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Is it better to change the whole world to suit your ideal at the possible detriment of others (but to a perceived overall benefit) or to simply change your own personal "world" but to a lesser extent?
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How the fuck does Made in Heaven work?
it accelerates time to reach the heat death of universe and go to the same point in time in that new universe
however all organisms who have their biological clock are exempt from this and will continue to live in the new universe
unless pucci kills them, then they are dead for sure
and the new universe will be a happy place because everyone will know their destiny and behave nicely or some shit like that, I didn't understand that one either
The whole "new universe" thing is because Pucci and Dio both hated the unpredictability of fate (as it kept screwing them over), so they thought that an ideal world would be where everyone knew their fate in advance.

Don't you think mixed girls are beautiful /r9k/??
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if they are eurasian
I can see the beauty like i can see the beauty and sexyness in every race... But i dont get (sexually) attracted somehow... its like with other guys.. i can see that there are beautiful guys but getting attracted to them? Nah
Nothing mixed with Negroid is attractive looks or personality.

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>be me
>invite out a roastie
>let's meet up somewhere and do something
>she agrees
>time comes, I text her, she don't reply
>she sends me a text 4 hours later saying she fell asleep
>months go by
>invite her out again
>same thing happens
>went out to buy a video game
>bumped into one of those high school "friends" that you never see after you graduate who happens to be a Chad
>roastie finds out that I know Chad
>texts me out of nowhere asking me to hang out with them now

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i think you're pretty pathetic.
Just ignore her and tell her you fell asleep lol that'll show her to be a cunt
Well, don't accept, obviously

Don't be desperate

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I made about 6k last year. Zero hour contracts, I get called up at 5pm, "go to to this warehouse". So I get the bus, get there for 7pm, shovel shit around a warehouse, finish at 4am. Spend 3 hours wage getting a taxi home because the next bus is two hours after I finish.

Got student loan and child support threatening bailiffs and prison respectively. Genuinely close to suicide. I have to be creative, signed on at the job centre because they offer free bus passes, I'd have no way to travel to work without that lifeline. I would like to have a girlfriend but it's never going to happen. I feel crushed inside but I have to keep going. On my days off I apply for jobs online and sleep a lot, because I forget I'm hungry when I'm sleeping. I'm forced to steal biscuits and toilet paper from the places I work.

I keep telling myself things will get better but it's hard. No-one will help me so I need to help myself. I'm alive and that means things could get better one day.
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Orignaly orignal e
About 0 per year
>Child support
Is it any wonder why I don't talk to women ever at all

I'm in ur situation minus the bailiffs and prison.
I live at home and pay mummy rent, drive to and from my trashball job and grind fitness so I can get into the chairforce next April

I hope to god this works out. If I end up divorced somehow I've already sworn to off myself on the spot. I'll do myself in the fucking solicitors office with scissors.

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I wanna buttfuck a femanon really hard :/
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buttfucking is overrated. eating a girl's sweaty asshole is where it's at.
Why exactly are you here again?
>mfw i've eaten a girls ass before it was cool

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Get it off your chest.

Dear A,

I wish things could go back to the way they were.

You and I had something quite meaningful, at least to me.

All those years, now suddenly meaningless. I'm sure you moved on, maybe you met someone else. Given that you haven't tried to contact me I presume that you have forgotten me.

What happened to you? Something in you changed. I'd say for me, it changed in late 2015. You used to be this sweet, caring person, but towards the end of our friendship, you turned into a bitter, selfish, empty person. You seem to care about nobody but yourself.

You threw away something which could have turned into something really quite special, so I hope it was worth it for you.

I do miss you.

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I'm getting fed up with you. You've got to admit to your feelings of wanting to use me as nothing more than a dicksheath or else there will be no closure for either one of us soon.
I will lose you "as a friend" but I can deal with it, I've been alone for longer than you.

I'd care about your feelings if you didn't manipulate as you did, we weren't friends, I saw right through your games but I deluded myself into thinking this time would be different, that you wouldn't be that kind of person.

You're all the same. Some are just better at hiding it, more emotionally intelligent than your dumb ass.
The only way to win at this mindfuckery you all enjoy is not participating in it. It's always the same. I confront you only to get the same answer variations... who's the real hivemind? Do you still hold those beliefs?
>b-but it was just a joke! you're on your period...crazy, crazy!!
>you've caught me, go fuck yourself you fat whore, I didn't like you anyway!
Am I "leading you on" for engaging in what you've assured me is just friendship? Why do you keep saying those things then?
don't you dare doing i think you are going to do. don't fucking dare.
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Dear L,

I know it was fucked up that I yelled out your little sister's name during sex, but it's not like I fucked her or anything. OK, there was that one time in the pool we got drunk and I watched her play with herself and cum, but I never touched her, ever. Anyway, she doesn't even want me so don't be so hung up on it. When she carved my name into her arm with a razor, it was just because she was mad at you.

Anyway, I understand this stuff freaked you out and that's why you dumped me. But I still want to get back together with you. By the way, your sis keeps coming over here drunk dressed in your clothes and telling me I should "pretend she was you." Maybe next time I will.

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Why is gay/tranny porn mixed in with straight porn on sites?

A straight person doesn't want to see that shit, why is there no button to click to filter this shit out?

Why isn't there GAY ONLY websites for faggots. Why does I have to look through fag shit when I"m looking up porn?
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I used to feel like you.
Then I had the urge to check out gay porn just to make sure I didn't like it.
This then escalated to watching gay porn and straight.
Years later I masturbate only to gay.
It rewires your brain
xhamster has this I think
They also have the best recommended videos for you below the one you clicked on
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>>38869444 (trips)
>dumb frogposter watches 3d porn

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>have 2 drinks
>hungover the entire next day

How do people still love alcohol?
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They're not all lightweight and/or underaged faggots like you. Tell me they were something heavy at least, if you have a hangover after 2 beers there's a problem
I drank 12 tall boys last night and I'm up and feeling great right now. I'm about to go meet my girlfriend for lunch. Sucks to suck, sucker
He probably doesn't understand that there's a difference with hungover and jonesing.

Or he's just always dehydrate.

Or maybe he is lightweight but he meant two vodka tonics or something powerful enough to make two of them seem like a six pack.

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Name this picture for me
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>mfw I pay to lick hookers feet with wagie tax money
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how much do you pay? do they think its weird? do you also ask to get cummies too?
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>mfw I pay to lick hookers feet

Yeah enjoy anon
35 bong for half an hour

They think it's weirf but I don't really care

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Wagecuck here. Just got done shooting pic related for website of dealership.
What do you do for a living anon?
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I collect rent and other types of payments, honestly.
I manage a hedge fund
Porsche Boxster Roadster

that is a cuckmobile

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Imagine a parallel world where you succeeded in life and could actually get to bang hot chicks for real!
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imagine a parallel world where i just kill whoever and whenever i want.
>actually get to bang hot chicks for real
Imagine only caring about something as useless as this
imagine being so lonely you start to hate the idea of other people existing

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How do guys get cute gfs when all the cute girls are taken?
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Know the difference between cute,pretty and hot
>implying I want a qt
I would be more than happy with a below average gf

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I've been doing literally nothing for the past 2 months. I can't find ANYTHING that would keep me occupied.
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try to find how many times you could beat your meat in a day.
>literally nothing

Not possible
libido is almost non-existant

refreshing boards on 4chan doesn't count

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Sup neetfucks?
I just got a $20 tip, something that you faggots will never experience.
Suck my long hard cock.
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no you didn't because it's 3:43am
you probably googled the new money and got this pic
babby made his first $20
>So poor that just 20$ makes happy

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