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Can we get a comfy nice thread going where anons are kind to one another and share comfy pics at the same time? Lets talk about stuff! How is everyone's day going?
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Going to post some comfy environments for anons
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My day is going well, I ended up assisting a family member move furniture in their home this day. Now I'm sitting back and enjoying the view of my own home. Browsing freely here. What're you up to OP?
Why must men and women fight? Why can't we all be friends?

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Ian Huntley edition
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Who the fuck is Ian Huntley?
someone please i beg you hook me up with weed in birmingham
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Milk Cat 37

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PB 05 .jpg
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>geez, anon. Chad is such a wanker, he loves to spurt his cum over my face when I'm blowing him. I hate it and he knows it. Why does he keep doing it? *Sigh* Boys will be boys, right? Come here, help me clean up, will ya?

what do?
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Stop making meme threads.
Ugh that's so annoying but boy will be boys. Let me help you clean it off.
I would be thrilled for this if she wasn't British.

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white rappers.jpg
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- Ayo nigga spit a rhyme!

What to do?
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I leave because the area is obviously infested with uppity niggers.
Oregano lyrics btw:

The bitches me Jason,

Cause I'm chasin' you through the hood with a machete.

Imma catch your ass and turn your guts to spaghetti.

This whole scene is scandalous, you can call me Shkreli

I'm like some kinda Viking,


Harder than that bitch-ass Fetty.
Am I gonna be battling Bronson or the whore? Cuz if it's Em I guess I just prepare my anus for the verbal sodomization it's about to receive

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Would you date a trans girl /r9k/?
If she looked like a real woman, white, started HRT on a very young age and was extremely cute.
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I see no orignal reason not to
a little penis and public criticism maybe
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Little penis = cute

Don't care about public criticism because they already think I'm a loser for smoking weed

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Do newfags know about word filters?
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>Elliot Roger
>Women hate
Am I missing any other tumors?
desu not what I meant senpai
> filtering St. Elliott.

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This old bastard is 49 years old, owns a roofing company, Takes care of his kids and parents, attends college classes, AND HE PLAYS FOR THE COLLEGES FOTBALL TEAM. WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR EXCUSE ANON??
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Good for him. I'm not interested in any of those things. That's my excuse.
>i have le crippling depresdsion xd
I have half a brain, I'm socially retarded, I am a straight up idiot and dumbass

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Did the Internet peak during the Flash era?
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The internet never peaked. It has been a steady decline from the start.
It went downhill once sites like facebook or myspace started gaining traction.
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>tfw I never managed to beat him

>tfw your friend gets taken hostage by nu-nazi's and is then killed by his own creator
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RIP Pepe, welcome Brett
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Furie has publicly stated his white supremacist views many times.
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Reminder to press f to pay respects, wtf am I going to do with my frog folder now

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Am I still banned? This is ridiculous.
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sweaty pepe scared.png
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**user was banned for posting this post**
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Wooohooo! I guess not. I'm back boys it feels good to be here now!
what did you get bannened for anon?

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>tfw no conservative trap wife with a waxed boihole

Why even try to go on?
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Haha this is me.

>tfw lying in bed with fiance resting head on his chest after a day of croquet and cooking

Cheer up :)
Pls let me taste your boipucci
That's fucking disgusting and deeply disturbing. We truly live in a fallen world.

Have you ever dropped Acid? talk about it in this thread. Other psychedelics welcome. Pic related. Yesterday I tripped on acid for the first time. I grabbed this notebook when I started coming up, and I filled it out throughout my entire trip. Will post more if requested.
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bad trip, eh?
No. Just a very powerful one.

So this is the work of the expanded mind. Beautiful.

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Robots chance at love thread
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Bumping until I finish mine. OP why didn't you make one or have it ready?
b-bumperino 0
I'll bump as I'm doing mine as well.

>even richard stallman used to be a chad
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Really? You have a picture where he looks like one?
how is that a chad? he looks like a skinny nerd jew.
free software, not even once

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>tfw you missed out on prime teen oats
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my dear brother...
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Brother, I tried to be nice to you and asked for oats, but your selfishness didn't let you see reason. Now I am deep with anger and hunger, and have decided to take what should have been mine since the beginning. The farmer is not around here and I bring the sharpest of the knives with me. Brother, for the last, partake your oats with me. For If you fail me again I will make sure to remove your existence from this farm.

-Big Pete
who NO OATS here

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