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My dog fucked up his dick trying to fuck woodchips.
Why is he so fucking stupid.
He's all good now that I took him to the vet but that was the most retarded thing I've ever seen.
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What domestic breed was it
>When you're too lit to use the correct tense
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>my dog broke into the trash can and made a mess
>tfw i just poisoned my dog with 600 mg of caffeine pills
he's shaking and gagging right now. lol.

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Whenever a guy that I like finds out I'm a KHV or have no friends, he doesn't care. If I was a guy, I know people would care. Why is that?
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Because social retardation doesn't negate your vagina's existence.
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Appreciate the effort and all that, but you're just being too obvious. You need to craft these things with care.

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How many Communist robots we got here?
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Too many. Too many fags and sjws too. You douchebags ruined a once funny and entertaining site.
Anyone who unironically believes in communism, as in, the communism of any past or present country, is as retarded as our >>>/pol/ brethren.

Join them
I've read a good bit about commie theories and shit and was convinced of a good bit of it but now I'm planning to buy and rent out property so I can't really be a commie now lel.

The links follow what I would call the suggested order you should be going about. These are legit books about god. The 1st two are two diffrent commentary's of the bhagavad-gita, the 1st by an native English speaker the other by a Hindu. After is the Srimad Bhagavatam which is the self proclaimed ultimate book. The last link is a book which contains the events of the missing parts of the 10th Canto.

The reason for higher intelligence is to understand god that is what sets man aside from beasts, so you should read these books that explicitly describe god its for your wellbeing. Enjoy!

Primer Video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bie3Tf_-Ao [Embed]

Book Collection

Book "Archive"



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Convince me that these are worth reading.
Book Collection

Srila Prabhupada

Book "Archive"


I had a hari krishna roommate.
Basically this is the pajeet's version of mormonism.

If anything you should passively read the Bhagavita but, don't listen to hari-krishna.
I've seen you peddling your cult on /x/ and I won't sit by while you try to convert robots.

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What do so called 10/10 "feet" even look like? I know I'm asking in the right fucking place.
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I too am curious as to exactly what qualities make a foot attractive to a footfag
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>tfw no footfags will be attracted to my size 11 hairy flippers

King of the Hill lied to me. The episode where Peggy Hills massive feet being posted on a fetish website made me think mine would be seen as attractive.
Just post them you faggot.

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Whats the easiest way to /suicide/? I have 3k USD to spare. Was gonna spend on a house with a couple of acres but who am i kidding women dont care anymore. 12 gauge?
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Paypal me the 3k usd. Stop paying the bills, dont buy food. Dont buy anything. Just give me all the money to your name then you will die of starvation and be homeless.
Easiest way is to not kill yourself and wait to die of natural causes
You might be able to have some fun in the meantime
By the way, im a failed normie. No NEET. Ive gotten /fit/ and make almost 20 an hour. Nothing is ever enough for them anymore.

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Do you robots have any hobbies that are sort of peaceful and calming? Something you can be a little proud of? I can't make my own original drawings but I copied this from Ilya Kuvshinov. Sometimes I make changes to the drawings others have made to fit my taste a little better.
>tfw no cool gf like the girls I draw
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I write sketch comedy and short comedy films.
I've never done anything with them. I just write them.
It feels nice to print them out and hold them in my hand.
This reminds me how Hitler would write plays and stuff, but only showed his friends.
I just sort of build stuff.

Feels really pathetic. I want to kms

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This place is so toxic. So many negative, destructive personalities. I shouldnt expect less from a board that thrives off of race politics amd literal faggotry. I honestly hope you suffer and stay lonely. You are all gods mistakes,you are going to hell,live with it.
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wrong board
You are an idiot if you don't see the blantantly obvious raceb8 posted here. That's all you cunts talk about.
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I'm actually just a depressed normie but I feel comfortable in this board.

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Has anyone else just completely given up hope on the whole girlfriend/a girl being attracted to you thing happening?

I don't even feel any kind of particular emotion about it, just emptiness and a sense of being lost. Don't feel like doing anything else nowadays other than work my 9-5 and jack off to anime girls in my spare time as well as playing video games, reading, and playing my guitar. Drugs are a good time sink, especially when you're bored. I guess you can't be sad forever over something that you haven't experienced in your life anyway. Every year that goes by, you care less and less, and dating becomes exponentially harder to get into.

Anyone else relate?
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>they said you'll find love if you stop looking
>forgot to mention you need to be hot a f
I'm of the opinion that the only way you'll find "love" if you're not already attractive is if you actively seek it out. I'm doomed in that regard because I've stopped pursuing but I don't really want to do it anyway, so what's the point in forcing myself?
>Has anyone else just completely given up hope on the whole girlfriend/a girl being attracted to you thing happening?

I've been like that for a few years now.

>Don't feel like doing anything else nowadays other than work my 9-5 and jack off to anime girls in my spare time as well as playing video games, reading, and playing my guitar.

I just don't feel like doing anything at all.
I can't even remember the last time I enjoyed anything.
I just spend most of my time sleeping.
I think I'm going to lose my job soon, I'll probably kill myself when that happens.

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what is it like being poor?
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I have a lappytoppy and thats all i need.
It's pretty pathetic to waste that much money on children's entertainment products when you're a working adult
All those handhelds, probably never held hands

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Why the fuck is it considered okay by anyone to hack off part of a child's genitals?

Deep down people have got to know that this is wrong.
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There is literally nothing wrong with male circumcision.
Everyone feels this way. It's just society doesn't consider male children people. To them it's no different than branding or tagging cattle.
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it's just a little skin m8, don't worry about it

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reminder this is what happens when you try to escape from your hikikomori ways

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"I feel dominant. I want to own women. I want to impregnate women"

This dude is basically an ape in human form, he has an IQ of about 70. Maybe they defrosted one of those cave men and tried to integrate them into modern society.
he's fascinating. most of his videos were taken down but this one's still up somehow

i tested my iq and once i got 110, second time got 120, i feel the same as him because i am short and ugly and i could never get to fuck a nice girl, if i am ever alone with a cute girl i will rape her in all her holes and pump her full of cum

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Ideal partner thread - /r9k/ edition.
Lets all find love ITT, because these threads do exactly that, right? I'm sure that by the end, the crippling loneliness will disappear.

>Their gender

>Their age

>Their height

>Their body type

>Their race/nationality

>Their personality

>Their interests

>Describe a perfect day with them

>Talk a bit about yourself

>Optional contact
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can somebody else go first?
>Their gender
Female(female), but i'm also interested in friends so for those gender doesn't matter. You can just skip to about me or whatever if you just want to be pals, amigos, comrades etc.

>Their age

>Their height
Doesn't matter. I myself am ~5'7" (173cm), so it all depends if you're okay with being the same, shorter or taller.

>Their body type
Doesn't matter, as long as you're healthy and as long as your BMI isn't above 28-29 i'm good.

>Their race/nationality
White. Europe.

>Their personality
Someone that's always curious and wants to learn more about the world, even if it seems like insignificant and stupid topics to others. Someone that knows how to fall down and eventually get up. The obvious caring and loving. A person that like to jab at each other. Someone supportive that will always try to be there when needed.

>Their interests
Anything they're passionate about, except following mainstream sports.

>Describe a perfect day with them
Waking up to seeing each other, smiling, giving and receiving a small kiss, then cuddling in bed while watching something or playing games. Spending the rest of the day or either doing those things or going out on an adventure. Seeing some interesting sights, visiting parks or local woods. Discovering new remote places, having a picnic in our own personal corner of the woods.

>Talk a bit about yourself
24 years old European guy. Pale white, skinny, 173cm. Enjoy playing video games, watching movies, documentaries, memes, cute things. Like to do amateur gamedev, cook, daydream. Very supportive, overall very talkative when I get to know someone. Caring and warm or so i've been told. Can be snarky and sarcastic.

>Optional contact

Overall you don't have to fit everything 100% in either case. This is just a rundown of the "ideal".
>>Their gender
>>Their age
20 or 21 is ideal.
>>Their height
5'6 or shorter
>>Their body type
I don't mind chubby but athletic would be cool.
>>Their race/nationality
I really like Asians
>>Their personality
Introverted, someone who stays inside and wants to spend every waking hour together.
>>Their interests
Whatever makes them happy.
>>Describe a perfect day with them
Honestly, just being able to go out to the pier or a beach would be fine. The weather is perfect around now in California. Or spending the day inside playing video games and watching movies together.
>>Talk a bit about yourself
I'm 21, hardworking, optomistic and outgoing. I like to play card games, tabletop and video games. I'm huge on horror stuff too
>>Optional contact

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what happens if you do heroin only once
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you'll throw up a lot and wonder why the fuck people do heroin.
You'll want to do it.... only twice
If you somehow how get the preparation right and do an appropriate dose it will feel amazing. Otherwise this:


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Is it weird I'd rather pay for sex then take up an offer from this average/below average chick who keeps asking
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post the girl
File: 73.jpg (45KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is her

She has no eyelashes. Take it back to the store.

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