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who else /nofriends/?

I don't think I have had a friend since 3rd grade, which was over a decade ago. I dropped out in 4th to be homeschooled due to anxiety and other mental issues and lost all social skills. Now I can't even fucking talk to people and can't fit in most groups, even online.
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Lole same. It's eating away at me. I don't think it'll end well
Friends suck. All they do is want you to drive them everywhere and buy them shit. They constantly insult you and act shitty when you feel offended like you're supposed to enjoy it. And then when you don't want to hang out anymore they act bitchy and then make up shit about you to get you fired. Luckily his story was unbelievable because it involved me and a woman and everyone at work knew how much of a virgin loser I am.
What kind of shitty friends do you have? All me and my friend do is drink beer and talk about life. The best fucking feeling.

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angry crow knife.jpg
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>Every woman that would show interest seems to be a liar or sociopath
>Wish I were either attracted to men or Aromantic
>Can't help but want a women that likely doesn't exist
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>can't help but want a woman that likely doesn't exist
This. But even worse, is loving a fictional character.
At least I won't get my heart ripped out I guess, it'll just fade away.
I wish my heart wasn't ripped out by 2 e-sluts
>Wish I were either attracted to men

Start to fap on some trap hentai.

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Is there any thing I can take to lower my inhibitions that isn't like booze? I finally got a tinder girl to want to fug and might lose my virginity but I'm scared out of my fucking mind right now because I told her I want to go over to her house at 10
I haven't even left the house in a year, I'm a fucking NEET, Jesus fuck
Freaking out, HELP HELP HELP HELP, How can I calm down and be alpha, I usually would take drugs or drink but I need to be able to drive
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Engage think with your dick mode. It's basically like Super Saiyan but it only lasts till you cum.
How do I stop myself from sweating?
She wants to meet at a park, I live in arizona, It's hot
L Theanine, L Tyrosine and Maca

>smoked a marijuana cigarette earlier today
>no one could tell I was under the influence of illegal drugs
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I encounter so many stupid retards daily that when I see someone who is on drugs I just assume they're normal.
you will experience first paranoia right now because everyone noticed and are talking about it right now
jokes on you the only thing I'm paranoid about is getting lung cancer

smoking is gross, I wish there was a different way to do it

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Tell me about the girl you orbited
What's her name /robots/?
What's the sexist thing she's ever done to you (hugs, change pants in front of you...)
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Lonely bump for my thread
I'm not taking the risk of telling you her name but
>What's the sexist thing she's ever done to you (hugs, change pants in front of you...)
Hugs, kiss on cheek, cuddling I still masturbate to all these memories like a piece of shit
She called me dog, my friend (his boyfriend) told me, then he ask me what kind of leash would I want to use. Apparently they had a whole conversation treating me like a dog, good man glad he had the balls to told me, made me wake up and start being normal again

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Not sure if a real HR person or made up
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kek... i used to work there and i don't doubt the authenticity of this post
Lots of indians? In at plant?
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-shit is a common ending for Indian names

for example professor Anil Kumar Dikshit

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> tfw the only way you know how to get love and attention is by dressing up like a trap and posting on the Internet
> tfw the only way you know how to receive intimacy is by acting like a bottom bitch around guys
> tfw you don't even want to be a degenerate anymore but your crippling loneliness compels you to keep doing it
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i hope you figure out what it is you want to do, anon. feel free to post a contact if you want to talk to anyone
i would just hug you but distance don't allow this.
If i can't fight it off I might an hero but I'm confident that with enough time it'll go away

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How is your relationship with your godmother?
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she's always been cool but she's a very depressed person and has a lot of serious personal issues so I don't see much of her. She's only of the few people who still wishes me a happy birthday every year.
I don't really talk to her anymore, especially since she lives in a different state and whenever my family goes to visit, I usually stay behind.
Damn, I hadn't thought about my godmother for a while. My godmother is my aunt, and my relationship with her is more or less non-existent, because she divorced my uncle (mother's brother) probably 20 years ago now because he was an alcoholic. (He drank himself to death on Memorial Day 3 years ago.) She lives out of town and we rarely saw her since they split. Now that all the old relatives are dead and everyone's married who's gonna get married, there's probably a fair chance I never see her again. Oh well, so it goes.

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I met this girl yesterday and she asked for my number. She wants to do things with me. What should I do? I want to bring her to my political side also because it would make her hotter if she was super right wing.
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Why do you alt right autists insist on making everyone join your cult? You're more annoying than the alt left.
Take her to see Dunkirk and laugh every time a British soldier dies
Fuck I already said this... should I say nvm let's see Dunkirk?

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I will kill myself before I am 30. I spent my 20s sexless. My body is disgusting and no woman could be attracted to me. No woman fantasizes about fucking your hobbies or your personality. There's literally no reason for anyone to choose me and the only thing I can do now is fucking kill myself.

Fuck you all. I hate this website. I hate all the happy young people who are here. I get no peace anywhere I do. Even here I am tormented by the sight of people who are better than me, who have more friends than me, who have better lives than me. People who are loved.

There's really no other way to go than to kill yourself when you've pulled back the curtain and seen how things really work. There's nothing mystical about love, it's not some spiritual connection; it doesn't exist. It's only biology and if you're unlucky enough to look like me, you will never EVER be "loved".

I'll make sure that whatever savings I will have accrued by the time I am ready to perform the act, I will donate to a men's shelter or spend on prostitutes and drugs.
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Just follow the 2D path famalam
Why not use your savings trying to improve yourself and moving to a new city?
Then hurry up faggot, that noose isn't going to fill itself.

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>tfw im starting to like lolis

Am i going to become a pedo? Am im going to end in jail?
How do i find redemption from this degeneracy?
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There is literally nothing wrong with lolicon so as she doesn't jump out of the screen.
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>so as she doesn't jump out of the screen
>Implying that isn't what we all secretly wish for
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Through JESUS

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What the fuck happened to the sticky on the first page of /r9k/?
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It looks the same to me. What are you talking about?
>check sticky
>its still there

what did he mean by this?
kek made u look

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>babysitting cute niece tonight
>home all alone with her
What should I do with her?
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four vaginas.jpg
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Watch some kino with her.
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Do your job, get paid, go home. Nothing else you sick fuck.
Redpill her about the jews.

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i honestly wouldn't wish depression on hitler if i could. Its fucking inhumane and unbearable what my own brain is doing to me. Its so fucked up that the act of existing puts such a strain on me.

I hope your situation gets better anon
thanks anon, I honestly thought I had endured the last of it and the worst of it but it came back 10x stronger and now I am back on here
you arent weak for coming back here, youd be weak for letting it consume you, id think it would be best to get on some type of medication. Earlier today, the realization that I was dangerously close to hanging myself made me rethink things.

Im getting perscribed something tomorrow. I dont know if I ever have been but I just want to feel what normal people keep on describing as "happy" or "comfy"

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I backed some roasties the fuck out today, triggered proper, then verbally checkmated while I

winked and strolled on. Scenario is university campus in the damn summer (read: practically

nobody around) and there is a big circular fountain 40' in diameter doing its damn job kind of

in the middle of things. Maybe a dozen passersby in an hour, one of which being myself at

around 2 this afternoon.

There were four people splashing around in the fountain, having a good time... I was kind of

jelly. When I was nearer I saw it was two girls in typical girl shorts and tank tops, then two

more (girls) in cargo shorts and flannel. In july. I wasn't in a hurry so I stopped on the

edge and asked if they would leave if I got in the fountain with them. They were surprisingly

receptive. I didn't really want to jinx whatever I might have going for me at this point so I

just took my shoes off and got into the almost knee-deep water. It was cool. Cavorting around

I learned their names, let's call them girls 1, 2, A, and B.
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When they introduce themselves 1 and 2 are the "female" females, who I catch holding hands and think "Well I guess I stand no chance there." But what perplexed me was when girl A introduced herself, it was with a boys name - then she said "And this is B, my boyfriend" (who also had a boys name). I laughed right then and there, hard too... I guess that was the wrong thing to do then, because A just gets insta-defensive and asks if I "Have a problem with that?" I was careful with my wording here, expecting a shitstorm if I didn't coolface this just right.

I stared at the four of them then, and turned to 1 and 2. Saying, "I totally understand being a lesbian." Then turning to A and B continuing, "I don't quite get why you two aren't though." I did it again, triggered some hypersensitive roasties that needed to know that their opinion is "more right" than mine... A retorts quoting some nonsense about "free love between anyone." And goes on about how "he" can be a boy who has a boyfriend, making them both gay dudes. S/he completely neglects mentioning the genetalia that both of these "gay men" have. I just wanted to know why they weren't all lesbians, something my browser history proves I'm a fan of.
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1 and 2 become A's hype women and just start backing A up on everything. B remains silent. They keep saying this shit about love between everyone should be free, no matter who they are, who they identify as, who they want to be. We should just love everyone all the time no matter what blah blah blah. They aren't realizing they're putting more tension on the springs here... I turn to B because she was silent this whole time and just say calmly, "I get that you were born a way that doesn't fit who you feel you are, that's totally okay. I get that your definiton of love is your own and it can manifest in many ways. But don't you see a fallacy (lol) here?" Before she could even speak A bursts forth with more shit and just says "You're wrong to hate any form of love." I knew exactly the word that would get her to shut her fucking mouth for a moment, a word I guessed would resonate with at least A or B if not both...

"Pedofiles?" Blank fucking stares. Good. "If I'm supposed to accept and love everyone who loves anything, and believe their love definitely not wrong, you need to love pedofiles at the same time for loving what their brains tell them to love. If you want to call them sick perverts, you're a hypocrite. People rape animals that they love, is that cool too? Just call yourselves lesbians and get it over with." It's my anecdotal opinion backed without confirmed research, but a lot of the lesbians I know have some kind of physical or sexual trauma at SOME point before they "realized" they were gay (basically got grossed out/scarred by dudes) and that's super fine too. The reverse traps are EVEN MORE LIKELY (y'know based on the three IRL ones who actually shared that shit with me and said it's common themselves). Pedofiles would be a trigger word for SOMEONE in the group, who might see I had a point.
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I knew I had to get out of the fountain now. But just before I did I asked B, who had yet to utter a word, "Its easier to just be lesbians." She finally says something, because A was still mouth agape with what I want to believe was the mental equivalent being raped again. B says "I thought we were lesbians."

I winked and got the fuck out of that fountain.

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