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Normies are actually SO AFRAID of change and non-conformity that they made the whole "stay woke" thing something to say ironically. They are actually so scared of new thoughts that they had to mock the idea of having a different opinion, even an informed one. Basically, normies fear the red pill.
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do you realize that the term "STAY WOKE" is mostly used by alt-right /pol/tards?
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I thought it was a black SJW saying, what the hell
they do what theyre told theyre simply not allowed to have a different opinion

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Look at the stuff in your room anon. The lights, your desk, computer, bed, anime figures, food, dishes, glasses, wardrobe, all of it.
You know what it all has in common? That's right: It all has a purpose. It exists for a reason, and for that reason it was made.
All the things you own have been made because someone knew they would be useful to you. Some keep you alive, some make your life easier, others just serve to entertain you.
And up until the moment they break they will continue to serve you faithfully, making your life a little bit better.

And then there is you. You just exist. Your very creation was probably an accident.
You serve no purpose whatsoever. You consume but give nothing in return. You are not needed by the world.
For every job that needs doing there are at least five other people who could do it. And many of these jobs and the companies that provide them have no real reason to exist in the first place.
You were created much like a tool, but unlike one, you serve no purpose, and no one needs you. You could ask anyone about your purpose in life or why you were born, but they wouldn't be able to give you an answer.

This is in my opinion the greatest tragedy of human life.
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>Give nothing in return
I flip burgers, that's something right? Good post btw. I've been thinking about this as well for a long time
You Ess Ayy!! You Ess Ayy!!
Me too, that why I wanted to make this thread.
I imagine some hundred years ago people were more needed than they are today.
There was always war so soldiers were needed to protect their towns/cities. Farmers were essential because food was always scarce.
Carpenters were needed because there was no Ikea and everyone needed furniture. Plus shit burned down every other week so they always had something to do.
There were fewer people but all of them were important in their own way.

Now consider modern day jobs. Consider working for a huge corporation like Samsung, being a tiny cog in a large machine.
Even if the whole company would never have existed, would it make much of a difference? Did they make any products that couldn't have been produced by rival companies in their absence?
If not, doesn't that mean that everyone working for such a company basically leads a meaningless life?

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>tfw no one will ever love me
>tfw no one will ever even care about me
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The only value people see in others is subjective value. This is true for goods as it is for people. People are easily manipulated, as we can see time and time again with how very subtle messaging in advertising, such as subtle sexuality, can manipulate people. Because lets be honest, people LIKE to be controlled. All YOU have to do is sell YOURSELF. No, not like a prostitute, like a salesman. I you want to learn more, I recommend you read the "Art of Seduction", or study the FORD method if you don't like books.
You now have no excuse to be a pathetic waste of space, because I have just told you how you can make people love you without any of that autistic "Self Improvement".
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I care enough about you to open a thread and give you a (You).

Hope that makes your day a bit better.

Also, "ever" is a long time, you will find love someday, I believe in you, Anon.
Muslim here.
Allah loves you as long as you stay away from haram

Can any femanons confirm if jelqing ever worked for their partners?

>be me
>short penis
>jelq'd a few times consistently
>still short penis, but now it fills out a cardboard toilet-paper roll
>so girth?
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What is Jelq'd?
pumping your cock while holding the head of your rim so you focus with the other hand, stroking out your shaft slowly to exercise it. It's had conflicting results. Health professionals advise against it while allegorical advice and collections of males online argue they see inches after long implementation (like think several months to a year.)
Oh and in addition, masturbation sort of resets gains made or really stresses your penile muscle with unneeded extra workout. So if you jelq, you can't masturbate.

Seems true to me. I tried jelq then masturbation and it hurt my chubby dong after a while.

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What would you rate this man's looks from 1-10?
Is he unattractive average or more than average?
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More attractive than most, his facial features are somewhat angelicized though with only a profile view it's harder to say. maybe a 7.5 or 8
why would you post a picture that you can only see the side of his face. asap rocky is like 7/10
Honestly, he has an attractive face. Stop making these threads

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how you doin r9k? you gonna be alright?
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feel guy1.png
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i don't know man... Reallly, i don't know...
i'm not ok

and I'm not gay.
George Costanza is our guy

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what is the point. what do you do. it's not even close to comfy and the people are normalshits. how do you guys even enjoy it
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It's alternative social media and has no place being mentioned on this board. Normalfags who post from their phones are the only ones who use it.
you are not supposed to go to normalfag servers? find wizard friends and make a discord
How the fuck is it social media any more than skype or irc is?
This guy gets it. Discord is only as good as the people you share the server with.

>I just learned what is a panic attack
>I have been through this since most of my life

How do I stop this, it's becoming annoying guys
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avoiding triggers / high caffeine doses
practicing controlling your thoughts / reassuring yourself everything is ok
xanax / benzos
fidget cubes / spinners / handheld toys
emotional therapy dog / animal

here's a bunch of strategies gl
The only safe way is to meditate like 15 minutes per day and exercise the breathing. Whenever you get a panic attack you have to breath like in meditation. The more you meditate the more control you'll have over panic attacks
>second point on list involves lying
And Im ou.t

For me, it's the LC deep dish lunch special pizza with your choice of a Pepsi soda pop
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For me it's chili cans. You can eat it cold or put the can next to the fire for a while to heat it up. Compact and convenient
Little Caesars shilling should be bannable. At least shill a better pizza place like Domino's or Pizza Hut.
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>OP's face when posting this

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This is the life of a 4/10 woman. Dating 8/10 men every few days and choosing her pick of the liter.
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nothing on youtube is real. anything that looks real is fake. stop watching youtube.
Would you really call her 4/10? She's not a rare beauty yeah but she's probably above average
These are actors, you retard. Big channels fake all of their videos.

How accurate is this in your opinion?
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All memes aside, neets would be in low tier.

Still better than being a literal slave though
How would NEET be good tier? Unless you have some assets out there making you money passively you are subject to whims of other people. You are on welfare? If the economy goes to shit you are fucked. Your parents provide for you? They will die one day too.

put NEET into low tier

NEETdom is depressing as fuck.

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the minimum posting age should be raised. i'm tired of seeing 18 year olds lamenting about how their life is over because the girl they like got a boyfriend or didn't text them back.
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22 here. Their life is over. It is the first step to becoming a total failure in life. It makes for a fun read.

You know what? I just like to watch kids suffer. I want the minimum age to be lowered so I can call 10 year olds faggots on a regular basis.
I'm 18, I wish I could be sad over girls. those fags have no coping mechanisms, they have it easy
You can do that anyway. Just hang around outside a school.

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The west should implement a none Islamic form of Sharia law to control women and force them to behave.

That or something similar to Ferengi society.
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No. Let's share women instead
i want gluten free women pls
Dominionist Christianity is the answer. We would be a lot closer to solving the west's problems had we elected Ted Cruz.

Sometimes I stop what I'm doing,take a look at my life,and realise I was born in the worst possible period.Too late to experience the charm of the past,too early to experience the glorious technologic future that,I'm sure,awaits Humanity.

I get really depressed in these moments,knowing I'll maybe die only a few decades before our scientists finally figure out how to slow down the aging process.Or invent wormholes to expand into the universe.Or a ton of cool shit like that.

I fear the moment of my death,for I don't know how it will be like to simply vanish into oblivion.I cannot conceive the fact that the consciousness,the self-awareness I'm experiencing right now,won't exist anymore.

I don't know what I should do now.Upper middle class,studying to perpetuate my middle class condition,only for the world to forget about my uninteresting existence as soon as I'll disappear.

Should I fuck everything and go live an hedonist life,and die young,but at least slightly satisfied?

Please help me anons.
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The past only has charm in the context of it being the past. Modern day would be a glorious technologic future to someone a hundred years ago. People in the past have felt the same way you do and people in the future will too.

ur wrong about everything but it is true that the best current course of action in this generation is to make as much money and live as hedonistically as possible.
at least we'll enjoy virtual reality porn and real dolls. Maybe we'll enjoy sex robots.

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>have mac
>email not working
>call apple support to fix it
>"hello my name is jonah what seems to be the problem"
>outgoing mail server seems to be the problem
>allow him to share my screen, he can now see what I am doing
>feel pressured
>"okay the server just needs you to verify, just type in your password"
>I mistype my password three time in a row
>he's judging me
>he tells me if i forgot my password that I should just change it and he will wait
>too autistic to tell him i know it i was just too nervous to type it correctly
>go to yahoo, select forgot my password
>have to do a captcha
Choose the pictures that have streets
>feel his judgmental eyes watching my every move
>miss a few from pressure
>eventually he starts helping me
>he moves his mouse and keeps saying things like, "yeah this one has street" like I'm a child
>finally i can type a new password
>can't think of one, just type my name
>doesn't show password I'm typing on screen, just those dots
Your password cannot contain your name
>type another
Your password is too similar to your previous one
>type another
Your password isn't strong enough
>i hear him sigh, i want to kill myself
>type the most random thing i can think of
>"okay great now we can verify your server"
>its been like 10 minutes already
>"type in your new password"
>i type it in but its not working
>he is obviously frustrated, "okay why don't you give me access to a remote desktop and i can just do it for you"
>i agree he sets it up
>"okay whats your new password ill type it in"
>meekly say NiggerDaddyFuckMePlz420
>he doesn't say anything, i just see him type it in on my screen
Verification Complete
>still silent
>he opens up my email and sends one to make sure it worked
>wait for the email to send, so far no words have been said on the call for at least a minute
>actually feel like vomiting
Sent successfully
>try and play it cool and say thank you
>"uhm..uh. hey! thanks so much, ill let you know if i need anything else"
>he hangs up
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had a good kek, thanks.

thanks for the story, anon
made me kek heartily
I laughed much more than I should have

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