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S U l C l D E H O U R
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how many of you sad fucks are genuinely going to commit suicide?
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Not me, since as I was embracing my grandmother on her deathbed as her consciousness faded, she kissed my cheek and whispered to me "See it all through to the end, I will always be with you, I love you"
Listen to this anon its a fembot also dont suicide M8, buy a hooker fuck women


why don't you draw pictures of the girl you like dammit
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Sure thing, I originally drew this just last night.
Anyone who has a crush/oneitis is a supreme normalfag and ought to fuck off to >>>/soc/
>still having crushes and not accepting your fate
lol nice one OP

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im here
Alright. Where do you live, geekboy?
in good old germany

>Look up reviews for the new show about a robot
>Feminists saying its misogynistic woman objectifying BS
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How the fuck did they come to this conclusion? I'm genuinely asking because I only saw the trailer that was posted here. I'm guessing it's because he wants to have sex?
He does inappropriate sexist things like pointing out a woman's bra strap. Going to a strip club to see boobs and trying to get a gf so he can get laid.


> it uses autism as a plot device to reinforce typical narratives about sympathetic nerds and the women who owe them understanding, admiration, and sex. Instead of thinking differently, Atypical aspires to make everyday sexism seem normal.
Did it start yet? Where can I see it? Netflix not available in my country.

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About to take a tab of 70s tier acid, wish me luck boys.
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Uh oh it's bitter.
spit it out dud
I talked to the guy who gave it to me and he said it's just the taste of the paper. It's all good.

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Would you share your wife with Chip Thunderknot?
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Rex Thunderknot you stupid /pol/ crossposter.
I was gonna suggest Spike but this is probably better
No. Why didn't she just find a black bull to fuck?

"Mmmmm...damn white boi, you lookin fine as fuck! Come holla at me, you need this thiccness in yo life!"
How do you respond?
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fat =/= thick
learn this, you fucking braindead morons
get away from me you giga nigger

>looks at my feet, pretending not to have heard while crossing the street

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How do we stop young men committing suicide?
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I can't find my pic of Bob Page from Deus Ex saying "Why contain it?"
Why? Do you care? Does it matter?
File: 1503426237920.jpg (1MB, 1200x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I care for my fellow brothers.

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why do girls my age (19) think he's hot and not me

>i'm objectively 7/10 virile young lad

he's a middle-aged balding britbong with bad skin and teeth
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Because he's strong and manly?
Height, voice and charisma
>7 ft tall

Theres your answer. It doesnt matter what you look like if youre tall.

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Just dropped 2.8k on my fully loaded (minus the hard drive) 2017 15" Macbook Pro. What accessories should I get? Anyone else have a new thing they wanna show and tell us?
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That's awesome. Hard work pays off. Hope you enjoy it and take good care of it, OP
>macbook pro
You know that macs are memes just like iphones? They aren't worth what they are worth in quality. They are expensive because normies have taken a liken after the brand.

I know value for money isn't there but, I need XCode, Final Cut Pro & the Thunderbolt 3 ports for broadcasting that no other laptop can handle

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I swear, I'm gong to lose my virginity one day if it's the last thing I do!
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If you're implying that youre going to commit rape then yes it will be the last thing you do, but you CAN do it. The punishment for rape is so harsh because its so easy to do. Women are weak and there are tons of them out there just waiting to be taken advantage of. But you can likely only do it once.
If that's the case, there wouldn't be serial ones
lol good luck then bud. Most "serial" rapists are from the 90's and before because surveillance and forensics were behind.

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Plane crew.jpg
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Is it a realistic goal to become a flight attendant on an airplane?

I'm 6'1 and relatively strong, my facial features are pretty good and same with my body (failed normie)
I've heard you should be kind of a loner because you will hardly have time to have a social life outside of work, and you will be flying with different colleagues almost every flight.
So all in all sound like the perfect job for a robot
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>ex-flight attendant here

Imo it's terrible, I like my retail job better.
>I've heard you should be kind of a loner
Except that your job involves constantly dealing with passengers.
Why was it terrible? Here's your complimentary (You), thank you for the tease, have a nice trip, okbuhbai

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Do you think you'll go to Heaven or to Hell, /r9k/?

inb4 "hurr durr they're not real"
Just fucking answer the question, there's no need for you to spill your beliefs on the afterlife
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If they exist, I would like to think heaven, out of pity. I'm not an evil person, just a waste
God will reveal himself to me too late. I am welcome to the idea of him but he eludes me. Assuming you're referring to the Christian Hell, probably I go there because I don't accept their dogma
it is my plan to get to the 9th circle of hell so that when satan starts chewing on me he will be poisoned to death
gg dark lord of the pit

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Is it socially acceptable to squat in public in a similar manner to the man in the attached image?
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Idk bro. Sometimes I feel like squatting in public, but them I remember it looks like I'm shitting from a far distance so I stand up.
Alex/Donatello is a mentally ill ugly faggot
Only in Asia.

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Hey robots, I think there's hope for more of you than you may think.
I don't mean that you can be hideous and still succeed, I'm not here to peddle lies.
What I'm saying is that I don't believe you're all as ugly and hopeless as you say. It may be true for some of you but I think everybody here has a worse image of themself than they maybe should.

I may not be able to leave this place but I'll be damned if I don't at least help hoist some of you up and out.

This is a /hope/ thread.
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Listen to this there is no hope

>What I'm saying is that I don't believe you're all as ugly and hopeless as you say.
Are you sure OP ? even if one has these issues
>5'6 manlet
>health OCD
>girl told me i'm hot
>go on photofeeler
>get rated down

fucking lying BITCH

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