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Virgin / Chad thread let's go
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whats wrong with reddit?

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everything lol
Looks like he wants to die so hard.
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most their users don't have severe depression

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I should have saved some images from the previous 40 times this was asked. In summary:
1. Phoneposters do not create OC
2. Phoneposters rarely make posts longer than a couple sentences, they likely don't read many long posts either
3. Phoneposters readily and repeatedly ban evade
4. Phoneposters come and go during a thread, detracting from an ongoing conversation. If something comes up IRL they'll simply vanish.
5. Phoneposters have limited access to proper image organizing/editing and as such don't often contribute good, on-topic images.
6. (opinion) Phoneposters are norm scum and I hate them for bringing their facebook and twitter culture here.
7. (Fact) 90% of all the fembots, trap posters, normalfags, newfags who can not lurk and other cancer are phoneposters

Do not believe me? Go into a thread and filter all of them out of a thread and watch how it becomes so much better
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>newfags are the problem!
>summerfags are the problem!
>9gag is the problem!
>reddit is the problem!
>phoneposters are the problem!
In fact, 4chan is the problem.
nuke the site


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Daily reminder if you wear bands t-shirt post 13 you are most likely raised by shit parents.
If you have any tattoo you 100% sure was raised by shit parents. And if you still roleplay as a fedora redditor you are probably born in a very bad destructive family
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AlphaOmegaSin is everything wrong with the gaming """"""community""""
> being this fucking insecure

I wear what the fuck I want, man.
He looks like he'd be really pretty if he shaved.

I'm never going to find her.

I'm never going to find the girl who is okay with dating a fucking nerd who hadn't even held hands with a girl at 25.

A girl who wants to talk about books and anime and basically drink until the painful memories go away

She doesn't fucking exist and I'm basically putting off my suicide until I accept this

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Lol sucks to be you man
T. Has a wife (not gonna share her btw)
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sad thread theme song





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im a loser with no social skills, friends or money and im also a wagecuck and i was thinking getting a bf to take care of me might be a good solution but i dont know how to find one
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WelI are you cute or not cute
>No money
Something doesn't add up here
its not enough and im tired of working

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Hey fellow NEET's, what's stopping you from getting your life back together? what are the steps you need to take in order to get your life back on track, and what would you need to change for your barriers to go away?
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I've gotten to complacent. Send help.
I dunno. I didn't even realize my life was off track. What should I be doing?
avoidant personality disorder adhd, and social anxiety

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Well I made a post a few days ago about my sister offering to show me her tits and we went through with it. All in all it was a pretty meh experience. Seeing boobs in the flesh and jerking off wasn't much different from looking at them on the internet, and it was probably made just that bit more awkward by the fact that my sister was sitting there watching me masturbate to her.

Slightly regret it, but at the same time I think I needed to do it just so I could stop wondering what it'd be like to see them, so at least I don't have to wonder any more. I can go back to being my usual permavirgin robot self.
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no one cares about your sexual misadventures you 15yo normie
but I'm a 23 year old KHV?
To be fair, she should have showed you her butthole. That way you could masturbate without her watching you and making it weird.

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Road NEET here. I need some advice, robots.

I've been in Japan on a Working Holiday Visa for 7 months out of the 12 I have here. I've just been approved for my Australian WHV, as I intend to go to Australia after. To be very honest, I feel like I've done Japan as much as can be done, and I've resorted to stupid shit like "hurr imma hitchhike to Hokkaido and back down to Miyazaki" just to spend the time. Since I don't speak Japanese and can't get a job in a bar on a WHV, I stand no chance of actually getting a job here.

My cash is slowly running out. I have about 4 grand left, and setting myself up in Australia to go look for a job (plane ticket + 1 month Airbnb) would cost me a grand alone. I don't feel like spending more time in a country I'm a bit fed up with, but at the same time I don't want to miss out on anything that might happen to me in the next 5 months.

What are your thoughts on this? Should I call it quits on my stay in Japan and head on to Australia, or try to make the rest of my time work here? It's starting to get monotonous, as I feel like I've eaten all the food I want and seen all the temples I want, etc.

>been in Japan 7 out of 12 months on WHV
>want to fuck off to Australia on my new WHV already
>cash is getting low
>but don't want to regret leaving Japan early
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Did you fuck a grade schooler


But I did get a hooker in Osaka and went to a baller strip club a couple of times.
what is your Home country of origin?

if you are poor dont try doing the trust fund baby world tour routine. Head home and get a job.

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What do you think about the paint jew?
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Racism is not allowed outside of /b/. Please fuck off.
>oy vey the goyim are being antisemitic

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So how many threads do your replies usually get?
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>dead after around ten-ish sometimes 50-70 but thats rare
So many faggots will respond to OP, butinstead kys
>actually making threads

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who else /needs to be held/ here?

I think I will be depressed as long as I'm alone.
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I REALLY want to find a girl who can do multiple spoon roles and it's really demoralising how many girls will talk vehemently about being interested in only one spoon or the other.
I really want a girl to hold, its weird. I don't know why but I feel this tinge in my chest thinking about it.
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yeah wanting a girl to hold is weird. You should want a girl to hold you senpai

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How do I get a cute short stacked girlfriend?
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You go to the police station and turn yourself in you sick fuck
This would be hotter if she had a penis
Blow it out your ass, moralfag.

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>look at random person in the eye
>feel like I'm being aggressive

>look away when random person looks me in the eye
>feel like I'm being submissive

what the fuck am I supposed to do?
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I have the same exact conundrum. My solution is refusing to look at anyone at all. I just keep a dead stare directly ahead of me.
Be aggressive. Be be aggressive. Otherwise you're a cuck. Cuck or be cucked, such is the nature of reality, my friend.
Smile you retard?

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survey of 3850 millenials

>survey shows that only 4% use it to find sex (both sexes)

>73% of users never met anyone off Tinder (offline)

>most on it for the confidence boost

>keep in mind a woman risks her fuckin LIFE meeting someone off Tinder IRL so they chicken out

I always wondered why i never started a relation off Tinder despite the matches and how only the craziest of girls ever meet offline
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so basically its a waste of time. women wont meet offline coz of fear of rape/murder

and since their sex drive is pretty tame they are not even forced to meet their matches like us men
a cunt's biggest fear is seeming shallow. the vast majority of girls there fuck, otherwise top percentage guys wouldnt be swimming in pussy
>top percentage guys wouldnt be swimming in pussy

matches =/= fucking

those other black pill infographs are regards matches not actual IRL fucking

you guys seem to be getting lost in the match getting game like good goyim

in reality these bitches r there for confidence boost. they wont risk getting murdered by chad coz women are chicken by nature

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