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Whats your weapon of choice, robots?
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I like the pizza cutter
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For me it's gotta be the Katana.

The dollar bill, because I can buy tendies with it

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Does anyone else save picutres of cute femanons?

I know some of these are probably fake but whatever
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Obviously you should be posting them here. Duh
You're not creepy at all.
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L'original message.

>get friend zoned for the umpteenth time in a row.
Im sick and tired anon's i've tried everything. I lift. I do proper higene. I act like "myself" yet every girl just see's me as a friend except the fat chicks and its not fair that I have to work hard yet they can just expect people who take care of themselves to settle for less. Why can't i get even an average girl? Please tell me that the 80/20 rule is a meme. HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS NIGHTMARE? ALL I WANT IS A SHORTHAIR GF.
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>tfw I let her play again
Why do I always fall for it, why do I always let her treat me like shit

do you have a look? Try being a hipster if not, short hair girls are usually hipsters or variation of hipster.
its because you dont create chemistry between you and the woman. learn how to do that you autistic faggot and no woman will say no.

How the fuck do I stop stalling at red lights?
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hold in the clutch

if you ride a thousand and still dont know how not to stall then it wont be long before your funeral anon
he bought a bike hoping to impress girls
and is failing miserably

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>one shot at life
>born with hazel eyes

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>one shot at life
>born with brown eyes, black hair, spic, manlet, and beta

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>mfw no fernando bf
>why live
I've always thought hazle eyes were the best looking

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you don't want to be schizo
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fem schizo here
worst thing to be
you become less and less interesting because the only thing you can think about is if anything is real
lost all my friends and they laugh about my delusions

I finally figured out how to make friends and now im going insane. I have until my late 20s and then i will be fully gone.
what are your delusions?

they can be horrifying
She looks a tad bit like Aggy.

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Any ideas, stories, books or other writing projects on hand, bots? Been writing as a hobby for more than 10 years. Let's hear your ideas and roadblocks.
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Less than original bump?
Uhm some depressed college student kills an old lady pawnshop owner but botches the whole thing and barely gets away. Soon after a drunk aquitance of his ends up dying and he falls in love with the 18yr old daughter and finds a reason to live again. But investigators are starting to zero in on him and he'll have to somehow reconcile the morality of killing an old lady for the sake of providing for his new life, or something like that

Sounds like Crime and Punishment with some elements of The Goldfinch. Any idea of how the plot would extend beyond that - a reconciliation with his fate and his guilt, perhaps, or any motive? Seems like with the proper backstory and reason for the killing, the protagonist could become a complex character.

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Lets play a game /r9k/. Post an image from your street view, or a streetview near your house if you are a pussy. Then we will try guess where it is from. This is from a road about 10 mins away from my place.
i'm a pussy
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oroville dam
I'm guessing you are from near oroville dam
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fuck this shit, who /becoming god tier/ with me

tired of being not the alpha male.

ITT post
> god tier books
> god tier sexual and dating advice
> images of god tier people, how they look, how they behave so we can study them
> god tier gym regimens
> picture of yourself and your problems so we can solve them

Not allowed:
> bitching, moaning, excuses anything counter productive

> inb4 normie / cyborg ree
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This site has pretty good advice for introverted guys with beta tendencies. Although the image of alpha male in there seems to be exaggerated, it does have a lot of truths.
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>he still hasn't taken the face pill
please try to post content that isn't yours, we dont want your shitty advice, only tried and tested advice from screenshots, books, videos, etc

mandatory advice:

> stand up straight, head held high
> postivie affirmations, mental gymnastics
> gym
> study other alpha males
> do everything you can to hang around alpha males, their qualities will rub off on you
> dont say anything unless you have thoroughly thought about how your words will sound
> practice alpha facial expressions and smile at yourself in the mirror
> get social media and only post pictures of you being dominant
> stop talking to your friends that are losers
> get a haircut and stop dressing like a tramp. Just find an alpha you want to be like and watch videos of them. Copy their facial expressions, clothes, body language etc.
> stop fearing death. dying is better than living a shitty boring life

way of the superior man
48 laws of power
how to win friends and influence people
the definitive guide to body language

also im debating whether or not to start using steroids, pros / cons?

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>Wake up tomorrow
>It's actually January 1, 1998
>The extra 19 years you thought you experienced were just an extremely vivid, elaborate dream

How would you feel, robots?
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>wake up as a six year old
>have to live my entire life over again
I would kill myself as soon as possible.
relieved that i can have a redo and fix everything i fucked up. Also living though childhood again would be pretty fucking great.
Thank, god. I don't want to continue this nightmare.

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What's the creepiest thing you've done to a woman?
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Is that thing in your picture even a woman

the bright red hair says doubtful
jizzed on my aunts dirty panties.
felt good man, but its been so many years since that.
simply f*king epic my friend, yo usaw the wikipedia page too?

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london neet reporting
above average looks but shitty social phobias & depression

>you're probably a trap
Not a neet. But I am a qt. Where you at
iktf anon
im from america but i find euro boys much cuter, especially uk ;;

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What the actual fuck are men suppose to say during sex?
a women can say and make all kinds of sex
>fuck me

how do you respond as a male?

Have you been in this position?
when your girl is begging you to fuck
and your thinking of something to say
but it makes you cringe before uttering the words?

this is why male porn stars are quiet
a man shouldn't even say "omg baby im going to cum"

because that sentence in itself makes me stop
to think about it before i cum and its counter productive

what about robots? do u just have silence sex
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At least you're not German. My rule is that dirtytalk has to be in English because its physically impossible for me to do dirty talk in German without my penis shrivelling up with cringe

>Oh ja Fotze nehm meine dreckige ficksahne

Should probably move back to Britain to avoid this shitty language desu
Talk about hockey.
>god you're so amazing
>oh my god that feels amazing
>that feels so fucking good
>you are so fucking amazing
>you like that?
>ohh yeah
>can I put it in your ass?

all these are acceptable, and you should whisper them

>That one kid who sodomized a girl with a pencil in 6th grade.
>That one kid who brought a homemade IED to school.
>That one kid who got tasered by police during passing period.
>That one kid who shot and killed someone over a phone. (Actually happened)
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>Kids openly wearing Nazi imagery in public now
Won't be long now bros, and we'll be marching through the streets, hunting commies.
>that one kid who got caught with nudes of his gf on his phone in high school which caused the local police department to come in and lecture us on how it was still pedophilia and child pornography even though they were the same age and that you shouldn't share nudes with your significant other because it's illegal even though it's legal to see them nude in person and have sex with them
>That one kid who hung himself at school, his mother later killed herself too.

>be me
>honestly think I'm above average looks wise
>5'9 which obviously isn't tall but wouldnt really call it "short"
>no deformities or mental conditions
>see myself as pretty normie
>never been hit on by a girl
>never had a girl ask me out
>never had a girl show the slightest interest In me, even just friend wise
>don't bother being nice or trying to talk to girls anymore because I don't see the point
>seeing attractive women in public just annoys me now and after a while makes me sad.
>make a conscious effort to not check women out

Why the fuck do they ostracize me? What did I do to them to deserve this?
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why is it that unattractive, uncharismatic men think women are "ostracizing" them? everyone is just looking out for themselves. everyone just wants the most attractive mate. everyone wants everything you want and if you are unwilling to be exceptional at something then why do you think you deserve anything?? it's a doggy dog world, anon, get used to it
So I should just accept the fact I'll be alone my entire life while Chad fucks 5 new girls a week

yes, the best thing you can do is try to purge the desire to fuck

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