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Rape is pretty hot

Im just saying......
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Who raped Jackie?
Was it Star?
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>Futa Star raping Jackie
Nothing like using some Stacy as your personal cumsleeve, as she bawls knowing there's literally nothing she can do about it

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I have no game whatsoever, I feel like coming out and fucking admitting it for once. I'm literally too much of a pussy to approach any girl. I like so many women and yet I never even show a shred of interest in them. For the longest time I've convinced myself that I'm good with women and I'm not some beta loser. But I can't even try to get a girl. These days ive become a shut in neet. I have no friends and its so fucking lonely what i would give to be held for 5 minutes. I want to die
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well at least you're finally starting to face yourself and come to terms with your inadequacy. Its good to have a realistic sense of who you are.
you're literally me except i've been too delusional to face reality. holy shit.

i'm glad you were born anon. You're alright.

it's weird how someone being honest about themself is enough to force you to be honest about your own weaknesses.

The other day i was talking to this really cute petite chick and i was going to ask her out but i couldn't, man. Shit sucks. It's like imagine having such low self esteem that you sort of become Tomoko or Kefka and think you're too good for everything. I haven't talked to a girl in a social setting for several years man. It's always some wagie or some dudes gf.

You'll figure it out.
>only like one woman
>actually have courage to approach her
>get rejected
Maybe there's no escaping robotdom.

Why can't I get over her?

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I am definitely losing my virginty today. Give me some tips to not look like a virgin. PLEASE.
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Lube that ass and push back when he cums in that boyhole
Don't hesitate. Be courageous. Subject her to yourself. Even if you do something wrong, if you're confident about it she'll think "he must do this every time" and things will go more smoothly
Just admit you're a virgin.
If a girl decides she's going to have sex with you, finding that out won't stop her.
Tell her when you get to the point that you're taking your pants off.
Don't look proud you're a virgin, but don't look like a pitiful little shit.

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Just got reminded that this was a thing.

Rick & normie never ceases to amaze me
The only good thing that came out of that was muscular Summer.
God doesn't exist tho

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So, recently I've been learning Python (I've never coded before in my life), and I'm really proud of my latest code.

def slimey_cock(gay):
if gay == True:
return "up my arse please"
elif gay == False:
return "no thanks"
return "must be a girl"

print slimey_cock(True)
print slimey_cock(False)
print slimey_cock("Female")

Does 4chan have a dedicated board for coding? I haven't moved out of /pol/, /soc/, and /b/ for the last 10 years.
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>claims to be on 4chan for 10 years
>doesn't know the boards
No but I here there's a gore board here filled with elite hackers who might help. I think it's called /hr/ or something
i was around in the days of operation apocalypse beta

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Can anyone please fix this?
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srape it with a knife dumbass
as a kid i used to hate burned bread but now i always burn my bread a bit when i eat it
maybe im just a bitter person
I like it with lots of butter :3

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How do I stop being attracted to girls with cat ears?
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Simply experience speaking to one IRL
they are cancerous and cringy irl
its such a turn-off when girls are self-aware of their cuteness.

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...what would you do?

>who you would kill
>where and when

Anons will rate your spree out of /10
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I would kill those who don't check triples
ehhh nice try FBI
you'll learn one day how to b8 post correctly maybe
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Would never go on a killing spree cause I'm not a murderer.
A rape spree on the other hand..? Qt Stacies that look like this, Always wondered why Eliot didn't just do that beforehand

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>Dr. won't perscribe me Diazepam or even Xanax

wtf I thought docs loved shilling pills
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I got klonopin first try. It's really not hard to get but some doctors wont give any drugs that will get you high.
Not benzos they don't
Sometimes they do but they can also tell if you walk into their office wanting and expecting to get prescribed something recreational

Someone please advise me on how to make this girl my gf
>be yesterday
>go to a presentation for a uni study abroad program
>have some free time because class doesnt start for a few more days
>at the presentation i meet this qt who i start talking to
>she is really awesome, we have a lot in common, very beautiful
>we talk for an hour
>we then meet up later and go to a party for 2 hours and then talk for another hour
She is the perfect girl for me. I dropped subtle hints that i liked her, but im not sure when i should ask her out. Also what can i do to get a girl to like me more?
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Go aggro or lose her forever. Good luck
call her and set up a date right now dude
Go on low key dates like lunch and stuff. Things you see yourself doing with friends but not girlfriends.
Text her every once in a while. Just to check how(not what) she's doing.
If something nice happens about your day, give her a text about it. Things like "I found 5 bucks in my pocket" and shit like that.

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> high school dropout
> can't even do basic arithmetic

Making final preparations to end this nightmare
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Good. the world doesn't need dumb fucks
As if I don't already know
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>tfw finished high school
>still can't do basic arithmetic

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Do girls try to fuck their friends' boyfriends? Do you know of cases where this has happened?
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I do but she lets me.
Assuming you are a
Would you say that upon finding out this guy was dating your friend, did he become more sexually attractive to you?
I am female yes. I'm not sure what you mean by find out since it's not like I got with this guy and then found out he was with my friend. My friend just offers to share him sometimes like if I'm feeling down. I wouldn't say I'm more attracted to him but he's more attractive as a guy for having a gf and being able to take care of me as well.

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Give it to me straight anons. Is nofap just a meme placebo? Anyone here who has done it long term actually gotten improvements with anxiety, focus etc like the cultish retards on reddit say? I swear it just makes me incredibly horny and if anything ruins focus.
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>Give it to me straight anons. Is nofap just a meme placebo?
It depends on how much you're currently fapping. If it's several times a day you might see some positive improvements, if it's less probably not.
Nofap won't turn you into a normie, but if you supplement it with healthy lifestyle habits, you'll see a difference. You'll get to a point where you don't have time to jerk off because you're so into /improving/
But if fapping doesnt take much time out of your day anyway and you already focus on self improvement, does it really do anything? People make it seem that quitting fapping and porn permanently cures you of brain fog, anxiety, gives confidence (which desu is probably just the horniness and could be creepy).

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How much do those retail pharmacists make? The ones who work at CVS or Walgreens
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We had this thread months ago and the conclusion was that /r9k/ is too fucking stupid to realize what pharmacists do and that they couldn't achieve that degree if they fucking tried.
>duur put bills in da baggie
see? I'm right

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My dad died today.
Adoptive dad technically.
I hadn't seen him in 10 years due to emotional abuse, etc.
The rest of my family is in mourning so I can't say anything because I have no good memories of him... But they're singing his praise online.
I don't know what to feel.
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Feel joy that another scumbag is no longer among the living.
Before his death I might have agreed with you.
But I don't think I can celebrate death.
Wasted potential isn't something to celebrate.
You certainly can and should celebrate death. When you kill off cancer you celebrate.

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