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U mad, ape-bois?
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Fuck you you four legged heap of glue
If I had a 20 inch blemishless dick that shot a gallon of cum the girls would be riding me too
horse girls always will care about their horse companions more than potential boyfriends

Although I do think that her having a connection with her animal is nice
She has "coalburner face".

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What is holding you back from self-improvement?
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Craphole posts like this that focus on the negative aspects of solitude.
absolutely original loneliness
probably the jews

maybe the niggers

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Femanons, if you found our your crush's dick looked like this would you still want him?
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yeah that looks really fun, like a japanese dildo, orgasms would be super intense and anal would feel crazy
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>that open urethra

what the ever loving fuck is wrong with that people
wouldn't even be with this guy in particular because I can tell Asian but otherwise if you're just referring to the penis like if I saw on some white dude still no, gross.

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What are some current popular subcultures and youth trends? Not including Kekistan
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i dont know. i am a shut in.
kids like them fidget spinners
having friends i think

Should we all move to London and seek out former Stacies who were destroyed in acid attacks?
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Should still be able to produce a beautiful looking little daughter, if y'know what I mean.
How many acid attacks in 1950s London?
Probably close to zero I'm guessing. I'm sure the rise in acid attacks has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with one specific group of individuals.

is this the future of our sons?
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If your kid turns out like that there is something wrong with you or your method of raising a child, if your kid starts to act like a fag you beat the shit out of him until he mans up
>young man
>unnaturally submissive
>dominate him to try and make him less submissive

welp I'm gay now
any more bright ideas, fuckwit?

Stop playing video games
Stop watching anime
Stop browsing 4chan
Stop being lazy
Stop eating unhealthy
Stop watching porn
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i Iike anime tho
I don't get this meme why did he want people to stop doing those things originally?
>Stop playing video games
Says the snownigger who has wasted almost a thousand hours on Mount & Blade.

Why the fuck aren't you all moving to Alaska?
Easily the most robot friendly state, and it's by far the easiest state to get autismbux in.

Why are you cucking yourself by living in the continental united states?
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No jobs, too much snow, and bears, both the animals and the gays
>driving through canada to get there

nice try
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Friendly Reminder that remote places are fairly decent for robots.
Isolation means not much interaction, also people are surpassingly accepting of weirdos out there so long as you're the right type of weirdo, not too effeminate (speaking from experience here, isolated places aren't all that fag friendly).

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This world is an ugly place
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Only yuri can save your soul
There is no saving grace
do animes have giant eyes because their world is worth seeing

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>tfw fapping to sex tapes of my ex and I

You don't know what misery, disgust and helplessness is until you've cum doing so.

Anyone else know this feel?
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Were they good sex tapes?
If so, I don't see what's so bad about that. Maybe you should show us them anon. :^)
Won't know till you link the videos my dude
I've masturbated before to nudes exes have sent me. I don't see the big deal.

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>try to like chubby girl because lonely
>she says she likes me
>tell her i like her back
>starts to ignore me and act all cold
never lower your bar they are all the same i should prepare to hang myself heres a fresh oc meem thanks
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Did you meet her here? don't take it personally she does that to everyone
Don't talk to women any longer than is necessary desu it's just a massive waste of time.
Be polite, be efficient, but have a plan to go home and watch anime and ignore everyone you meet.
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i didnt meet her here and i wish i could go 2d, but its hard to find a waifu i tried but failed what a fucking joke

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>ywn be a smart beta nerd who was laughed and mocked at when he was still a kid but got really successful as an adult for doing what he loves and now all the bitches want his dick

Feels really fucking bad man
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Is this actually him or a photoshop? Because no ne of the women look like his wife.
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Excellent thread, Original Poster!
By the way, have you bought Skyrim Special Edition yet? It's absolutely fantastic!
Get outta here Todd, I already bought the Skyrim special edition AND Fallout 4 with DLC, what more do you want from me you monster

Is rape really the most common female sexual fantasy? What do femanons fantasise about most commonly?
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being a male
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Women like to be dominated in bed. The "rape" fantsy only applies to being domiated. Women don't want to be held down and violently raped by some nigger in an Ally but they do want their BFs to command them in bed.
according to pornhub they mostly watch lesbian stuff

all women are gay, which is why they vote democrat so they can marry each other

Who /mischief/ here?
>go to mcdonalds
>order something
>cashier expects my order
>tell him I forgot my money
>walk away
>mfw he has to pay for the order out of his own pocket
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>get hold of a normie's cell phone number
>keep making fake craigslist ads for ridiculously cheap popular consumer electronics with their number until they change it
He literally don`t.
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>a few years back
>see a classmate steal a Nintendo DS
>straight up opening someone else's backpack and taking it
>It's the Chad's DS
>turn a blind eye
>Didn't get it back until the Thief put it back in his backpack a whole year later

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Why would a guy want to date an older girl? I'm 20 and he's 19 and likes that I'm older, but then he likes being dominant and likes how cute I am so he didn't want a mommy gf. I'm not even fat, just thicc. So I don't get it.
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If ur having doubts then that's because you think you're a toxic waste dump, used up hag, wicked witch bitch, barren, sandy old lady.

You're clearly not so stop worrying.
What's ur fave anime?
>holy shit what an age gap
>I'm a few months older than him
>he doesn't care

>what did he mean by this?

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