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Get in here quick and claim your new Super Power!

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this is pretty fucking cool. edgy and useless though
>Party Inducement
I can force normies to party like Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. Only really useful in order to distract zombies so you can get back to searching bushes and cupboards for children.
Oh shit son, guess who just became the new Devil ?
Instead of torturing people and shit though i'd just amass an army of every single serial killer, murderer, conqueror, etc. that has ever existed and been banished to hell so I could open up a portal to earth and take it over with my brainwashed murder-minions.

>I am the bad guy of the setting

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What single thing made you the most uncomfortable during middle/high school?

For me it was anything to do with black history
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School dances
constantly being "the one person" to never have their homework done on time. i don't understand how people can take full AP, get enough sleep to seem energetic, and have a social life.

It's because you had a hostile home environment so you couldn't focus on studying.

Women constantly talk about how average penises feel better during sex but why do women get more turned on looking at huge cocks over smaller ones?
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Because they're lying. Most women love being dominate.

They're lying, they all prefer large dicks.

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>At a festival
>See this
Wat do?
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WATCH OUT!!!!!!'

*jump tackle the terrorist in white*
is that Obama's long lost brother?
>ugh, my eyes are up here.

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What ethnicity do you think this guy is?
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Sub-human, needs to be eradicated.

I am too, but I look like a girl
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I'm going with Persian

Who is your alt-rightfu?
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I'm partial to this piece of tanned leather with silicone lips.
>implying they're actually alt right
>implying they know anything about politics besides conservative chad cock
They all look like 0.5/10

ITT: times you've revealed your power level/ robot level/ whatever you fuckin wanna call it

>at work
>roastie coworker is bitching at me about something
>mutter fucking roastie under my breath
>she fuckin heard me
>other coworkers looking at this point
>leave work
>quit job

And that was almost a year ago. Lets hear em robots
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How oldr you?
Why lie?
hahahaha should have told her to google it

Oragu postal

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>ywn have a qt blind gf
why even live?
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>ywn experience teenage love
why even live
It would be a difficult relationship, i dont think you want that
Because i've had a qt3.14 blind gf before.
They're too used to shit being just them to function and when you include yourself in their life and living space or they enter yours its several accidents waiting to happen and you can't always sleep in the same room with them as their hypersensitive to noises and movement so take that with their sleeping issues already they just can't sleep because you exist.
Its just a hassle for both parties and requires meticulous and rigorous upkeep of everything in whatever area you're in so neither of you get hurt.
Its just problem after problem and you get tired of constantly having to watch what they're doing all the time and they take an emotional hit to their self-esteem because they KNOW you're being burden and its there fault and literally can't hide it they can fucking feel what your emotional state is like a fucking telepath so any interaction eventually just grinds you down.

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Where the fuck has this thread been for so long?

Who else /drugs/ here? Share stories and your preferred substance.
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Alcohol btw

None you'd care hearing.
>preferred substance

Right now I'm preparing my first batch of San Pedro. BTW for more experienced cactus eaters, I don't have a blender so I just chopped up the cactus and now I'm boiling it. I'm hoping that it will soften up then I can use a mixer as if I were making mashed potatoes. Anyone know if this would work? I've read that heat doesn't destroy mescaline but idk if that's true.
>None you'd care hearing.

I literally asked for it nigger. Tell me of the first time you dropped acid.

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Should all beta males be feminized in your opinion?
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Only the cute ones with feminine penises. Ugly ones must be purged.
I've posted this before but i became a mtf because I had a small penis and feminine mannerism.
I'm cute, but feel bad for the ugly ones, you still can feminize them, maybe someone will have pity and fuck them

Good for you anon. Please many chad dicks lately?

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nervous lizard.png
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>sister is sunbathing in the nude again

I think she's fallen asleep too

I have to wake her up before parents get back

this has got to stop, and the shower thing
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>"this has got to stop"
You mean all your faggoty role-playing?
Pics pics pics

Pic or your sister doesn't exist

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Looks like your day of slavery is finally over, wagecuck. Be sure not honk your horn too much on the commute home. Honking your horn is not going to make the traffic move any faster.
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Oh, and just one thing before you respond wagie. I'm currently having my first afternoon cup, so please keep the talkie until I'm done.
*taps mug*
How can a wagie read this thread whilst driving OP?
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s-shut up Pepe! at least I'm a contributing member of society while you do nothing but laze around and sleep all day!
and Mr. Shekelberg promised me that promotion this year!

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Anyone else has this ?
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I tried to post about this yesterday and got no hits

yeah I'm dissociated and I don't know what I should be doing to fix it
I wish. I hate my identity so God damn much. The first time I recorded some footage from an action cam something inside has broken.

I was watching more or less what I have seen with my own eyes, but I was focused on the video, and not thinking stupid thoughts. I long for living life this way, as a meaty camera recorder. Fuck self awareness.
Anxiety would trigger it for me. Doctor put me on antipsychotic meds and they helped

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>interview for 5 different entry level telephone survey jobs
>too spergy to get any of them

What the fuck do I do now, boys? NEETbux isn't an option where I live, and mummy's kicking me out of the house soon!
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Well that's your own fault, isn't it? Just stop being a sperg, thanks.
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be mommy's little helper.

offer to work for $2/hour + free rent. good resume builder.
>be 21
>go into entry level jobs
>they really try to dig into why I have no work experience and seem appalled at the whole idea
M8s I was a super anxious, lazy sack of shit who mummy provided for but now she's kicking me out of the house. Don't let my lack of experience make you think I'm not dedicated to this, it's a matter of survival for me, unlike those pampered Stacies who are just doing this to earn money for a car. And my lack of education and natural intelligence means I'll be working here for years to come!
>just bee urself anon!

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Comfy General.
>/Won't you Take me to/

>ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzTzGWWKevA [Embed]
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFt4mTm9k1k&t=1051s [Embed]
Post Comfy Media/Pictures/Links
Tell me what you're doing/drinking/eating/reading

Try and keep things non-political and non-shitpost. Be kind to eachother. We try to encourage everybody to have good feels even if they're feeling bad.

Get settled get cozy and /COMFY/

comfy is a good feeling of wanting to exist in the moments of absolute bliss you find from experiences or in pictures you like. comfy is subjective but there's a few trends you can whittle it down to.
>nature images
>urban aesthetics
>warm colors
>rural houses/landscapes
>the aesthetic of rain or other weather
>VHS filters, 90's aesthetic images, or cyberpunk
>interior design
composition is very important when it comes to creating an aesthetic picture (obviously)
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I'll post a bit but sadly I dont expect much, comfy threads these days are DOA

Pretty comfy where I'm at though. Foggy, cloudy day with intermittend light rain
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what's DOA? Sorry, not a native speaker.
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Dead on arrival


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