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>tfw spent your entire teen years behind a computer screen in a dark room
From 13 to 19 is nothing but a blur of video games while everyone else got girlfriends and went to parties. The prime of my life, completely wasted and gone forever
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Hahaha ha
Anyway you could still get in shape, get a job, get some social skills, and get laid. There IS hope
That's your prime?
gtfo here
welcome to our circle, is your back bent and you keep losing your balance when walking? If so, congratulations!1

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>have to pay ten dollars for a crumb of weed barely enough for a good joint
>people in non shit states get half ounces of better weed for 40
>am actually incredibly sick and need weed for medical reasons

Fuck. This. Gay. Fucking. Earth.
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>am actually incredibly sick and need weed for medical reasons

Sure OP, "medical reasons".
Oh yes just move to California where it costs 800000 for a one bedroom house

I'm stuck on a deserted island, there's lots of sharks in the water, I'm running out of food

There's no one here, no ships in sight

I'm gonna die out here, the drugs only offset the feelings of doom temporarily I'm not going to make it
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Please talk to me guys, I'm actually really lonely
I am too anon.
What's on your mind
Same anon, we're here for you, dont worry

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>pogs lasted a couple years
>pokemania lasted a couple years

>pokemon go only lasted a summer
>fidget spinners only lasted a summer

Why are trends dying so fucking quickly now?
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Because the quality of trendy stuff has decreased.
I mean, a spinning piece of plastic, seriously?
Because the exchange of information and ideas and the "hip new thing" is going faster and faster. By this time next year we'll have a meme start on 4chan, show up on the Ellen show the next morning, and be summarily completely dead by that night.
social media/internet

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does anyone else hate the walking dead? I gave it a chance but - i don't say this often - it's just gratuitous violence, its fucking boring. didn't care when characters died.
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Yeah normies hype it up because of its violence that they think is "extreme". It's just mainstream zombie media
only girls watch the walking dead
and game of thrones is gratuitous betrayal
can't fathom watching it after a couple seasons

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>see pretty girl (on the internet)
>remember you will never feel the touch of a woman
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If you're under 25 you still have a chance though.
I mean, there's going to be quite a bit of disappointment in bed because you're an inexperienced virgin, but it's not going to happen on day one. Besides, the girl might get over it if she has feeling for you.
>staring at random womans' body at the street more and more
>uncontrollable urge to hug someone
>skin screaming for touch ever single day

I'm hugging my pillow right now, please end my torment
I'll be 25 in 3 months.

>roastie spends birthday alone
>1500 people instantly jump in to tell her how great she is etc etc

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That subreddit and lolcow are all you need to be redpilled on women.
What did she do that offended you? Her mom passed, she really misses her and she's lonely and scared. All she did was reach out for some kind of company. You guys do that for the very same reasons all the time. What did she do that was so wrong?
be a woman. How dare she.

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Any of you guys do it? I've been writing down random thiughts for a while and now I have no idea how to organize it if I want to find a situation I used to think about.
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I've heard of something... believe it was called mind mapping(?) where people write down their thoughts and organize them. Last I heard, someone was working on a phone app to help streamline it.
Thanks anon I'll check it out. I also have a lot of bookmarked websites so I'll have to find a way to list those without forgetting about something I thought was interesting
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Any if you guys keep journals?

Did your school councellor ever solve any problems?
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No. Imo, you have to be stupid to trust someone with your future.
school counselor only yelled at me for drawing light sabers
none of the specialists I saw during school helped me out very much

I saw councilors, therapists who would give me these dumb tests with shapes, IEP people who would all gang up on me in meetings, I didn't get what the point of it all was and I didn't care

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Daily reminder that if you're under 6' you are not a real man
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tfw 5 11.75

its not bad desu, my good posture as well as other guys lying about their height makes people guess im 6 1, tell girls im 6 ft
living way above sea level makes this manlet far closer to heaven than all the satan sniffing coastalcucks
y'know OP, it's not fair on you - most of the guys who get mad at your daily reminders were brought up in broken homes with either an absent or negligent father, so they were never instilled with the sense of identity that comes from learning what it really means to be a man from their dad; so they think your arbitrary definitions are actually legitimate

and since that's exactly the kinda fella who gravitates to this da/r9k/place, you're surrounded by gullible wee lads who will bite on that saucy bait... which means you never get truly challenged, and kinda like how toddlers don't develop muscles when there's no da to wrestle with, you'll never develop an ability to play in the big leagues

well hey champ, i recognise your can-do attitude and think that's just neato - but you should really take this show on the road and try it out in the moar challenging dojos

>crave chinese buffet
>dont want to sit there eating alone
>grab a take out box and fill it to the brim
>girl at the register sees its nearly 2 pounds
>opens it
>woooow!!! all for you??
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they say that to me too but im slim and have visible abs. its okay anon, enjoy your food.
Haha. Being fatshamed by a chink.
Should have got that bitch fired anon.
buffets are usually family owned so i don't think OP could've worked that out

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Hey buds,

Please use the term "newie" instead of the term "newfag." As one of the most queer-positive boards on 4chan, I'm sure you all understand.

I know my fellow robots will have no problem making this substitution, after all, we were the ones that led the change from "normalfag" to "normie."

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People still say normalfag it's just that normie is shorter
Fucking kill yourself you newfag normalfag piece of shit.
Did your dumb ass come from /v/? Can this meme die already? Normie was a word used by a cult to describe people outside of it, no one uses the word normie because they don't want to type fag.

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Does anyone here have experience with being a bull

What was it like and what is your opinion on cuckolds?
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Yeah, cause this is the place that would be full of bulls

r9k is full of normies now so it's not that unlikely
>4chan virgin board
>Good place to ask people about their bull experiences


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Should I get a cat robots
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a cat robot would be better than a regular cat
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Yes. It is Caturday.
It would not need food

Cops haven't said anything about this yet, but that's not surprising, I'm smarter than them.


Thirteen year old girl found murdered in a park. Not a whole host of reasons for a little girl to get murdered. Police stated it was a random attack. Notably, they asked for footage of the funeral/memorial, implying the killer may have been present. Vancouver, BC


22 Year old girl found murdered, police stated it was not a random attack, however. Mission, BC


25 year old girl found murdered, wrapped in a tarp, in a school park. Foul play suspected. Victoria, BC


So far, three slayed women, all dumped in brushy areas. A fourth potential victim exists, a male. Homicide suspected. Metchosin, BC


I could be wrong of course, it could all be random happenstance. But if I were a female, I'd buy pepper spray and not go out alone. Don't bother warning reddit, they always say after every terrorist attack they refuse to live in fear, so let's not trouble them. probably nothing anyway.
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>roasties getting what they deserve

I don't see anything wrong with this
>tfw this is probably just some crusty antisocial with a prison record and not a charming handsome Chad with mommy issues
>crusty antisocial with a prison record
Nope we dont need to kill women its probably a chan.

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