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Does anyone here play yugioh?
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i haven't since the OG xbox came out
Nice trips. I actually found my deck the other day but couldn't play because i lost the mat
Sort of. I loved the old game but kinda stopped playing around the end of the GX era. I've since gotten back into the game in the form of Duel Links, since it heavily caters to my nostalgia.

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It may sound like I'm joking but how do I quit my addiction to bbc porn? It's literally all I jerk off to. I can't stop watching sissy hypno shit.

I've deleted my porn but every time I'm horny, I go back and start downloading all my videos again. Is cold turkey the only way to win over my obsession or should I just accept my fate
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The only way to get over it is a bullet to the brain OP
The only way to get over it is to taste black dick OP
The only way to get over it is to build a bridge

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What's the current room?
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They split into different rooms a little, and I stopped using my main one because 15 year old faggots wouldn't go away, and I got banned by one once. Fuck rabbit roooms.
what rooms?
Something like that. Only three are real. Keep mixing them up until you find one, and remember, it could just be locked, so it may take you days to figure it out. Good luck Daniel Jackson.

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Does anyone else not give a shit about gfs or relationships?
Seems like most "robots" are crybaby jaded horny losers, but why? Seriously how can you think something like pussy/a woman has so much value?
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>thread topic
>posts fucking Chad Warden
Oh wow
I do not care about gfs, bfs or relationships. Given that I am a religiouscel, when the time comes, I shall scurry around on the net on sites looking for a spouse.

> Seriously how can you think something like pussy/a woman has so much value?

I have always wondered so too. Having been around females all my life, I have noticed they are generally not interesting.
at the point where seeing girls, even online is surprising to me. havent looked at any girls in a while irl as i know its just not feasible. patiently waiting for porn to lose its spark. seems to be slowly becoming that way.

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>your MBTI type
>the profession you would want if you were living in medieval times

>blacksmith or a legionare, kings guard

Also, here's a cool chart for you
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Monks had it made. Pray, write books and drink beer all day long with no roasties to ruin the fun.
>Advisor to the King

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Why does my pussy tingle whenever I see a big/tall guy?
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Because you're aware he could rape you if he really wanted to

Honestly though, how the fuck would she be able to stop him if he decided to rape her, right here right now? Look at him..
probably the same reason my dick twitches when i see a thicc joint namean

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Men are for friendship. Women are for fucking.
If you keep this essential dichotomy in mind you can never be hurt by a woman again. Do not befriend women with the expectation that it'll turn into something more. It will not. Women only become friends with guys they'll use as orbiters and (MAYBE) settle for when they're long past their prime.
The dichotomy also means that you shouldn't be nice or "friendly" to women either. There is no point. It gets you nowhere. Niceness is not a trait women value. So what do you do? Be very clear and up-front about your intentions. If they reject you cut them out of your life COMPLETELY. I mean cold. No unnecessary social contact whatsoever. Even the slightest connection only allows them to sink their claws in deeper. In essence, solving the female problem comes down to this: STOP BEING NICE. It gets you nowhere and women have proven time and again they don't deserve nice.
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>trusting women
>trusting anybody in the first place
your a idiot!
>Interpreting my post this incorrectly
You didn't actually read it, didja?
Ok, but what if she's autistic and hates normie mind games?

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>TFW you never got to fuck one of the Qt emo/goth girls in highschool

What happened to them anons?
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I never saw an emo/goth
People kept calling them uncool so people stopped trying to be cool. Now we're all faggots.

How underage are you? I saw one about five years ago. Even if you were young, unless you're underageban, you have to have seen an emo or a goth.
Goths are rare in some areas. Or they fly under the radar. And robots don't pay attemtion to people anyways.

>tfw you drive at 2am with no-one else on the road
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I want to learn to drive just to experience this feel.
i really hate/envy people who can drive
or afford to drive.
you have to own a car
the car requires insurance to drive
but you need a job
to pay for your insurance
but your job also wants a car
and a drivers license.

Kinda hard to get into it if you don't have a car insurance or a job.
Basically fucked.
It's a good feel. Just you and your thoughts and being able to go anywhere you want. The flipside is driving during the day with all the retarded normies on the road is hell.

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Ill start with one most of you can relate to, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCSs5QggRUk
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you should have posted the Elliot link one


>Not putting Somewhat Damaged by NIN or even Terrible Lie

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If dubs I buy a six pack of beer and get drunk
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lmao u got the devil trips

u gotta shoot up heroin now
Are you retarded?
orange juice

Trips and you shove 'em up your analtube

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So I decided to try hot cheetos because I was getting tired of the regular ones and holy shit these are amazing. 9/10 Deducting a point because when I swallow my saliva it burns my throat.
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give these a shot too. I used to eat hot cheetos a lot since I was a kid. But a couple years ago I switched over to these. Theyre amazing.
If u eat a whole bag in one u will shit fire. You have been warned
Wait until you try the lemon hot cheetos

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Why is it that women always complain about society putting pressure on them to look a certain way when 1) being skinny isn't hard 2) other women are the ones "pressuring" them?
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I get depressed whenever I see a negro with a white girl.
fuckoff with you're cuck pics.
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come on anon.. be honest with yourself

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>live at the edge of the rockies
>really nice secluded property with a big back yard that leads to a large wooded area
>dogs have been going ape shit the past week late at night, freaked by something in the backyard
>might be a mountain lion, keepings dogs inside and surveil the area often
>in the kitchen making some food, about 11:30 pm last night
>see the auto lights turn on and dogs start barking, open back door to see what's out there
>see what looks like a naked child size humanoid hauling ass away, jumped a 6ft wooden fence w o touching it

Wtfffff did I witness last night? I'm pretty fucking spooped and can't sleep. I stayed up until sun out. Looks like I'm doing the same tonight and I have work tomorrow. I'm going to have to call in sick I think.

Anyway, looked a strange 4ft tall naked person and ran super fucking fast. Was leaning forward as it ran. It jumped over my fence like a goddamn Olympian and just yeah, really unnatural looking to see something jump like that. I ordered a surveillance camera today. Kinda beating myself in the ass for living Alone. I don't have any guns and dont like them but I can definitely afford one and think I need one now.
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go to the real roleplay board
Be ready. They will come for you soon.
You lost me at you not having a gun. Not believable at all.

Wassup diggity dogs? Give me a high five!
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hi papa smurf
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Its Mung Daal you piece of shit
Chowder getting cancelled so early was a truly a crime. It had at least a couple more seasons up it's sleeve.

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