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>diagnosed with terminal illness
>doctor trying to comfort me
>"I'm sure you've lived a full life anon"
>break down and cry
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What kind of shit is that to say?

Also, what's the illness mang?
Do something incredible with your remaining time! How is your condition? How does it affect you? What do they predict for your future health? How much time do you realistically have?
Let's figure something out together. You will be remembered, Anon, I know you will be.
metastasized melanoma

It doesn't affect me but treatments might. Doc said survival rate is probably around 15% at best.

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Is anyone else completely dependent on others?

My boyfriend is the co-owner of a club and all I do is workout and hangout with my bestie from high school. I'm gay b4 you start calling me a roastie
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wish i could
what do you think about your bestie? I would think you would hangout more with your boyfriend
can you explain how you feel about each one or something
Do you mean what kind of feelings do I have for my best friend? She's a woman, so it's not like I want to be with her. My boyfriend works so I can't be with him all the time. He likes me to dress up so he can parade me around when he's meeting with promoters and employees and stuff. I really like my boyfriend, I admit the money and his looks swayed me a little at first but we've been together for over a year now and I definitely love him.
I don't have any real life friends
I have one online friend
I'm 18 years old and haven't talked to another human besides family members and doctors in over a year.
I'm fully dependent on my parents. Without them I'd die.
I've no future. Nothing to look forward to. I love life yet I'm tired of it.
I don't want to die yet I don't want to live.
I just want a friend. A lover, in the future perhaps. Someone who can fill this void I have. Someone who will actually love me as much as I love them.

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>born with facial deformity
>stacy sister
>family members always talk about how pretty she is
>mom always says "isnt he so handsome" referring to me when talking to family memebers
>people forced to agree

god i want to die every time she says this.

being ugly is suffering
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gotta post it now senpai
This. Post it faggot,please?
Dubs has spoken originalaly

>be me 16
>rooms have no locks, so no privacy
>go to bathroom to jerk off
>find REALLY good porn
>3.14 qt getting rammed
>best nut of my life
>realize I've been in the bathroom for 45 minutes
>Mom asks what took me so long in the bathroom
>just say you were really constipated
>don't mention being horny
>"Sorry, I was just REALLY horny"
>say nothing
>leave for work
>haven't spoke about to this day

I'm 22 now
What is wrong with me?
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You made the right choice. Its none of her business what you do in the bathroom. The embarrassment will prevent further inquiries.
>45 minutes to jerk off

Probably the bigger problem here, anon
>he doesn't edge shiggy

I bet some guy begged this girl to go out with him. Wanted a boring vanilla monogamous relationship.
Wasn't tall enough or made enough money so she'd rather date a guy that sticks random objects in her pussy and shows it off to anybody and everybody interested in seeing it. Then dumped her.
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You need to take what you think that women want and burn it. Women don't want a nice guy that does everything she wants and and acts as if they are her servant. She wants a man who has a grip on things and has control. She wants a man to push her outside of her comfort zone. Be a fucking man, not a nice guy.
Wow I literally just saw this through the leddit thread
Went from that roastme shit to trashyboners and this was near the top
I wanna see a women do this because thats a fucking handle.

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>be me
>have cosplaying convention attending weeb gf
>gf demands I give her my computer password
>do it in fear she'll break up with me
>finds my hentai collection on my computer
>confronts me about it, tells me I can't jerk off to other people and that she's furious
>sends me her nudes and says I can only jerk off to those
How do I deal with a controlling gf?
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Why are you jacking off to fucking drawings when you got a pussy to fill like are you a fag
Just use anything but a folder on your computer, leaving evidence. Also why are you on this board if you have gf?
just break up with her its not gonna get better

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why is lil uzi the best rapper right now and who could possibly compete with this beast?
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>best rapper right now
ummm try again sweetie
lame hypebeast faggot

>tfw want to be a white lil uzi or famous dex type rapper
>can't run away to the city

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Daily reminder that I, Ciara, currently on hiatus not really been here for about 3 months while you sad cunts on NEETBUXs like the doxxer (tehehehehee I totally love u, le suicide together), Eaton, Guy and Thomas the shite eater. Don't forget that vacuous-faced cunt Djowie.

Literally fucking kill yourselves. Still here on this gay """"board""" talking absolute tripe because you're all fucking losers. Toby failing his fucking school course for the 8th year this year, guys? LE ART COURSE





I love that you're all still here. Nothing but losers. I was always a success, for I am Ciara. I am a successful person, meanwhile you cosmopolitan scum wallow in your own semen in your bedrooms.

I will never be defeated. Never. The ideals that surround me are untouchable. They will outlast me and you -- the Volk will live on.

I have a dedicated plan. A plan whereby I cleanse Ireland of all non-Whites. Can't wait desu.

All you faggots will be killed too. All of you. What losers. HAHAHAHAHAHHAajahahahahhahahhaHHHAAHHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHA


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get lost normalfag
Shut up you dirty kike.
is it really you?
I don't go on this board much but I empathize it with heavily and i'd love to make a new friend.

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Greentext your worse puking stories

>alcoholic retail cuck
>usually down half a fifth every day by myself
>day off
>couple drinks inside southern comfort
>boss calls
>bitch roastie called in sick
>asks to come in
>sounds like a good idea drunk
>figure ill just sit there and do nothing and acquire bucks
>take a couple more shots for the road
>realize its the 100 proof soco
>arrive at work
>fine for the first hour
>told to take a break
>stand up to walk to breakroom
>extreme tunnel vision and hard to walk hits instantly when I stood up
>sit in breakroom
>fat mexican mom coworker tries to talk to me
>answer in short responses
>start getting queasy
>feel like throwing up
>bathroom is on the other side of the store
>fat mexican mom left to go back on her shift im alone
>now is my chance
>throw up in sink with everyones dirty dishes and shit
>look in sink to see chunks of egg bagel bites I had earlier
>throw up even more on the trashcan on the way out
>yeah on it, the lid was closed
>dont clean it up
>walk right out the store

I had about 10 to 20 missed calls and plenty of voicemails, no one thought it was me but still fired for going AWOL
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I nearly always throw up after eating and I can't help it I can't keep anything down wtf
Not my worst but my funniest
>at the gym
>had just eaten a big meal, burgers and ice cream in the city
>full as fuck
>doing sets of 20 rep squats
>20 rep squats are very hard
>get nauseous
>after set 4 throw up in gym trash can
>continue on with workout
>after set 6 have to vomit again
>start throwing up little chunks into the trash can
>some fat Mexican guys just look at me funny
>finish workout without throwing up again
sorry about your AIDS bro, you can get some meds for that.

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One of these original threads
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these threads are always /comfy/
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I got really lazy and have to go out.
I might update it again later. If anyone finds it interesting, reply and I might share my Skype.
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I'll drop mine and rate after we get some

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Wait , you're over 18 and still a virgin? I'm 13 and pregnant!
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show hymen or gtfo
It's not in tact anymore, silly. Don't you know how sex works?
I became a parent at 13, pretty rough stuff.

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Dinner time anon.
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tarantino in one picture well done /r9k/
Uh, can I have a fucking plate please? How did you get into my house, and why are you playing with food in my fucking bed, there's going to be grease everywhere, I'm calling the fucking police, Jesus Christ.
I don't want your disgusting foot burger king get this shit off my bed and get me tendies, temporary mommy.

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Pacific Rim.jpg
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>Grandma got cancer in 2013.
>Escorted her to the hospital every two weeks or so.
>Met a qt3.14 in the waiting room. We'll call her Karen.
>She says she is waiting for the dentist.
>Didn't think twice about that.
>Chatted for a bit.
>Hit it off nicely.
>Made jokes, flirted, she seemed smart and was good looking enough to be way out of my league.
>Got enough guts to ask for her number and lo and behold, she actually gave it to me.
>Texted for a while.
>Went on a date to see Pacific Rim in the cinema with her, I drove her home and kissed her.
>"I had a lot of fun, Anon..."
>After didn't hear anything from her for three weeks. And she didn't pick up her phone.
>"Ah, she probably thinks, I'm a retarded manchild, desu, I should have taken her to a Jean-Luc Godard film or some shit..."
>Bring grandma to the hospital again.
>Karen is the waiting room.
>"Oh, hey! The dentist, amrite?"
>Turns out there was no dentist in the hospital at all.
>My heart fucking sank.
>She had stage III hodgkin's lymphoma.

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>Her chemo was scheduled right after my grandma's, and that's why I met her, when I met her.
>Kept my cool and introduced her to my grandma. My grandma found Karen delightful.
>Karen's mom and little brother show up. They are basically the nicest people I've met.
>And so... That's how Karen became my girlfriend.
>From that point forward we were together every day. And we did a LOT of stupid shit. Bungee jumping, car racing, skinny dipping and a lot of other Chad shit, that ultimately made me a better, more adjusted person.
>She just wanted to enjoy life fully. And I fell in love.
>When she wasn't tired, we had sex. And the sex was incredible. Before our first time, she made me tell her if I had any fetishes and she told me hers. We indulged each other to the max.
>Most amazing 4 months of my life.
>What followed was the worst month of my life.
>In the space of ten days she lost a lot of weight, her hair became very thin and she became practically completely bedridden.
>Chemo was not working right.
>Meds stopped doing shit.
>She had a massive seizure and we rushed her to the hospital.
>She was at stage IV.
>It had reached her brain.
>She never woke up. Passed away ten days later.
>I was broken completely.
>Five months later my grandma dies too.
>Ended up being depressed for nearly two shitty fucking cunting years.


>Fast forward to last week.
>Karen's brother has his 18th birthday and his mom invites me. (They moved to another town.)
>After the party, I stay for a couple of days.
>We catch up and have a really good time with the boy, eat a lot of pizza and play a lot of Tekken 6.
>When it's time for me to leave, I hug his mom and him to say goodbye.
>"See you, brother!"
>His mom started crying.
>"Anon... I know it's going to be hard, but you have to know this."
>Turns out Karen was two months pregnant when she passed, and never told me.

I broke down in the car and cried all the way home.

I will tell the entire story to my current GF tomorrow. If she wants to be serious, she has to know.

And if I ever win the lottery, I would build a children's cancer hospital.

Fuck cancer.

Fucking dirty. I'm sorry man. But it's for the best. You would have made a shit father.

I did it. I got a job. I've evolved.

Goodbye, it was fun talking to you all.
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good luck, remember to just be
Its just the end of the beginning, trust me
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Congrats anon, hope the job goes well for you.

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Not cuckshit

WHY! Why are white guys so angry when a white woman dates non-white guys?

Legitimately curious.

I'm Asian and I never ever cared about Asian girls dating white guys or whatever. Even my parents have joked about Asian women marrying white men because they want their kids to look more white.

Genuine non hurr they are threatened by BBC answers please.
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I assume it's a perceived competition thing.
As though somebody else is taking away your women.

But most of them don't even know the girl personally. It's like being mad of a white couple a thousand miles away from you.

Besides, most white people on here openly claim that most women want white guys. So why are they so angry when a white woman choose outside their race? There are already many fish lining up to be caught for white guys.

How would you feel if you saw it happening in Asia anon? White people have no homeland to go back to, diversity is being pushed in all of their countries.

Check your gook privilege

Also black men get mad at white men who date black women, a lot of men do. Just because you don't doesn't mean other asian guys don't. Go to /r/happa sometime and watch how mad it makes them that they can't get asian gfs.

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