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Things that still make you cringe.

In college I smoked weed with this girl I made out with at a party and I stayed the night at her apartment.

I met her and when I was high I said I wish I drank before coming here.

She said thats not good.

I feel so emasculated thinking about that moment because I don't feel like a real man because I admitted I needed substances to talk to women.
But I feel worse because that is not true. It was just something I blurted out cuz I was stoned.
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Bumping for cringe
What kind of party was it? And what kind of person were you that you got invited to it?
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Don't even worry about that shit man. <3 You're good. Tons of people take a shot before doing major social things. It loosens you up. <3

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Why are there so few good female musicians?
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Because there are few good female anythings.
They can get by on being cute rather than being creative, and do.
>Why are there so few good female musicians?
Women have no incentive to develop skills because it's not necessary for their survival strategy

the only things which matter for a woman are those which affect their aesthetics and beauty - these are the kinds of skills girls might be willing to work on

Stuff like makeup, fashion, dancing, singing, working out, women are into stuff like that

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So the 'discord is for normies' meme turned out to be true
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>smoked cali and rocky mountain weed
Discord servers are such circlejerks that it isn't surprising that only normies are comfortable chatting on there. It's also often full of disgusting degens and attention whores. Really, an anonymous format is truly the best way for non-normie types to talk.
You can have chill discord servers if you have people who take pains to moderate and if the people in the server share similar intrests/have history.

I have my own server that I take good care of and it's quite nice when people get together and talk, though it's a bit dead right now unfortunately. At some point I'm considering just bringing a random or two and seeing if they fit to breathe a bit more life into it.

I've given it some serious thought, and I think having a penectomy would be my best bet. I would reap the benefits of nofap without the option of giving in. Yes, it might be hard to adjust to at first, but I think with time, it will get better. I've contacted a surgeon only a couple hours away who says he'd be willing to operate
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W-what? What the fucking goddamn hell? Please tell me you aren't for real
Obviously it's not real, nobody is THAT stupid...
I don't know man. Some of the people here are pretty retarded

>ywn have a qtpa2T metal gf
Why even go on?
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why would you want a whore that's so fucked up by life she has to self medicate herself into oblivion?
Literally and figuratively a meme, metal circles have even less females than normies do so those females tend to have even more orbiters. They usually hook up with metal Chad anyway.
Did you mean to say
>why would anyone every want to miss out on a qt gf who will fuck you while blasting death metal

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What are some fun activities friendless KHVs can do outside the house? I'm tired of rotting in my bedroom, but I've been a recluse for so long I'm basically stuck in the 90s in terms of my mindset. Money isn't an issue. There has to be some robots here that do things outside alone but are still having fun. All I can think of is just going to the movies and eating at diners.
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have you tried running ? it's free and good for your health and soul.

I want to, but there are no parks or trails in my area. I honestly prefer strength training and that's why I keep a couple of dumbbells under my bed. However, I'm trying to get out of the house so I'm not satisfied with just doing resistance exercises in my bedroom.
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"Son, you'll make a lot of friends when you get a job. All you need to do is head down there, speak with the manager, address him as 'Sir,' look him in the eye, and give him a nice, firm handshake."

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> A rat king is a term for a number of rats whose tails are intertwined and bound together by one of several possible mechanisms, such as entangling material like hair or sticky substances like sap or gum. The number of rats joined together varies from a few to as many as 30.

> In folklore, rat kings are associated with various superstitions and were often seen as a bad omen, particularly associated with plagues.
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I know this exists but this just looks like sculpted wood.
That particular one is hundreds of years old iirc, so it mummified long ago.

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If so you're degenerate and how do I get my cock to smell?
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Bump cause I'm curious
Don't bathe as much (shouldn't be hard considering you probably don't anyways)
Wear tighter underwear, let your pubes grow out longer.
along with a lot of other metabolic effects, antipsychotics made my dick smell REALLY strong, even at extremely low dosage

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"Son, you could spending that time getting a job instead. Get your clothes ready for tomorrow. I'll drive you myself. When you get in there, speak with the manager, look in the eye, and give him a firm handshake."
aye, you're good boy, you dindu nuffin
stop spamming and contact steam support
this is creeping me out

>tfw this thing probably gets dicked
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>average liberal voter
Ok, seriously? Was that necessary? Liberals are the thin attractive ones if anything. Go back to your problematic containment board.
this is genius rolpleyaing

I see both sides like...
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Maybe the best song of 2017.
I agree, it's so slow and comfortable
What is the best song you've heard?


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Only a few hours before your bedtime, wagecuck. Those two daysof freedom always goes by so quickly.
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It's a holiday weekend you fucking dumbass :^)
it's the 4th of july weekend, neetcuck
don't tell me you've lost track of the day?
Shut the fuck up you original faggot

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>tfw even hardcore porn vids/doujins don't do anything for me nowadays
>tfw just got into findom
Oh boy here we go...
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Don't worry, I won't fuck myself up completely. I'm not that stupid. I just want to buy a little something for my RP partner next time. It's so fucking degenerate and I love it
Are you the dom or the sub?
The sub....I'm a huge M. We found each other through a cuckold session on 4chan...

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Jesus christ, help me r9k. Sardines, grapenuts and Jewish matzo have been like 70% of my diet this past month and there's no fucking good food in this house. I would buy something buy that'd expensive af and I'm trying to save my money for the fall semester
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Contrary to popular science, diarrhea is actually good for you. Get slogging, OP!
Sack of beans for $2 you fag
Ramen, and crack each pack in half to save money. Use the other half next meal.

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Ok. I'm in the middle of one right now, so I'm very sleepy and may not even be able to finish this. Here's what I am dealing with.

2 weeks ago, I had an incident in which my air conditioner went out due to faulty electrical issues. During the repair of the electrical, and installation of a new A/C, I got really really hot and had a sort of "breakdown" I guess. I was really agitated, so much that my Dad couldn't even be around me. I eventually stabilized a bit. But then I ended up sleeping around 36 hours. During this time, I did not eat except for once when I woke up and my blood sugar must have been bottomed out because I was sick at my stomach. BAD! I ate a small nutrigrain bar and went back to sleep on the couch. Eventually I got up and went through part of my routine. Then a few days passed with things sort of getting back to normal. Then about a week ago, almost exactly a week after the first one, I did it again. Couldn't wake up, slept almost 36 hours, but this time I would wake up enough to masturbate and get online for a few minutes, eat some food (snack), and then I would go to sleep again for hours.

Since then, I've been doing it off and on in a cycle. Right now makes the 4th or 5th cycle over the last two weeks. I've been asleep mostly for the last 27 hours. Ate once, a small cereal bar. Masturbated once. Now I'm writing this and about to lay back down.

A positive in all of this. My mood is euphoric most of the times that I am awake during these sleeping cycles. My dreams are very vivid and pleasant for the most part. Very deep sleep. I almost feel as if this is becoming my normal. But I know it's not normal at all.

Side note, I'm agoraphobic. Rarely leave my apartment, just to get groceries and pay bills. I'm OCD bad. I also have panic disorder, PTSD and a mood disorder. But these seem to be less severe during this time since the stressful incident 2 weeks ago. (cont. in next comment)
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What do you mean blood sugar level..do you have beetus?
I have a doctor's appointment with a new doctor and I'm on xanax .5mg twice a day (granny dose).

I have not had counseling in over a year now and the last sessions were over the phone. It did not work out. My therapist got angry with me over little, stupid shit and called the police telling them I might harm myself. Ridiculous.

Also, I do not bathe or shower. I do not change my pants and rarely change my shirt. I'm terrified of getting water on me or having new clean clothes on my skin. I clean myself the best I can in the sink of the bathroom. It's weird but it's just the way I am right now. I wasn't like this 90% of my life, only the last few years since I had another breakdown a few years back and had to quit grad school over it.

Can anyone relate or give me any sort of advice? Ever been through anything even remotely close to something like this?
Might be your body dealing with how hot it is or you might have a brain tumor.

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