it breaking down the barrier of thinking that sex only happens to other people. If you don't go crazy from the cognitive dissonance of actually having been deflowered the gap between you and other people could possibly become smaller. The other solution is to find a cure for legit autism.
I started making plans to do it a while ago but kinda lost interest when I went back to college. I still pna on doing it at some point. I'll come back in a few months and make a thread about it.


Feel free to discuss everything relating to sandwiches.

If you have a strong opinion (positive or negative) about a particular aspect of sandwiches, please share it with us.

To start us off: What's your favorite kind of sandwich?
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Pork and apple sauce

Phwoar lad
I dont eat roast beef sandwiches anymore because it reminds me of nasty blown out vagina
I enjoy a good Rueben. Corned beef and sauerkraut go very well together. This is followed closely by turkey and cranberry, but I save those for seasonal enjoyment

What's for dinner robots 08/ 23
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if that's an egg what happened that there is no yellow part
Crackers with Philadelphia and olives on top

It's there, somehow the camera made it all white

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>open paint
>draw pepe from your mind
>post results
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No, this isn't bee
File: 1503523766264.png (18KB, 702x645px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I didn't draw him very well.
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say hello to my peepee

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>tfw years of browsing r9k have completely redpilled me into thinking "wagecucking" is really bad (pic related all but convinced me)
>quit job and would absolutely hate to get another
>welfare pays for everything I need since I have simple tastes

The only problem is that my family now hates me. I don't have friends so I need to reverse this.

Can anyone please reverse my redpill? PLEASE?
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You realize

That if everyone would think like that you would fucking starve?
>that image
Lmao, bullshit about studying anything interesting. The person who made that just jerks off all day, garuanteed
Wageslaving is bad, but being a NEET is worse. Being non-meme self employed or a professional beats both by a longshot.

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Ok someone redpill me on this. Are black-white couples a meme? Or are they really happening at an unprecedented rate suck that white genocide is truly happening.

I need to know
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its a meme, but it shouldn't happen at all.
I'm out here SCHLONGING these hoes.
White women truly love the bbc

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I got some new boots today, /r9k/.

Do they look autistic?
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You're ready to hit up Wild West, my guy.
Boots are fine, jeans are too bright and look like you got them at old Navy or some shit
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I'm trying to look sincere, I don't want to be that weird "raw denim" guy

Hopefully it's just the lighting, they aren't that bright in person

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>In less than 12 hours I will officially be a 20 year old virgin

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Well you already missed out one teenage love. That chapter is over
just give up and focus on starting a war with muslims, maybe *HAVE A LAUGH AND A JOKE AND A CUP OF TEA* at a mosque while there is a large number of people there
I'm already a 20 year old virgin, I don't see what's the problem is though. there are way better things we are missing in life than filling some sluts holes.

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What's it like tonguing a girls ass?

Would you do it to any girl, if at all?
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A better question is, what's it like to rape, torture and kill a young girl in her prime?
I bet a young tight butthole would feel like heaven around a penis
Is this even a question? I would eat a girl's whole entire ass without hesitation.

Can you think of 3 reasons not to kill yourself?
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My mother, remake of resident evil 2. Thats all im pretty fucked.
>my parents would be sad

I can't

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