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create suicide.jpg
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What would you do if you had a boyfriend but he was looking for friends on OkCupid?

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>tfw you realize how shitty 4chan is becoming
>world filters and overzealous biased janitors this place is worse than reddit in freedom of speech
>most boards are unusably fast or slow
>being a weeb is a bad thing on 90% of the boards even though this is a website made for anime and japanese culture
>most posters don't know how to argue or debate and are just retarded, probably all trolls because this is le anonymous troll website for r/4chan screenies lol
>r9k is just /socb/
This website is almost unusably bad but I can't stop coming here. If only the tards who shitpost on 4chan all day believed in self-moderation.
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I was going to argue but then I realized you're pretty much correct on every count

It's still better than anywhere else though, and also I like word filters
Just wait the day when janitors will have the rights to clean boards...oh wait IT WILL NEVER HAPPENED HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH
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>tfw freeze peach = muh shitposting

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>Click verify once there are none left.
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>prove I'm not a robot
>now i'm just another normie poster
spot the newfags, spot 'em good.

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I see too much sadness and despair on this desolated land, and I do not appreciate it. From now on, I will come every day on this board to bring what you people lack the most : hopes and motivation.

There's something I discovered these past few years : everyone have a potential in one way or another, but they are all left unsaid because of fear of failure. Whether it was in school or a public event, when they are required to show their works to others, there was AWAYS a time when people looks at each others and didn't do anything, because they didn't know if their works was good enough to be shown. And I was part of them. But I was often the first one to go.

So I performed. Sometimes nicely, sometimes horribly. And I hated those times, 'cause I felt humiliated, presenting a work of pure trash that makes people look at me with dismayed stare, or even laughing. Then I get off the stage, preparing myself to face mockery. It wasn't like that. Friends were here to cheer me up, and other people were just chatting. I could felt they were relieved, they wanted to pass now. For myself, I figured out that the time before my showing was worse after this failure, because I didn't have to fear it now, and it wasn't that bad.
I saw the performance of those people. I was like "wtf dude, your work is 10x better than mine ! Why do you have to wait that much to present it ?"

Moral of the story : you can't just don't do anything because of the risks. If you just live making only reasonnable moves, you'll just pass beside wonderful opportunities, and you'll regret it later. Remember that failure is less bearable BEFORE you face it.

Failure isn't an end, it's the first step to success.
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Did you lost some weight already?
Why would I ?

dis is not unoriginal

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> will fail this semester after getting back into uni after 5 years. (27 y.o KHV)
> Failure follows me wherever I go, and every venture I undertake.
> beyond frustration and emotional exhaustion.

I want off this ride.
I don't get 'life' I don't understand it. I want out.
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You in melbourne?
>be 24khv
>working on my online bs degree in CyberSecurity
>passing all the courses with ease
>maximum comfy

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Am i Whyte person robot 9000?
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You clearly are not. Why even ask?
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Thought I would give it a shot

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reeeeeeee half of the guys that contacted me through zeemaps are in high school. I'm not a cougar.
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Better take what you can get before you run into that wall
That's going to be a while. Anyway, I'm tired of these kids.
which one r u

Hey we're all getting together and watching that one movie with the cunt's nudes that got leaked

come join, there's chat and no sign up either just have to put or nick name or use "Guest"


come get cozy lads
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it's a movie I suppose

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>Be me
>High School
>11th grade
>Autistic fucktard
>no friends
>the one friend I had killed himself last year
>Only school activity I partake in is the anime club
>I'm the guy that always sets up our streams and burns stuff to DVD's/USB when requested by club goers.
>Be sitting in tech class by myself, editing a video
>That shy black girl that also had no friends to speak off and just sits on her own at lunch approaches me
>"hey anon, I uhh, heard you know where to find anime"
> Oh thank god she just wants an anime, not having to do group work or anything.
> It's called "RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne"
> actually can't find a copy of it any where
> spend sevral hours, but finally find a torrent.
> It's an strait to VHS OVA from the, explains the difficulty of finding it.
> sitting there, it's like 5am now. No point in getting to sleep for school.
> decide to watch it, it's only 6 episodes
> ........................................
> what the fuck is this
> TLDR: police drama spanning ~300 years with immortals, rape, BDSM, fisting, torture, Zombies, Angels, Demons, ect
>silently hand her USB in class
>next day
> "oh my gosh anon, thank you, thank you!
> She isses right on the mouth.
> "So uhhh, I took a look at that anime before I gave it to you"
> She goes dead cold
>" I wasn't aware you were into that sort of thing"
> fast forward 2 weeks and she's over at my house
>we watching gunslinger girl on netflix
>netflix and chill

and that's how I met my weeb GF.
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Good to hear, anon. Now get the fuck out, normie. See you in three months.
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>black girl

absolutely disgusting kysape fucker and enjoy your AIDs
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Chad already stole her away, this was a few years ago

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My request: Remove all "Why don't you" threads.

What is your request fellow robots?
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The why don't your threads are trash because they do nothing to contribute to the discussion, they are just outright trash. The whole purpose is to simply cause anger. At first these were ok, but now they are getting old and are constantly about the same trash topic which is just the same useless discussion that always end up going to the same place.
Nice meme. This board is pure filth. Robots are just dumb brain dead Normie who have tricked them selves into belieng they are somehow better than everybody else, that they are enlightened so they can surpass what *normies* aka normal people desire.
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Here's a comfy discord server for my fellow robots to hang out in. It's relatively new, with a neat ranking system and bot.

I'm predicting for it to be a great community

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Shlumping to build a community
Tfw no discord gf

Feels pretty bad
We can discuss your problems if you'll listen to mine. I'm Nightrose#2309

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Hey, Anon
Don't forget to vote today, it's really IMPERATIVE that you get your voice out there or something. I know only a few years ago I was advocating for you to do the exact opposite, but now thanks to one old commie there's been a shift in the PARADIGM and you need to go and VOTE.
Of course I will just assume you'll be voting for Corbyn, I mean why wouldn't you he wants CHANGE and will bring us TOGETHER unlike Theresa May with her bloody principles and views that are different to my own.
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I'm so fucking sick and tired of coming here and wasting all my wakeful hours on this pointless website.

There are so many hobbies/projects that I can pursue and have well thought out plans on how to attack them, but I never fucking do them. I just come here, shitpost, whine about some petty nonsense that annoys me, then I go to sleep and repeat it all in the morning. I always feel like shit for not accomplishing anything, feel like I've aged 20 years from all the sores on my ass and back, and just generally remain miserable.

I want out, but it will never happen.

So yeah, same thing tomorrow I guess. Fuck.
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lol shut up normancunt
just get banned
Fuck you I've been on this godforsaken website since '06. I would LOVE to be a normal human being. But it will never fucking happen.

Best I get is 3 day bans for being a bad boy.

>not just ban evading anyway

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fuck it all.gif
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Robots, How many of you were in special ed and how has it affected your life?

>chased girls around in elementry because it was fucking hilarious
>have severly autistic brother so put in special ed because lol genetics
>treated like a subhuman for the rest of my school years
>devolop inferiorty complex
>nonexistant self esteem
>litterly the bottom of school soiciety
>teachers and wranglers rigged it so I couldnt get out
>have friends but often think they are there out of pity
I thought since I finaly graduated I can get out of it and start over,but then
>head tard wrangler comes up with aftergraduate work program
>basicly a free trade course
>family wants me to do it
>dont want to do it because they keep my diploma and want to go to college

I now think about suicide daily. It now seems no matter what I do,this shit will follow me forever. Whats the point when you will always be a tard?
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I'm so sorry to hear that anon, you deserve better.
I would highly recommend getting away from your family if they treat you like that.
why are you still convinced they put you in special ed by accident? you wouldn't make it in college

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>he never leaves his hobbit hole
>when he does it's only for bi-weekly trips to the market to buy expired crops and chicken tendies with his shirebux
>he never attends any Hobbit festivals or interacts with other good, respectable Hobbitfolk
>he would rather sit inside and study scrolls than farm crops
>he's unemployed and lazy
>he thinks that Men are stealing away all the good Hobbit women and that's why he can't find any to date him
>he thinks the Shire's failing economy is entirely due to a plot by the (((Elves)))
>he didn't come to Bilbo Baggin's one hundred-and-eleventh birthday
>he doesn't want to take the one ring to Mount Doom and cast it into the fire
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Frodo is is rich and attractive.
>tfw no hobbit bros to explore the shire with
>ywn enjoy an ale at the green dragon
>tfw no comfy hobbit hole to read by the fire in
>tfw gandalf will never show up at your front door with a bunch of money-hungry dirty kikes who steal all your food and force you to sign questionable contracts

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