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Is buzzfeed giving people the red pill?

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Was i the only person who thought that was a good betrayal of how things are? (+ really nicely shot/made).

Comment section doesn't seem to understand.

That video made me fucking uncomfortable.

Why would you buy someone who you haven't been on a date with a $1200 watch?
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pic related.

It pisses me off that people in the comments can't even comprehend what's happening in the video. I mean some things in the video vary from person to person, like most robots probably don't huff paint, but it hit really close to home overall.

Robots, what are your most fuckable non humanoid pokemon and why?
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Does Gardevoir count as humanoid?
Otherwise Kadabra
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just here to say lilligant is for cute not for lewd

OP here. Gardevoir and Lopunny lines are not permited

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wojak handsome.jpg
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Who /oedipus/ here?

>tfw mother was incredibly physically and emotionally smothering as a child
>tfw subconsciously no other girl will ever be as good as "Her"
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I know!
what about ordering a custom made sexdoll of her?.


god no god no god no god no god no god no god no god no goooddd noo

dont do this to me
then how else are you going to feel her?
admit it, you'll never have your mom that way.
so...what about ordering a custom made sexdoll of her? specifically when she was in her prime.
is the only safest way for you to have your mom.

>most men are unironically OK with the fact that their parents did this to them

Why are men so stupid?
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you're just jealous because you don't have a pretty dick
>most men are unironically OK with the fact that their parents did this to them

From where I am from we don't cut our babies dicks for the glory of allah or the other jew variant is.
This funnily enough is a thing they only do in africa, usa, israel and the sandnigger shitholes.
oh look! another faggot complaining about circumcision

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>tfw 6'0 girl
>tfw feel too masculine
>tfw look ridiculous in cute feminine clothes like sundresses and thigh highs
>tfw most tall guys prefer shorter or average height girls
>shorter guys are intimated or think you dont look feminine enough
>tfw just want to feel small and protected
height isn't just a male problem, you know
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I'd be fine dating a tall girl.

t. 6'2" fat man
I'm a 5' 10 guy and I think tall girls look feminine (as long as they are reasonably skinny), I just don't even try with them because I thought they all wanted even taller guys anyway.
Saged and reported, fuck off to soc you stupid whore.

Alternatively if you're just baiting, gas yourself.

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do any femanons here use diapers?
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I probably should, but have no money to get any. Mostly looking into training pants, for now.. but even then, can't afford it, desu
Hopefully someday, I guess
what do you use them for?
i first got them because really heavy periods but then i started using them in long mmo sessions
Ahhh. I don't have any yet. I wish, desu. But, once I do, they would probably just be for peeing... I have an abusive mom and everytime I leave my room she wants to pick me on me and call me names. So if I had them, I could just stay in my room all the time and not worry so much.
And oh nice! Using them for mmo sessions is a pretty clever and very noble cause indeed desu

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>tfw using this shit again

it always ends with false hope
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This app fucking demotivates me. Only like 10% of my matches are attractive and never reply, 20% are normal looking but stop replying after only a few messages, and the other 70% deliberately picked/angled their pictures to make them look normal even though they're actually fat as fuck.

And then there are a non-negligible number of girls that put something about how they're actually 17 in their profile bio.

I'm not even bad looking. This app is stupid as shit. It gives women way too much power.
if you're not getting laid anyway, why not just larp as Chad? you can at see what it's like to get attention for once
>This app is stupid as shit. It gives women way too much power.

Women already have power in the dating game. How is this different?

If you curbed the power women have they'll leave the app.

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moshi moshi anon-sama, I was looking at the results from your jungian archetype test and it seems that you've come up as a lazy fucking NEET.

Clean your room and sort yourself out.
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This guy is a massive fucking hack. Please fuck off /pol/
I don't have any desks or cabinets to put all my shit in so my room will stay eternally messy
>professor of psychology
Where is your professorship anon?

Anons why havent you given boipussy a chance yet? Give me one good reason besisdes "im not a faggot uhhh"
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im not a faggot uhhh
this right here my family
Inserting my penis into someone is the opposite of what I want. I want to be the one that feels like the girl.

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i've had enough.

for years i fantasized of the same things you do. being homeschooled my entire life, i daydreamed about what having a single friend was like.

now i've increased my social skills and become a "normie". now i know what having real "friends" is like. i even have a "girlfriend".

but let me tell you.

it's not worth it.

nobody in real life is interesting enough for me. they all like the same things, act the same way, tell themselves that they're different when they're just a different breed of normal.

i've tried. even the depressed, the socially awkward, the lowest of the low. they're all just distractions. sometimes amusing distractions, but distractions nonetheless.

i just want to meet someone interesting
someone unpredictable
someone weird
someone different
someone who isn't caught up in all the bullshit of the world
someone i can just sit with for hours and talk to about the meaningless garbage inside our heads
someone looking for the same thing as me
someone who can understand

but it doesn't feel like they exist.

i have created this perfect person inside my head that i have no chance of ever meeting. nobody is like that. nobody is like me. i'm just a mistake. i shouldn't exist. why do i exist?

that's a stupid question. all of my questions are stupid. it's all in my head.

it's just my brain again. my stupid brain. going around and around in circles again. so irrational. pointless. stupid.
i'm not "special". i'm not "different". i'm a fucking child. throwing a tantrum over nothing. and just sitting here obsessing and complaining about it to an anonymous image board for no reason other than to get meaningless attention from more boring shitty people.

i'm tired of trying. i'm tired of failing. i'm tired of being kind to people. i'm tired of caring about people. i'm tired of caring about anything at all. i'm tired of caring about this meaningless garbage in my head.
i'm just tired. i'm so tired.
fuck this.
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Put me in the screencap moot xD

But seriously, I know how you feel OP, although I'm lucky to have found a few people I can relate to. I don't even find myself interesting though. I don't enjoy anything. Wonder why I'm still here.
You sounds like a more cynical version of me.
I always feel like I want to die but sometimes I have panic attacks were I literally feel like I'm dying and I want to live.

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These four top hats are all the same height, but the length of each brim is different. In other words, the hats are equally tall but vary in width.

One of these four hats has a brim and height that are the same length. Which hat is it?
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A and C.
I didn't read that properly

Maybe its D.
they're all different though

How old was the youngest girl you had a crush on after you turned 18?
Stories and greentexts welcome
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16. I was 26. Also, she was my cousin. Also, I got her nudes.
>Also, I got her nudes.

How? Post them
Camera in the bathroom. Did it over several sessions. Only got tits in the early tries. The way her tits bounce when she raises both her arms to dry her hair with a towel is amazing. Moved it into another location to see her pussy. She almost caught me but I got pubes and butt.

No pics. She is still my family.

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Femanons, do you actually like it when guys nut on your face or make you swallow their loads?

How about if they make you do even worse things? Is that a turn on?
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I would let my boyfriend piss on me.

>tfw khv
>tfw haven't felt a hot load cover my hair and face
Why are girls these days so desperate to be degraded?

Not attacking you, just curious. Is this a common thing among all girls or is it just the type of girl who comes on /r9k/ or 4chan is more likely to be into being degraded?
No. I hate cum and I absolutely hate the smell. The taste is awful too.

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>tfw have gf and want to help others get gf
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where do I find a girl that is into the same shit as I am
How do you get rid of that horrible sense of self loathing? All the chicks I've met could tell and didn't want to deal with me
to better answer, i must ask, what stuff are you into?

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>tfw no Emma Watson gf

Why go on?
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>12 year old boy's body and face

Now I get it
Everyday until she's my gf

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