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ITT: Everyone who ever posted on r9k.

We all live in the same house Now.
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Yo who's up for some hookers. We can sell our beds for hooker money.
That'd be pretty cool, but I feel like we'd all group off and form cliques.

I'd hang out with the /comfy/ boys.
That means I can fuck my bf every day so I'm down.

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"Hey brah, we're headed down to the beach to have an orgy. You in? Take off your shirt, sexy."

wat do?
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an orgy with girls....or...each other??
"Are you a fag or something brah? No girls allowed."
then nah, brah, y'all enjoy yourselves. no h8, just not my cuppa tea, can you diggit?

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ITT: Your crippling fears and how you're trying to overcome them.

I just started driving with my parents today.
>interaction with girls my age
I try to talk with any girls on my uni campus that I can. I have like 30 girls on snapchat.
>taking final exams
I've failed exams before even though I've had an A in the class, that's how much anxiety they give me. But I've been meditating and drinking herbal tea, and taking shit tons of practice exams on all my classes so I'll be ready.
>going to parties/other social events
Still haven't gone to one but I'm working on it. I don't really like drinking or smoking so I don't know how I'd do this.

Anons, give other anons advice if they aren't trying to overcome their fears yet.
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>30 girls on snapchat
What wizardry did you use
>it got warm recently
>walk outside
>get buzzed by a wasp
>run back in side, bang my shin on the stairs on the way
>don't even feel the pain out of sheer panic
>stay inside for the next few hours
>miss all my classes for the day

No idea how to even begin dealing with it, other than by moving way up north ASAP.
>other than by moving way up north ASAP.
Have you ever been to up north? Clouds of black flies everywhere in Northern Canada.

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Why anons? ;_;

>you will never princess carry a tomboy while she lightly punches you in the shoulder

>you will never be hanging out with a tomboy when a storm hits and find out she's cripplingly terrified of thunder

>you will never get /fit/ with a tomboy

>you will never go to the track meet/swim meet/softball game/football game/judo match of your tomboy girlfriend and cheer her on as she kicks everyone's ass, then have her run into the stands to hug you after she wins and tell you tell you she knew she had to do her best when she saw you in the stands

>you will never help a tomboy study for her big test so she gets a good enough grade to stay on the team

>a tomboy will never attempt to cook for you and fuck it all up because she's never cooked in her life but you eat it anyway just to see her smile

>you will never coerce a tomboy into wearing a frilly, girly dress and watch as she squirms around all self-conscious and shy
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pat b1.gif
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I don't even care, bro, I'm too fucking autistic and resentful at this point.

I fucking hate them
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this thread appeals to my sensibilities


>tfw the tomboy you liked immediately rejected you on the grounds of "im not ready for anything" then immediately made out with a girl cause she is bi

When will i get a W in this sea of Ls anons?
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Despair Pepe.png
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Why did the faggots have to ruin everything by making tomboys into lesbian faggots? Now it's nearly impossible to find a Tomboy since they're either faggots, or changed their style to not look like a faggot.

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>pic related gets matches on tinder
>you're still struggling to get fat single moms to even notice your existence
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if you use tinder with your real pic unironically, you dont belong on this board. tinder is only fun for trolling normie sluts

She literally has a disorder that has all of her face muscles be paralyzed. If that really is her Tinder account, she's still probably not getting matches.
Give Korean Aubrey Plaza a break.

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Come watch pedos get BTFO


How to catch a predator episode 6
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pretty comfy, desudesu
>tfw they take the seat
you know chris handsome is fucking one of the 'decoys' right
Hairlets everywhere

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Is it okay to top my bf if he doesn't enjoy it but just doesn't want me fucking other people? He hasn't fucked me since 2015 because his poor diet and prescription drugs cause erectile dysfunction.
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>Is it okay to top my bf if he doesn't enjoy it but just doesn't want me fucking other people? He hasn't fucked me since 2015 because his poor diet and prescription drugs cause erectile dysfunction.
Make him enjoy it
turn him into a cockslut
That kind of enjoyment is too abstract for him.
Why don't you just leave him? Poor diet and prescription drugs? (presumably to control some other medical condition he could fix through lifestyle change) sounds like a faggot loser.

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hello are nine kay i love you all i think you each and everyone are special and IMPORTANT and you will find happines if you set your mind to it i just wanted to pop in ask yall HOW YOUDOINand what you are doing right now, aside from being on r9k, are you laying in your bed browsing on mobile? getting into an arguement in another thread and multitabbing it? right now im writing a power point i would let u join but its not on google docs loke usual its O365 but NEXT TIME OK
also share secrets too if you want im drunk i wontremember
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fuck u
kill yourself IoI
oh hey look a drunk roastie
what's your favorite color? do you like pineapple on pizza? have you ever seen a raccoon in real life?

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>work at a daycare
>in an ldr
>hot dads pick up their kids from my work every day
>one dad in particular, super attractive, 30 years old, i'm pretty sure he's married but might just be engaged/dating the mom of their child
>makes direct lasting eye contact and smiles at me every time he sees me
>he usually only picks up his kid once or twice a week
>last couple weeks it's been him picking up almost every day
>always waving goodbye to me when he leaves
>thursday afternoon, i was on the opposite side of the room where the door is to leave
>he's about to walk out
>i turn my head to look for his eyes and he's already looking at me and unintentionally smile and he smiles back
>yesterday afternoon
>waving goodbye at his kid
>hes looking at me and smiling
>was considering quitting but now i want to stay just to see more of him
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hello friend
suck his dick

your friend, anon
fuck off roastie, go tweet about it with you other slut friends


Why don't you start using steroids or sarms and actually change your life?
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I want to impregnate that. What's her ig? I know she's an ig whore.
taking steroids is expensive & just allows you to work out more.
If someone doesn't work out & eat properly do begin with, roids won't change that.
Or just work out and get a proper diet


Dear fellow wagecucks,
I want to quit my job. Please tell me how
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I don't know what "put in my two weeks" means. What do I write on this letter?
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only if you tell me how you got your job in the first place
Context is that I found a new job and I really have no real reason to quit besides the new place has more people I know working there

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>Live with grandmother
>Grandmother is very sick
>Can't bear seeing my grandmother like this anymore

I need some space.

/r9k/ hold me..?
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That's fucked up, man. Sorry to hear you're in a situation like that.

My mom and dad are getting older and older every year and I've just started to realize that they're probably going to die sometime in my lifetime. I honestly can't imagine my life when they're gone. I imagine you must feel much, much worse.
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>mom and grandma wont be around forever
those are the only 2 women who'll ever love me

im sorry, OP
I'm sorry to hear about that. And, I'm just trying to keep my mind off of things for now, I would really need space. Space for now. But I attend community college.

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How up to date are you on memes?
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i love meme's xD praise trump :D
go back to /b/ and never return
Kill self faggot

If you don't like Trump you deserve the gas chamber.

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>The existential sadness and pain of living has set in for the night

Got any music for me?
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OGn7hV1rno some old fashioned ska-punk
what kind of music is OP looking for?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fxksc6J7FA have some The Antlers
for some reason this isn't original

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/r9k/ has occasional Chess threads, but let's try something a little different tonight. Let's play Backgammon.

Sadly, there is no convenient site to play Backgammon against people without signing up that still allows you to chat like there is with lichess. But this site seems alright.


You can play as a guest and enter a room. Let's use the English room. I am in there now as "Burton" (usually Jack_Burton but apparently 'Jack' is a vulgar word on this site).

You can register if you want, and then you'll be able to chat.
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Answer my request

Well those were some good games anon. This site is a little weird and will take some getting used to. I don't like how when you are playing the black stones the game board is mirrored like it is in real life. I prefer to always bear off to the right.

I played a little sloppy, but no big deal.

I don't even know how to keep track of match points on here. I won a gammon, a backgammon, and a gammon tho so that's pretty much a set.

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