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>Ask a girl out
>She says "Sure! Who else is coming??"

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Yeah. Not having any girl to ask out.

>actually, I think my tummy is gonna hurt that day so I'll have to cancel
I think I would just laugh at her and tell her to forget it if she reacted like that. No way she didn't know your intention.

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So good to see my image keeps getting reposted. We're starting the /r9k/ revolution!
Thank you for your contribution anon. I will keep posting this as a reminder whenever I can.
It's in vain anons
Nothing will stop them

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Have any of your parents ever forced you to go to church? pic unrelated
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>Have any of your parents ever forced you to go to church?

Numerous times when I was a child.
I tried going to church once,
they told me to leave
I still go to church with me parents. Its a nice time to sit and think.

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ITT: Obscure Virgin vs. Chad Memes

one last time, before it's dead for good.
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Too late. Your last post was enough. May all of us remember this dead meme.

Chads to chads, virgins to virgins
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Faggot anglos ruined South Africa and Rhodesia.


Anglos are just white Zulu niggers for all I care.
You will not get any chad/virgin memes on account of your phoneposting sins.

Should Hiro just delete /r9k/? No one needs a board designed for creating a blog about your own life,knowing also that all the other content that gets posted on /r9k/ can be easily split into their own respected boards.
( /lgbt/,/b/,/bant/,/soc/,/s4s/,/adv/ and to a lesser extent /a/,/pol/,/v/,/gif/ and /qa/ )
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I want to keep r9k for the drug threads
Honestly, R9K is the best board.
Hiro pls don't delet
/r9k/ is the only board I browse
If you don't like it, then STOP COMING.
I like /r9k/ and I like it the way it is.

Alright guys I totally fucked up bad.

Last night my family found my animie waifu memorabilia.
Needless to say it didn't end well.
I'm holed up in my room and after everyone left last night I heard my mom and step-father talking about me. I might be getting kicked out. Here it goes

>Be 24 NEET Virgin
>still living with parents obviously
>social autist but can carry menial conversation
>last night relatives come over
>they have 2 small kids
>manage all the typical "how's the job hunt going" and "how's the love life" bullshit questions appropriately
>the evenings going well
Now I should probably mention my waitfu collection. Not only do I have tons of my waifu pictures printed out and tape to my walls. I bought this one giant waifu poster and hung it over my bed.
>my parents never knew about it since my bedroom is upstairs and they haven't seen my room in years
>little shit cousins off playing after dinner
>they come back and loudly ask my why I have all those pictures of little girls in my room
>silent pause over the dinner table
>step father looks at me angirly
>aunt looks at me in disgust
>they're just from an anime i like, i hung up the pictures for the show..
>hear my 2 cousins start laughing
>Police officer Uncle's face turns from disgust to laughter
>My mother leaves the table
>step father face palms
>I suddenly get up and run back to my room and burst into tears
>get upstairs to my room and holed up for 15 minutes.
>go to get a glass of water from upstairs bathroom
>still hear them laughing and joking about me

I havent even seen my family since. This is humiliating my 8 and 10 year old cousins were laughing at me.

I've been up here since last night. I haven't even gone outside my room since I'm so ebarrassed. I took all the pictures down obviously. Oh well fuck it.

-family hates me for discovering my waifu collection.
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that sounds unfortunate. weebs are the fucking worst though and anime is mostly garbage. I would feel bad for you but I hope that this is the incident that causes you to turn your life around.

we're all gonna make it.
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>referring to anime girls as "waifus"
dumb 1Xer
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could be worse anon you could have had your family find your tranny porn.

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ITT: Normalfag words that set you off for no reason

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"AF" "trifling" "hottie"

Throws me into a rage
aye why you so salty bruh who hurt you
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What does that even mean God damn it

>Anon, take off your shirt! Let's go swimming! what are you just standing there?"
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I just hate swimming.
It's inconvenient and not enjoyable.
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>not enjoyable
Swimming is seriously one of the most enjoyable activities ever, maybe not in front of others but being able to go to a spring and float 30 feet above the bottom feels almost like you're flying
I don't get these threads. I can't even imagine what I'd reply because I can't imagine myself in that situation

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Why does people fetishize pregnant women?
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Because it's the closest we can get to real life inflation porn.
What's the difference between having a fat fetish and having a inflation fetish anyways?
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Because pregnancy is an inherently sexual experience for both parties,like. Also pregnant women seem to give of this sort of pheromone ('glow') that just makes men want to protect and love them. That's just my theory anyway.

What's the most humiliating rejection you've ever had?
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Said she wouldn't date me if I was the last guy on earth
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None, because I don't feel invalidated by rejection like a pussy.
>she gives me the finger, out of nowhere
I still don't understand

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>mfw by the east coast of Florida
>mfw the hurricane swept to the west and won't really hit me at all like was predicted before, will just skirt the west coast of Florida
>mfw my normie family went fucking apeshit when they saw the news screaming about 180+ mph winds
>mfw they evacuated to some shelter
>mfw house to myself because I'm not a fucking moron
>mfw electricity and Internet working fine
>mfw comfy NEET always wins
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>seeing all these people going "WHY DIDN'T YOU LEAVE FLORIDIANS??? TEXAS JUST HAPPENED"
>tfw most of them weren't even older than 5 during the 2003-2005 hurricane seasons
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>mfw literally just got back from surfing
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smug snug.png
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>mfw west coast
>80 degrees with a breeze
>Mfw east coast fags drain the FEMA budget because they get ass fucked by storms evrey single year
>Tornadoes,hurricanes,and floods
>mfw sunny,breezes ,and open windows
>watching the storm destroy families on my TV while I sit here feeling a guilt free type of comfy
Get fucked eastcoast fags.

>tfw you will never go back to 2005-2010 era of gaming
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MW2 was the best call of duty made, world at war was ok, everything else COD sucked
Why would you want to?

Now you can play any vidya, old or new.
cod4 and BLops1 were pretty good

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Thread for robots with sensitive souls. Cynics and cruelbots not welcome. Share sensie stories.

>used to have a lunchbox that id take with me to a temp job
>get fired from job because i didnt stand up for myself against coworkers lies
>dont use lunchbox for months
>start new job
>look for lunchbox everywhere
>cant find it
>"have you seen my lunchbox"
>"oh anon i think i threw it away"
>have emotional breakdown and cry because lunchbox i used for a week was gone
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When I changed schools when I was 14 I left some decent basketball shoes at the gym locker room.

One of the many wastes of money that followed in my life.
>have lighter that I got when I was an edgy rocker teen and used to get drunk with other edgy teens
>scratched to fuck
I never leave the house without it because it was the best 2 years of my life
I get far too attached to inanimate objects. I still tear up when I think about how my childhood stuffed animals are gone forever.

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i dont like frogs or frogposters
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there is no better poster than a frogposter, animefag
thats fine anon! i respect your opinion and will keep it in mind next time i want to post a funny peep!

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If you get the chance to see this in theatres, do. Robot kids living in the 80's have fun times and get spooked by evil clown. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

>pic related
Real creepy shit.
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Does the performance of the clown come any close to Tim Curry as IT?

New clown design already looks like real tryhard shit.
the new clown didn't really have as much personality, but it was alright. I wish there weren't so many jumpscares. though
The clown steals the show. I actually haven't seen the first IT though. But for me, half the movie was just sitting in anticipation of the next pennywise scene. I don't know about the old pennywise, but this one is filthy and very memorable. It was a pleasure to see these kids getting spooked by this guy.

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