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Why are so many white men having children with black women nowadays? Has anyone else noticed this?
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Idk but the Jews probably have something to do with it
White women are no longer the matriarch of society. Black females and asian women are now fighting for that title. White women are just sex objects and will most likely never get away from that status.
Why do goyim have to keep questioning everything? G-d damn, shut the fuck up.

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Do robots convince themselves traps are attractive because:

>they are so starved of female affection it's the closest thing they can imagine being with
>they're so resentful of females they want to pretend they're not interested in them

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More like they're so desperate that they will stick their penis in anything remotely resembling a female.
both probably
and this

i tried normal gay sex and hated it, thought i like it cause traps/fembois are good+looked at normal gay porn and had an internet bf for awhile

hated it and regretted it

worse part is i "came out" already
If that's all it is why the preference for trap porn?

So now you're a closet straight? Did you try with a boy dressed as a girl too? Did it feel better than without the dress?

>tfw no scene GF...
>why live..

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They're all ticking time bombs of emotional destruction.
>tfw no one to go dippin with yer dipper

why the fuck LIVE anymore!

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>play night in the woods
>characters have active social life
>characters have sex
>characters despite being quirky manage to fit in with normies
>playing this game makes me wanna kill myself or become normie

i get these feels from other similar media like Scott Pilgrim. If its about a bunch of buddies having a good time and they're typical teenagers i just feel terrible

Anyone else know these feels?
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Yeah was playing through it the other day kind of just made me value my few friends even more.
i stil keep in contact with HS buddies to an extent (im 19). Plan on doing some stuff with a couple of them this upcoming friday

Man though i never quite feel like i can be myself in public though, i need to create a veil of in authenticity to not let it slip my robot-ness
its looking like to time to integreate us robots into socity agin
time to take the red pill and become normy today

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How do you cope during the times when Eggman is on video hiatus?
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It blows my mind that I'm the same age as the guy. How the fuck did he age so bad
No more streams
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We're further away now from the Oregon shooting than the shooting to Eggman being created.

really gets the blood flowin
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seems like a nice girl, like to have her raise my children one day
ahhh yes my dear, very nice indeed,
*sent from my iPhone* (TM)
p.s. end capitalism!

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>girls think men find nail polish attractive
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Black nail Polish is goth and hot.
most of the shit women do is because they think it looks pretty or to impress other women
But it is
Black lipstick as well. Hngggggg

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While White Guy Films It.

how does this make you feel? HONESTLY!
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>Paige is pretty much fired
>Maddox had a mental breakdown on YouTube
>Xavier Woods

Your thread is shit, btw

Do you have the link for Maddox?
Xavier is based

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Giving high schoolers access to instagram and the internet was a mistake. I remember when I was in high school and like the most 'stylish' thing a girl could wear was a Forever 21 blouse and some jeans. Maybe if you went to a nice school a bit closer to the 2010s it would be something from Topshop or Zara.

Now, all these girls are wearing the absolute latest IG styles and trends. It's almost impossible to differentiate 16 year olds from 24 year olds nowadays. I can't imagine how hard it must be for YoungBots to be surrounded by all these girls who probably have like 50k+ followers on instagram getting calls from rich chads for a night stay in New York.
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wtf? are you some sorta faggot? social media is the best thing to happen to teenage girls and old men
Was just about to post this. When I'm in my 40s and can no longer get teen pussy there will always be the internet there for me
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No, it definitely was a catalyst for an even more roastie generation, fuck social media.

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just talk with girls like him, look at this video

>m-muh he is a c-chad!
he is 5'7 and has a weak chin

come on anon, go outside and talk with girls, i believe in you

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Those videos are probably scripted.
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All the girls are payed actresses.
Shit like this is why I stopped coming here

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> Brother enters my room and sprawls out on my bed
> Tell him to fuck off outta here because he's still in the clothes he wore to a Mexican restaurant
> Calls me germaphobic and leaves

What do?
I'm not germaphobic, right? Honestly it is wrong to crash on someone's bed with your public clothes while there are new sheets just put on.
Like, he sat his ass in a dirty booth and then he plopped near where I put my head while sleeping. This is simple stuff, I'm not being frivolous.
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The fear of being German?
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nah, your brother is just being a little cunt

at least in civilised countries it's considered normal to change between indoor/outdoor clothes, or not?
How the fuck did I know someone would post a reddit meme?

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Why is it illegal to rape traps? They don't have feels or emotions. They're just a soft hole attached to a confused sack of shit.
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It's a weird extension of female privilege.
this is the best and most accurate description of traps ive read so far

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Are people pussies nowadays? How come there's so many forums which are filled with these twitch-tier 9gag niggers who call us out for being edgy, and then proceed to post unbearably shitty memes like pic related?

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It all started when mental illnesses got marketed for profit.
every white person in the western world became a backstabber too scared to confront people openly so they try and justify to themselves every method of harming others by using social power or other mechanisms, feeling that they are not responsible by that way

literally every single one, no worse change in society

then the niggers create havoc but these white assholes feel morally superior lulz

every bullet for these traitors first
Are you talking about the early 1940's for tough people? War isn't a good thing.

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anybody else like being alone?
>be me in 8th grade
>used to have friends
>hated having to talk to people
>tell them to never talk to me again
>be all alone for the next decade
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I feel you man

comfy as fuck
People say that you're more intelligent if you're happier being alone
That's bullshit
i dropped out of highschool because i hated talking to others

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>"You're all alone on a Saturday night again Anon?! I won't allow this! Get dressed; you're coming with me!"
What do you do?
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I get out of work at 9 fuck off and let me get drunk alone like usual
how autistic are you to keep posting this thread every single day
how autistic are you to be on here everyday

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